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Adult - Female (She/They) - Bi - March 24th - Gardener



Dixie is peppy and ready to take on anything that's thrown her way! It takes a lot to bring her down now, and does her best to face the world with a smile. She's been in a bad spot mentally before, but she's found ways to help herself through those bad things. She likes to try and help others when she has the energy to do so. Dixie is good at dismissing bad comments about her. She's vocal about the things that she believes in.

She doesn't let anyone get to her anymore, and can come off as standoffish. She has a hard time taking criticism, especially from someone she's close to or looks up to. She avoids starting arguments, and just lets a conversation run it's course. She has an easy time cutting people out of her life if she needs to. While she likes to learn new things, and does her best to embrace changes, Dixie can be close-minded until she understands something.


Dixie is fit and has a height of 5'4. She love wearing plaid shirts, and prefers boots over shoes. She likes carrying a satchel around with her wherever she goes. She likes cutting her hair short, and lets it grow out sometimes. When her hair is long, she puts it up into a low ponytail or braid.


  • Being outdoors
  • Jelly beans
  • Country music
  • Cloud watching
  • Long walks


  • Small spaces
  • Foggy weather
  • Schedules
  • Banana peels
  • Ants


S/O: N/A
Parents: Unnamed
Friends: Dakota (Bestie)
Enemies: N/A


  • Has Augmentation Class magic and can negate other people's magic
  • Dakota's old friend from elementary school
  • She moved to Laminie from Pomios, and visits Dakota now
  • She's planning on moving back to Marina
  • She likes listening to heavy rain to calm down
  • She prefers to play things by ear instead of having everything for the day thought out


She can be drawn with short hair, a low ponytail, or a braid. Her hair tie can be any color
Can be drawn in a different shirt, or her shirt can be simplified
Satchel can have a design to it, or it can be left simplified. The same goes for her boots


Dixie grew up in Marina, and has always had a good relationship with both of her parents. She'd spend a lot of time outside as a kid, and was happy making up games by herself or with others. Her parents loved the creative stories that she could come up with. Dixie made quick friends with one of the other kids at school. She liked how Dakota was good at coming up with games! She found out that their parents knew each other, and the two would often go to each other's houses to play. The two grew up together and seemed inseparable! They worked well with each other, even if they got into trouble sometimes. Dixie would stick up for Dakota when she could.

Dixie was excited when Dakota found out that he had Elementalism magic, specifically being able to grow and control plants. She found it amazing while Dakota seemed a bit disappointed. She pointed out all the nice things that he could do with plant magic. After she made Dakota feel better, they were both excited to find out what Dixie would have. She tried all kinds of things, but they never did get any results. Dixie let Dakota know that he'd be the first to know when she found out what she could do!

She couldn't believe it when her parents said that they were moving to Pomios. She tried to reason with them, but they said that she'd still be able to keep in contact with Dakota. She hated that she had to tell him. Dixie was able to keep in contact after the move, but lost contact after a couple years. She hoped that she and Dakota could reunite someday. For now, she focused on her life in Pomios. She did end up making a few friends, and was excited seeing what magic they could do. Dixie thought of them as some of her closest friends. She even told Dakota about them in her last letter before they lost contact when she was twelve.

Things changed a few month after. Almost all of the kids her age had already discovered what kind of magic they could do. She didn't think her being a late bloomer would change anything, but she was wrong. Her group of friends started picking on other kids who didn't have their magic yet, and when Dixie tried to defend them, her friends turned on her. They kept betting that Dixie would be the first one ever to never get magic. Dixie quickly stopped going near the group and just kept to herself.

She didn't really get that close to anyone after that. She did make friends with some of the kids she stood up for, but she never considered them as close as Dakota was. She was happy when they got their magic. But when Dixie got hers, she kept it a secret. She realized she could negate others power by complete accident when she was trying to stand up for one of her friends again. Dixie just pretended like she really never did get any magic, and only told her parents about it. She'd often go to fights she'd heard about to defend who's being picked on, and would use her magic if there were enough people around for her not to be found out. She kept going like that throughout her school life.

After graduating, Dixie got into gardening for a little while, and even worked as a florist for a few years. She felt closer to her old friend while she worked with plants and flowers. She hated when those bullies from school visited. They didn't leave her alone after their first visit, and eventually tried starting a fight outside of the florist shop. They tried being show offs, only for Dixie to finally show she did have her own magic. Unfortunetly, that didn't stop them, and Dixie later on quit the job.

After saving up enough money, Dixie moved out of her parents house, and moved back to Nemorstom. She couldn't find a place she liked in Marina, so she settled in the little country town of Lamine. She's hoping to be able to reunite with her old friend someday.

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