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this guy is under construction for a short while. If you're here for the old version of this character, please refer to the tabs, located on the left of ur screen. if ur Big Mad because you somehow liked Mr. President and would like to let me know, leave a comment, also located on the left of ur screen, or PM me. I'm lonely and need to learn how to hold a conversation anyways.

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-Tigris, CEO of Gay Space Aliens LLC

♡Age: n/a (But he's supposed to appear 21 or so. And he's rather young-looking on top of that.)

♡Height: 5'11 1/2, but he always rounds up to 6'0.

♡Nickname(s): Condescending Freckled Bastard, Emmyru! But only Ruby can call him Emmyru. He'll get real upset at anyone else who calls him that.

♡Occupation: CEO of Rousseau Spacejets! His parents retired early and gave the company to Emerald, since his sister sucks at business.

♡Gender: Male

♡Pronouns: He/Him

♡Personality: He's a sour patch kid, my dudes. He's v sour until he's not, and then he's v sweet. But have fun getting to the sweet. Unless he likes you, you're getting a whole hell of a lot of citric acid.

♡Sexuality: Homosexual

♡Likes: Cats, Ruby, doughnuts, video games, c a t s, ice cream.

♡Dislikes: Most people, doing work.

♡Strengths: Getting people to listen to him, scaring people, being mean, selling spaceships. But for selling spaceships, it's mostly just scaring people into submission and forcing them to buy a fancier ship than they need.

♡Weaknesses: Not being lazy. He always gets his stuff done on time, but he'll be an absolute ass about it. He likes to procrastinate, yet loves to roast other people about their procrastination.

♡Random Design Notes: ☆lots lots of freckles, v freckley boi he is not deku

♡Random General Notes: ☆Ruby is his boyfriend. The two love each other v much. Like, too much. ☆He has a cat named Cocoa! He loves cats so much. They're warm, fluffy, will listen to his troubles, and are just cute. And Cocoa will lay on top of him while napping and Emerald dies  for it. ☆His favorite color is purple! But, like, a darker shade. Royal Purple. ☆He has an accent similar to a country  accent. It's normal on his planet. ☆He always has a revolver in his jacket. You never know when someone will attempt to kill you. It be like that sometimes. ☆He's the CEO of the company Rousseau Spacejets. It's the main competitor to another company named Starliner. Starliner is the bigger of the two, being cheaper and more family friendly. Spacejets are faster, sleeker, and far more expensive. Essentially a luxury car of space. (I used Tesla as an inspiration lmao) ☆Doughnuts flow through his veins. He isn't a big fan of food, if you know what I mean? He's the exact opposite of a glutton, but he loves doughnuts. It's the only food he'll stuff himself with (aside from, maybe, fries. Those are also a big yES) He will very commonly make deals with people through doughnuts. ("I was going to put off doing this paperwork 'til next week, but I'll see about getting it done sooner, if you get me a dozen glazed doughnuts.") The only reason his company is still organized is because of Calem. He'll coax Emerald out of his cave of doughnuts and sadness to do work. Also, even Emerald can realize when to actually do work. He's a slacker, but he knows when and how to do stuff.

Whole Backstory:

OK SO when he was a kid, for a short period  of time,  Emerald lived  with his sister and his parents. As the owners and junk of  the company  Rousseau Spacejets, his parents had to leave to go to a  neighboring  planet, 'cause it was cheaper to run the company from there.  (Cheaper  parts, cheaper land, closer to more of their customers, etc.)  So, they  yeet-ed out and left Sarcelle, his older sister, to watch over smol  Emerald. It was all good, though, and everyone was cool with it. She did a pretty good job, actually. She would make sure he's healthy, smart, and all that jazz.

And then he got older. rip

Around the time he was halfway through their equivalent of elementary school, life sucked for him. Around that age, a heck ton of his baby teeth fell out and it gave him trouble pronouncing some sounds/words. Since most other kids had lost all their teeth and gotten their adult teeth by that point, making him late to the party, he was, of course, tormented for this. This made it hard for him to get friends, as most other kids would find it embarrassing to be associated with the "weird" kid. After a while, a girl transferred into one of his classes named Candy. She was super sweet, super pretty, and super popular with everyone. She even tried to be nice to Emerald and the two became real good friends! Though, with her popular reputation, being friends with Emerald didn't last and she eventually had to choose between him and the rest of the school. (This type of situation was a reoccurring problem with Emerald's friendships.) Because of choosing between literally everyone else and ditching Emerald, she had to not only cut ties with Emerald, but to go all the way and actually turn on him. This let to some real bad. Lots of bullying and physical pain inflicted upon Emerald. Since Candy still kinda liked Emerald, even to the point of having a bit of a crush on the cutie smol boy, it was a Big Bad. It was Big Abuse, in multiple contexts of the word. 

When he was on the verge of giving up, both on resisting the bullying and giving up on life in general, Emerald was approached by Calem, who was some random kid in his government class who he was working on a project on with. Calem, both wanting to get an A on the project by not having his partner on it dead and wanting a new friend, helped to calm down a snively Emerald and bestowed upon him the wisest words in the universe (at least, to Emerald)- "Don't give in. They want you to be sad. They want you dead. Don't give them what they want." And Emerald took that the wrong way. He was like, "Hell yeah, spite those bitches, it's clap-back Tuesday, my dudes." And he took the box-cutter he had on him, extended the blade as far as it goes, and stabbed Candy. Like, three times. And then Emerald was suspended and arrested (for, like, a day since he parents were so wealthy and important) and Candy was arrested. For multiple things. To multiple people, but mostly Emerald.

AND SO in modern times, Emerald's parents retired early and bestowed their company upon Emerald. Who's pretty good with it, but a huge slacker. He gave Calem a job as his super-cool-assistant-dude who fills out a ton of paperwork whenever necessary and who gets coffee. Mostly for Emerald. He doesn't find the rest of the office to be worthy of free coffee, unless it's a special occasion.

And thEN there's some stuff about romance, and Ruby, and some homosexual junk, lots of cats and coffee and crying and bLAH, if you really care what happens next, just ask, you peons