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cleverly clover

he/him . ADULT . lesser god


Cleverly is upbeat and always dreams big, chasing whatever ideal he's come up for himself with all the vigor he can muster (in other words, quite a lot). Most people find it hard to dislike him - he's an extremely genuine and honest person (although not blunt) and his open nature appeals to most. The guy wears his heart on his sleeve, although he's much more introspective and thoughtful than his demeanor would make him seem. 

Surprisingly, he can harbor a mean grudge for decades. Cleverly doesn't exactly let himself get taken advantage of, but he's fairly easy to manipulate despite that and he tends to stay up at night, silently berating himself for letting people abuse his kindness and trust. In his ideal world, honesty and self-awareness would keep everyone from underhanded tactics - which he is very tired of, thank you very much - but Cleverly knows it'll take work to reach his goal. A lot of work.

Still, he clings to idealism, hoping that his goal is attainable, that some good nature inside of his fellow Ants means it's possible in the end. Of the lesser gods, he was the only one to staunchly fight for the idea that mortals deserved protection and help, and of the entire group, Cleverly was the only one who did not return to Gemline, the city of gods.

It wasn't that he didn't get along with his peers - Cleverly considered himself friends with almost all of them. A mid-age god, he sat stoutly on the fence for most of their debate issues, understanding and sympathizing with the traditionalist views of the older gods, and with the rebellious ideals of the younger. Notorious for playing devil's advocate during every discussion, Cleverly soured several people's opinions of himself merely by being a staunch contrarian. It was less about arguing and more about curiosity, but the distinction was lost on Cleverly at the time.

At the time, he'd considered himself a dreamer, eager to share his world philosophies with anyone who'd share an ear. Cleverly could talk the ears off of anyone who dared to give him the time of day, further isolating him as he struggled to catch up with social graces. In time, he learned what was acceptable to share (and how much was acceptable), but by the time someone sat him down to explain talking to others, he'd already made himself the town fool.

Both of these culminated into quiet isolation. Not too many of his peers wanted to spend time with Cleverly, although by his figure he was a fairly balanced, reasonable individual. He tried to swallow the hurt and pretend like he wasn't bothered, but seeing all his 'friends' blatantly ignoring him ate at him far more than he'd like to admit.

The only one who truly gave him the time of day was Narke, the leader, who enjoyed listening to Cleverly's musings on the world. They weren't always insightful or poetic, but Cleverly had a passion that the other couldn't shake.

And while his fellow gods ignored him, Cleverly turned to mortals. If he messed up a meeting, to mortals, they forgot just as quickly, they forgave even quicker. And if they didn't, well, they were replaced in a few thousand. They were easy to get along with and worked at a dizzyingly fast pace, blitzing through leaders, through challenges, through disasters, through miracles in the time it took Cleverly to eat breakfast. He both admired and was fearful of their life, keeping a distance just enough that he could dip his toes in but not fully submerge.

Cleverly spending time with mortals did not go unnoticed. Narke heavily disapproved, beginning with verbal reprimands and finally culminating in physical punishments. Gods, after all, were above mortal affairs. They were a guiding hand, a lantern in the darkness; tumbling around in the mud with the flies was uncouth and against their culture.

And Cleverly swallowed the bitterness that rose in him, the frustration. He couldn't exactly tell Narke off - Narke was still his only friend, the only lesser god that really listened to him. He just had to get sneakier and sneakier about how he met mortals.


Cleverly donned several personalities, altering his appearance just enough to escape detection by his fellow gods. Finally, he could live and breathe among the mortals, letting these personalities die after their assumed lifespan, broadening his worldview, exploring all of the world. Cleverly could be anyone, do anything, with no limits.

Until Narke announced that the gods would be pulling out of mortals' lives entirely, and isolating themselves in Gemline. The idea was that they'd spent too much time squabbling amongst themselves; uniting against mortals would bring them together again.

Cleverly protested; it fell on deaf ears. Amid the gods' scramble to return to Gemline, he made a final stand: he would continue to help mortals in their lives. And he blocked the gates to the city in an attempt to explain his reasoning to the collected lesser gods. They had power, they should help others. That was how life should work.

His dissent did not last long. Narke approached with a sword. Cleverly held his ground, and he was cut down for it. Marked by an ugly, gold-flecked scar on his stomach and locked out of Gemline forever, Cleverly was cast out of heaven.

Humiliated and injured, Cleverly fled to Clover Colony, a hilltop colony far away from the ocean-obsessed other nations. He nursed his wounds in the shadows, donning the personality of a young military aner. After he was healed and the thirst for petty revenge had worn off, he resigned himself to his life now: isolated from the other gods, among the mortals he'd tried to stand up for.

He adopted a few different lives, exploring each one to its fullest. He jumped from Clover to Letter, careful to avoid the oceandwelling colonies - the water was, after all, the symbol of his old peers, and he wasn't quite ready to engage with that yet. Maybe they wouldn't help, maybe they'd abandon the world, but Cleverly wouldn't. And he carefully tinkered, showing up at disasters, performing miracles under a pseudonym, trying to keep his tracks covered and still accomplish his dreams.

It was a while longer before the idea to settle in Clover finally formed, and Cleverly slipped back into the higher management under the diplomatic branch without batting an eye. He took power easily and smoothly, and grew in popularity as a kind, benevolent leader who always listened and had a knack for being lucky. 

Here he was, among mortals. This was his life now, and he'd accepted it, embraced it. He could do this forever, protecting his people, nourishing their lives.

Er, at least until Narke contacted him again, out of the blue.





About me

Phonetics clev-er-lee

Age Adult

Height 9'08"

Race Ant (Aner)

Spectrum Lesser God

Affinity Luck


Best FriendNarke?

Theme 1I Think I Can

Theme 2Like People...

Cleverly   He&him   20+
Please do not call me 'lucky charm'
or other related nicknames c:

  • Playing the flute
  • Gardening
  • Solar energy
  • Sunny days
  • Gentle rain ambience
  • Volcanos
  • Caverns
  • Oceans
  • Rude people
  • Gemstones

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Personal Info

BirthdayPyrldan 3

Era The Start?

Universe Myrme










Professional Skills

  • Sociable
  • Amicable
  • Dedication
  • Luck

Personal Skills

  • Intelligence
  • Generosity
  • Creativity
  • Stubbornness


Work Experience

current workplace: Clover colony

  • Was once an upstart aner under the Vice Consul of the Clover Colony; proved excellent at negotiating peace treaties and arranging trade deals
  • After some discussion, was promoted to Minister of Diplomacy. Served here for several years before the Vice Consul died of old age and Cleverly was appointed their successor
  • Eventually was appointed High Ambassador after outing the other for collusion with other colonies
  • Became leader a few centuries leader, after the previous Clover leader stepped down from the job



  • No formal education; attended no high school


Anatomy Ref

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12740188_SMe.pngCleverly is an aner Ant, and has two medium-sized feelers sprouting from the top of his head. He also has four arms and a short, fat tail. His teeth are solely sharp, as per all aner. Cleverly has thicker eyebrows and a slightly-messy, swept style of hair; he doesn't spend too much time in the morning fixing himself up. Smattering his muzzle is a large series of freckles; he doesn't have them anywhere else on his body.

Normal outfits consist of a messy, oversized sweater that pools around his shoulders and arms, with a green vest on top. Sometimes Cleverly dons a cabbie hat, but he's just as likely to leave that at home. His glasses are shaped like clovers.

Cleverly tends to look fairly peppy; he's extremely expressive and has some trouble keeping his emotions wrangled. He doesn't make super huge gestures or large body language, but his expression palette is wide and varied; he's pretty easy to get a read on.

He can be drawn on friendly terms with the rest of the Clover Colony, and most of the other colony leaders. Cleverly enjoys making friendships or alliances, and spends a good amount of time nurturing those. 


• Favorite color is green (duh?)
• Favorite season is Autumn, for the harvests
• Favorite memory is getting into gardening
• Favorite foods are fresh fruits
• Strongest sense is touch
• Strongest taste is sweet
• Right-handed, prefers upper set
• Is ticklish in the ribs
• Has an extreme amount of respect for the other colony leaders; loves talking to them and hearing their life story
• Keeps the memories of previous leaders alive and well; has a museum/hall dedicated to their memories in an attempt to keep them alive in the Dead Zone
• Favorite sport is golf (but is unbelievably bad at it, just likes to drive the golf carts and watch others play)
• Blushes extremely easily and covers his mouth when he does
• Still regularly talks to Clover's previous leader; ascended them into an Immortal secretly (the others are PISSED about this)
• Hums songs when distracted, doesn't realize he does it
• Originally bemoaned being the lesser god of luck and tried on a few other affinities, but none felt 'right' like luck did and eventually, begrudgingly, accepted his title
• Best lesser god friend is Narke, and hangs out with him fairly often still