Adamanta's Comments

I'm very interested by characters who display extreme selflessness in ways that could be considered selfish. Needless to say, I find Adamanta very intriguing. And terrifying. Mostly terrifying.

Reading this, it looks like a storm is coming for Orobelle in regards to everything her mother left behind. Can't enact your secret master plan when your dead!

Speaking of things that took forever to respond to... oh yes, I'm so excited to write more about Orobelle...she's got Problems, both internal and external, and at least 90% of them are thanks to her Mom.

Adamanta is a force of nature. I wonder if I'll ever write a chapter that takes place during her lifetime, I would love to. but it'll probably come much later, there's spoilers there, I think.

Orobelle: "I got 99 problems and my mom caused all of them."

i need to screencap this and put this on orobelle's profile or something. it is so true