Prisma (Last Oasis)



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Basic Info


Robot/Android ('manmade' as the people left behind call it)



Built by the escaped/upper class humans, Prisma was built for the fashion industry to be a model. She wasn't completely satisfied with her position though and desired make her own clothes instead of modeling for someone else. It took many years of pushing for time off to work on her craft and developing her pitch only to have her employers not only turn them down, but fire her for "opposing their ideals" (basically follow the boss and don't try to contribute or object). From that point onward she made it her goal to start her own company!

Finding the funds to do so was looking dreary. She went through several jobs (a few she'd rather not speak of) until eventually finding herself in a job on earth as an assistant in an Earth "research," lab (basically a lab in the middle of nowhere where people scan the area and study the planet as it falls apart. People who make it back from the expedition would be payed generously). Overtime because she was very nit-picky and urgent about things she started being viewed as a 'boss' figure instead of just an average robot helper. Some even found her intimidating to say the least

Unfortunately the facility she worked in collapsed due to a mixture of an earthquake and a large creature charging into it. As a result she and Swift were the only survivors and she lost her left eye. It wasn't long before Veta (who was hunting the creature for resources) found them and explained despite what they were told and seeing there were still plenty of people left behind on earth now thriving in tribes. In fact, there were also other members of research facilities living in said tribes because they lost all means of leaving and getting help for one reason or another.

Prisma didn't take this new information too well. After being screwed out of her dream job and now knowing the world she lived in screwed over her and many other people she was absolutely livid. She agreed to help Veta's tribe, The Twin Diamonds find a beacon to escape the planet in hopes she'll be able to take revenge for the sake herself and everyone left on earth.


(a lil' inconsistent but it's a mix of songs I associate w/this au and idc if it's a similar genre or not lol)

-CMYK - Riikira

-Static Sea - Riikira (album)

-It's Murder - Mayhem

-00000007.restored - HHSU


Misc Facts

-She can only see red and black static from her damaged eye, so she covers it with an eyepatch since she finds it distracting.

-Robots/AI in this universe either express little to no emotions or very extreme emotions. Prisma tends to swing between both (more-so feeling extreme emotions at the peak of her revenge arc)