Aria's Ownership

Please read the Characters FAQ for further information on permissions and original ownership!

Character Permissions

Can be regifted
Can be retraded
Can be resold

Design Terms of Use

If you buy my adopts you may not resell for a higher price unless it has extra art.

RadioactiveAcid Global Rules

sorry I know this is long. This is copy-pasted directly from the adoptable section of my tos in my CARRD. full TOS can be found here

Adoptable/Design Rules
Applies more specifically to my adopts and designs. General Rules still apply to these as well.

- DO NOT Resell for more than you purchased it with UNLESS it has extra art. Artwork created by yourself does count towards it's worth! You may redesign non closed species designs as much as you want but you must still credit me as the original creator.
- DO NOT resell ANYTHING for Real Currency if you did not purchase it with real currency. If you received it through Trade or game currency, you may only trade it for other characters, artwork, or other game currency. The next owner must also be aware of this rule. If you spend real money on it through commissions, then you will be allowed to sell the character for real currency.
- If you receive a design for free, you are NOT allowed to resell it for any currency. You are only allowed to trade it. You may also gift them away or scrap them. If you spend real money on it through commissions, then you will be allowed to sell the character for real currency.
NSFW Artwork of my adoptables/designs is allowed if your own them! However, PLEASE do NOT draw NSFW of them if they are a feral animal (creating a human and/or anthro version and drawing NSFW of that version is ok, just not the feral version, please). You are also prohibited from drawing NSFW of my designs/adopts if you have set their age to be below 18. Drawing NSFW of my designs/adopts that you have made to be underage will result in an immediate blacklist from owning any future designs/adopts created by me. Please respect my morals and boundaries.

One-Off Designs/Adopts and Random Creature Rules
Adopt/Design Rules and General Rules still apply.

First off, what is a one off design? A “One-Off” is basically just any design or adopt that does not belong to any specific Species. It just exists as it’s own thing. If you are unaware of what a Species is, please check this helpful link! If the link ever stops working please let me know!

- YOU MAY NOT turn any One-Off or any non species design into a species. Doing so would mean you would be profiting off of my work, which is prohibited.