Emerald Corentin Rousseau



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#003 Emerald Rousseau エメラルドルソー

Emerald Rousseau

Type n/a
Gender Male
Nature Serious
Ability n/a
Age n/a
Height 5'11 1/2-6'0"
Build Tiny. He tol but skinni
A Pokémon with an atrocious amount of salt within it's being and a profuse love for doughnuts.

anything for uwu mr. pwesident. uwu


  • Salty
  • Slacker
  • Mean
  • Stressed
  • Mr. President uwu
  • Doughnut Ruler

Tsundere (though Ruby would greatly disagree and argue Himedere), salty, rather rude to most people. When around Ruby, Emerald tends to be abit of a sassy princess, though not in a mean way. It's because he likes to let other people do shit for him while he lies around. He tends to amp up the mean for work, but naturally he tends to be Sass and a bit nicer. But he's only All-Natural Organic for Ruby, so uh there's that.


When he was a kid, for a short period of time, Emerald lived with his sister and his parents. As the owners and junk of the company Rousseau Spacejets, his parents had to leave to go to a neighboring planet, 'cause it was cheaper to run the company from there. (Cheaper parts, cheaper land, closer to more of their customers, etc.) So, they yeet-ed out and left Sarcelle, his older sister, to watch over smol Emerald. It was all good, though, and everyone was cool with it. She did a pretty good job, actually. She would make sure he's healthy, smart, and all that jazz.

And then he got older. rip.

Around the time he was halfway through their equivalent of elementary school, life succed for him. Around that age, a heck ton of his baby teeth fell out and it gave him trouble pronouncing some sounds/words. Since most other kids had lost all their teeth and gotten their adult teeth by that point, making him late to the party, he was, of course, tormented for this. This made it hard for him to get friends, as most other kids would find it embarrassing to be associated with the "weird" kid. After a while, a girl transferred into one of his classes named Candy. She was super sweet, super pretty, and super popular with everyone. She tried to be nice to Emerald and the two became friends. Though, with her popular reputation, being friends with Emerald didn't last, and she eventually had to choose between him and the rest of the school. (This type of situation was a reoccurring problem with Emerald's friendships.) Being the snake she is, she turned against Emerald. After this, she, like the rest of the school, tormented Emerald, though he wasn't having it. After being teased and unfairly picked on for years, he just snapped. When a kid went up to him at lunch one day to tease him, as usual, he just turned around and punched the guy right in the face. It quickly escalated into a whole-ass fight resulting in the two both getting suspended and Emerald losing a permanent tooth. When he came back to the school months later, he was no longer the subject of teasing, but rather a bit feared (as the kids thought he'd pull the same stunt again and that he was crazy.) Emerald used this to his advantage, generally.

(Time skip because the rest of his school-life was boring and predictable)

As an adult, he decided to run for president alongside his friend from school Calem. Since he was already rather well known because of his parents and their business, he won the election. The only legit junk he had to take care of as president were a few attempts by Earth to discover life outside of its solar system. (In that case, all the planets in Emerald's solar system banded together to derail the Earthlings' efforts. And it worked lmao)

After being in office for a few years (a term would be around 12 years, their time), Ruby yeet-ed into the picture, much to Emerald's surprise. He was entirely caught off-guard by this spunky baseball boy who had an odd affinity for him. While he didn't admit it at first, he was so into Ruby and eventually let himself fall for the boyo. At the beginning, their relationship was a bit off-and-on, since Emerald would be like "Woah, I am not falling for this dude" or Ruby would be like "Woah, Emerald, stop being a complete dick all the time" and they would have Issues. It always went well in the end, but not before the two would cry for a month and come back together and cry. They're both big babies about each other.



The user violently slacks off and consumes a preposterous amount of doughnuts and coffee. This move slows speed, but aliveates all other status effects.

Filibuster Dark

The user rants about completely nonsensical things to fill time, especially to delay a decision from being made or to distract from an issue at hand. It may leave the target confused.


The user tries to oppose the target. If the opponent's move leaves a status effect, this move leaves the opponent with the opposite status effect. (sp. attack up => sp. attack down) If the opponent's move left a staus effect on them, the status effect is left on the user.


The user pulls a gun and ends the battle then and there. May leave the target deceased, and the user's trainer arrested.



*hits a fatt dab* hey ladies, the national debt isn't the only thing that's rising


  • He has a cat named Cocoa!
  • His favorite color is purple! But, like, a darker shade. Royal Purple.
  • He has an accent similar to a country accent. It's normal on his planet.
  • He always has a revolver in his jacket.
  • His parents are the founders/owners of the company Rousseau Spacejets. It's the main competitor to another company named Starliner. Starliner is the bigger of the two, being cheaper and more family friendly. Spacejets are faster, sleeker, and far more expensive. Essentially a luxury car of space. (I used Tesla as an inspiration lmao)
  • Doughnuts flow through his veins. He will very commonly make deals with people through doughnuts. ("I was going to put off doing this paperwork 'til next week, but I'll see about getting it done sooner, if you get me a dozen glazed doughnuts.")
  • Ruby is his boyfriend. The two love each other v much. Like, too much.