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Orobelle Dorian Vesper Hong Yi Marcia Artur Felix Adelaide Honourless Curia Liss Noma Pala Fen Peyton Kalani Amaranthia Freesia Adamanta Sanjaya
Full nameAdamanta Domina of the House of Diamonds
AgeDeceased (lived to 45)
Born inDiamond Duchy, Queendom of Hearts
A character from my ongoing web novel, Revolving Door!

Everyone thought of Adamanta as something of a storm in a glass house, serene yet always on the brink of exploding. She appeared permanently stern and impossibly magnificent, but her ideas about statecraft were violent, and she was often heedless to the human lives they hurt as long as they promised to be for the good of the Duchy or the House of Diamonds. In private she was prone to bouts of frigid anger, but only her family and her only trusted advisor, Hiscera, ever bore the full brunt of it.

Her quick wit, and the voracity with which she devoured texts on political strategy and subterfuge in her youth, served her well when she took the seat of the Duchess. While she was a well-connected socialite before her mother's passing, she gradually lost those friends after ascending, as the precariousness of her political position forced her to sever all the bonds she had formed, now liabilities to her rule. As the Duchess of Diamonds, she was elevated above all, and found herself alone in all things.

In this isolating seat of power, she came to shed all notions of hedonism and pleasure; her person didn't matter, only the legacy she inherited, and that which she left behind. She gave herself entirely to the House of Diamonds, and to the notion that it, unlike she, had a chance to be immortal. Some call it selflessness; others call it an advanced form of narcissism in which she would irrevocably bind the glory of her house to her name.

She loved, but loved less as she grew older, her parents the only recipients of that warmth. Maybe she loved the view of the sunset over the Duchy from her window, and perhaps she considered poor, sad Hiscera dear to her.


In her youth, Adamanta was quick-minded and inclined towards her studies, learning and memorising the endless passages of history and political theory. It was through her education that she gradually came to the understanding it was the only way she would leave her mark in the history of a country where things came and went and disappeared as they pleased.

All Duchesses of Diamonds learn to be schemers in time, but Adamanta made her very life the weft of her plans upon plans. After she ascended to the seat, she became consumed with purpose.

Even her family—her marriage to Murkvane, and the conception and birth of her daughter Orobelle—became pivot points for her strategic manoeuvres. Orobelle's life was the ground on which she staked her claim on the Queendom and the glory of her house. Through machinations of various sorts, she had the Knot of Worlds bestowed upon the child, and ensured that she was positioned as well as she could be to take the throne from the House of Hearts.

These plans were brought to a premature end when Adamanta and Murkvane were assassinated. She left behind a tangled legacy of unfinished plots, vendettas, and staggering responsibility that her twelve-year-old daughter must now bear alone.

Orobelle (daughter)Adamanta saw in Orobelle the future glory of her house, and little else. Ultimately a pawn of her scheming, she took pains to prepare her for a life like her own, and perhaps even harsher, teaching her statecraft from childhood, to hold herself like a duchess, and to prune bonds with others as soon as they formed. Neither loving nor outright abusive, she was simply an authority who dictated the course of Orobelle's life. Orobelle finds herself dealing with the fallout of Adamanta's ruthless subterfuge.
Murkvane (husband)Murkvane, brother of the Baroness Blackrain, married Adamanta after much fortuitous bargaining and the sabotage of other suitors' attempts. He was very besotted with her, and became a devoted husband, but she only paid him as much attention as pleased her, enjoying his physical offerings but mostly keeping him entertained so he would eventually sire her prized daughter. Once Orobelle was born, Adamanta's attention shifted to her, but he continued to please himself with life in the Diamond Palace and do Adamanta's bidding until it led to his death.
HisceraThe oldest advisor of her court, the Five of Diamonds, Hiscera was the only member of Adamanta's court whom she could truly entrust her innermost thoughts to. Adamanta sought advice from her beyond the scope of her role as the Counsellor of Correspondence, and Hiscera was perhaps the only person who ever had a window into her continual torment beneath the overwhelming weight of the future she was trying to weave.
ServantsAdamanta extended the Duchy's conquest in the Second World, and made it popular among the upper class to buy servants from within the claimed territories after purchasing several of them for her army. Many of these servants could not refuse the chance to leave their perilous homeland, nor afford to take the risk of refusing. Their reactions to becoming glorified slaves range from deeply ambivalent to completely enraged: some loathe her flippant treatment of their lives as property while others believe she saved them from a far worse fate.
Curia Among Adamanta's servants, Curia came to be of particular interest to her when she oversaw her medical procedures and found herself paying attention to her progress thereafter. Reports of her deeds, as she moved between the worlds on duty, surpassed Adamanta's expectations, and her assignments became increasingly important.
  • Adamanta drew some sartorial inspiration, both for herself and her subjects, from the tribes of Tyse and Leyse, where her main Second World operations were based. Her daughter inherited her fashion sense somewhat, and a lot else besides.
  • While not being combat-inclined, Adamanta often wore armour pieces with her dresses, projecting a militaristic look in combination with her ducal elegance.
  • Everything about her was styled to project the precise image she wished to, every strand of hair combed into place, every loose lock arranged. Her hair did not corkscrew naturally: she had it artificially curled every week.