Benny Belmont's Comments

Benny's such a complicated guy.

You can tell there's a bit of a mystery to him even before coming to the part about his wife's fate: this schoolteacher who seems very nondescript and straight and narrow-- almost too much so-- but who is filled with anger that he bottles up inside, resentment and judgment. I wonder how he came to be that way. Honestly, I find a person like that more frightening than someone who's outright threatening; at least you would know where you stand.

The way you describe Benny's relationship with his wife feels realistic; I can certainly picture the sad decline of a marriage that was forged on the hope that it would work out, but I really wonder what drove Benny to the point where he wanted her killed(?). That feels like more than average broken marriage resentment; I imagine he wanted custody of Zauna, but that he would even go to the point of having his child's mother killed is very extreme. 

In any case, I find Benny intriguing, especially his relationship with his vampire friend-cum-hitman. I like how they're essentially stuck with each other now because of the knowledge they have of each other's crimes, yet at the same time, they have improbably become genuine friends.

hehe... thanks for taking an interest. I'm trying to do a comic that sort of explores how he ended up doing what he did. i think the full explaination will not disappoint. now if only i can shape up and just get it done >:P

also was it you that critiqued his design last time? I changed his skin color a bit at your recommendation (or whoever it was). edit: nvm it was raddishes