Zacharie Moreau



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♡Notice!♡ 9/10 times if i commission you to draw him (or you otherwise have to draw him), the preferred outfit is the one with the gray jacket!! so. like, draw that unless otherwise stated. (unless you have a real ballin'-ass idea with another outfit-design-thingy) thank you!!

Also!! I've changed his hairstyle recently, so please use the three most recent drawings as references!! Don't draw him with the old hairstyle!! Please!!

♡Heterochromatic but not heterosexual♡

♡A bean who is really depressed! He loves cats, history, and his boyfriend/husband Hoshi! He is the twin brother to Matthieu Moreau and is slightly younger (by a few minutes, probably). He is quite a pushover, but when it comes to it, he'll try his best not to be. uwu

♡Height: 6'1

♡Age: (still haven't decided how ages work in his world, but most of the time when i draw him, he's supposed to appear around 17-18.)

♡Nicknames: Zach, Zachie, Zachie-poo, Mr. Mittens, Mr. Queen

♡Sexuality: Homosexual

♡Gender: Male

♡Pronouns: He/Him

♡Occupation: Castle housekeeper/servant

♡Puur-sonality!: He's very spacey and gets distracted easily! He's also very sweet and caring and worries a lot about the people he loves. He worries very little about himself. He's rather clingy to those he loves. Having being raised to be a servant, he is very diligent and takes orders to heart. He is the uwu emoticon.

♡Random Design Notes: ☆His left eye is blue, mirroring his brother's blue right eye. It was caused by something about their parents' genetics not mixing correctly. More often than not, he'll cover the blue eye with his bangs. ☆His arms and legs are covered in scars. Sad boi. :(  (but he always -always- wears long sleeves.)

♡Random General Notes: ☆He can materialize up to two green pistols, which shoot a light-based matter. The guns are made of a green-tinted translucent material, similar to glass but more durable. ☆He loves alchohol and will get drunk when it's at his disposal. But it makes him chattery and lovable, so Hoshi's generally fine with it. ☆He's good at ice skating. After all, half of his planet is frozen. There are many opportunities to do so. ☆He can only really see out of his green eye, so he lacks depth perception. Really badly. Considering how he will tend to get distracted a lot, he often will misjudge the distance of things and run into them.

♡Accepted headcanons or some crap: 

☆Zach does struggle with low-hanging beams a lot, thanks to his spaced-out attitude and how he's often distracted. This often freaks Hoshi out, making sure that his 6'1" Green boyfriend is okay before shouting at him about paying attention.

☆Zach owns a rottweiler plushie that Hoshi got him one year for Valentines day. He still loves it even if it isn't a cat

☆As a servant, Zach used to do the classic "whistle while you work", singing songs to himself and whoever else may have been listening in. He got pretty good at it, but never had a good grasp of the names of each note, so he was never able to write down the melodies he created, something he regrets. Sometimes he gives tips to his boyfriend on how to whistle and sing better.

♡Whole-ass Backstory!!

(very brief mentions of some sad stuff (self harm) but it's brief! just thought i'd mention that, since it's triggering to some people.)


When Zacharie was a smol bean, his parents were servants in the Kagayaku Royal Heckin' Family's castle. They were rich and fancy and had servants up the wazoo. Zacharie and Matthieu's parents were among these, and eventually the boyos were too. Matthieu discovered he had a knack for cooking and Zacharie... didn't really have a knack for anything in particular. He became a general housekeeper, helping wherever needed or desired. ;) (jkjk no wink he wasn't done dirty, tho other servants may have been)

In his younger days, Zacharie and Matthieu's parents died of a weird epidemic-type virus. It wasn't until his parents died that a cure was found, so half the planet's population was wiped out. A lot of castle servants were also taken out. It was really just hoping for life, because some people became shut-ins at that time and some people, like Hoshi and The Royal Gang, just so happened to have the genes to be immune to it. Or hand sanitizer. It could have been either. Scientists couldn't pin-pont which gene triggered it or didn't. Or if genes mattered. (Their planet really wasn't really scientifically savvy at the time.)

As The Boys grew older, the king of the planet, and the castle The Boys worked in, decided that Prince Hoshi, who had been de-clawed, should have someone to cater to his needs, since each of the family members were entitled to a personal servant (Sutera, Hoshi's younger brother did not take advantage of this). As the assistant and pretty much bodyguard to Hoshi, he was trained with the magical gun-thingies he can poof up. Zacharie took it incredibly serious and trained really hard, driving himself into v serious depression about not being good enough. Because being millimeters off the dead-center of the target was apparently not good enough.

Because of Zacharie's depression, Matthieu got really worked up. He had to work hard at trying to get Zacharie to not be an absolute mess, and succeeded. To a point. It took a while, but Zacharie got better. Sort of. He stopped crying all the time and hurting himself, but he was still Mr. Sad Boi.

It was also around this time that he took an affinity to Hoshi. Despite being the personal servant to Hoshi, the two never really talked. They were both too busy being sad, Zacharie more so than Hoshi, and Hoshi really hated having a servant. He liked to have a friend to be able to summon any time, but he didn't like to boss Zacharie around. He felt it was too mean and just modernized slavery.

In his middle-teens-to-young-adulthood, Zacharie really liked Hoshi, but anxiety said, "NO." And Zacharie was sad. :( But Matthieu decided that Zacharie was just being a coward and forced him to go tell Hoshi how he felt. Zacharie didn't go down without a fight (a.k.a. lots of tears) but he brought himself to do it, and asked Hoshi out. Hoshi, who also had a bit of a crush on Zacharie, of course said yes, and the two were happy!

(btw it doesn't end there, but that's the "backstory". Afterwards, we'd be getting into "current-story", which I'm always messing around with and can never decide on.)