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Celestia Starship

Name: Celestia Starship

Age: 26

Species: Human

Birthday: June 26

Sexuality: Straight

Pronouns: She/Her

Alignment: Good

Theme: "Break Free"

The one and only! Miss Celestia Starship, world-famous pop star and official Starrior!

An extravagant woman with two sides to her: one side is a beautiful popstar with an angelic voice, and the other is a powerful and badass Starrior. She tends to keep her Starrior life on the downlow, as she is one of the most famous singers on Earth. However, despite her sparkly outfits and star-studded lifestyle, there may be more to this diva than she would like to admit.

  • Diamonds
  • Singings
  • Crowds
  • High Heels
  • Her Past
  • Being Ignored
  • Her Height
  • Celestia's speech bubble color is #F7F1FF. She is associated with the colors white and purple.
  • In terms of creation date, Celestia is the oldest character in Chimera Heart, having been created sometime in the autumn of 2014.

Design Notes:

  • Celestia typically styles her hair in a high ponytail. When her hair is down, it goes down to the middle of her back.
  • Celestia's wings are NOT optional, and she MUST be wearing the Angel Stone. She is never seen out in public without it, so please do not draw her without her wings or stone!



Celestia Starship maintains a pop-star persona, always eager to please a crowd. Even as she fights as a Starrior, she is shown to stay sassy, confident, and powerful. However, Celestia hides many secrets, and she does her best to keep this persona in order to prevent them from slipping.

Powers and Abilities:

Celestia is a female human, but is able to obtain powers through the magical gem she wears. These powers include:

- Flight: With her angel wings, Celestia is able to fly.

- Nemakinesis: While wearing her angel stone, Celestia can change outfits in the blink of an eye.

In addition to the Angel Stone's powers, Celestia possesses incredible laser stun-gun proficiency.

Backstory (Spoilers):

While Celestia's full backstory is currently unknown, we do know that she comes from the future, and at one point killed the father of Ginga.

History in Chimera Heart (Spoilers):

Arc 1

In Chapter 4, Una and Faji get into an argument over whether Celestia Starship, a world-famous pop-star, was actually a Starrior or if it was just an Internet rumor. Ita and Kashi say that they don't know who Celestia Starship is, causing Kokoro to gush excitedly about Celestia and show the group some pictures of her. Faji points out that there wasn't a single photo of Celestia without her wearing her trademark gem.

In Chapter 8, Celestia, along with Diego Gorzaga and Lady Stardust, fight a trio of Yami's Army members who attacked Ita, Kashi, Mazenta, Faji, and Una. Celestia is easily able to take down an Army member with her laser stun guns, but she is tripped before the Army members escape. After the other two Starriors make sure the others are okay, Celestia introduces herself to the group. Faji teases Una about being right in an "I told you so" moment. Celestia explains that she likes to keep her Starrior life on the downlow.

Arc 2

In Chapter 12, Celestia performs at a concert in West Star City. After it wraps up, Celestia goes to her dressing room, changes into comfortable clothes, and checks her phone. She stares at her phone wallpaper longingly, which features an unknown man and woman. Suddenly, the Crest of the Stars messages Celestia about a suspicious threat in the area. When Celestia goes outside to investigate, she encounters Ginga, a shapeshifting alien taking on the appearance of an 11-year-old girl. However, things quickly escalate as Ginga attacks Celestia, revealing her as a person from her past. Ginga exclaims that Celestia killed her father, and that she had tracked down Celestia for the Angel Stone and revenge. Ginga quickly realizes why Celestia was here: "To defeat the evil here in the past so it won't affect your future." Before things can get worse, Celestia's bodyguards find the pair, but when they ask what was going on, Celestia lies and tells them that she had just stumbled across a young fan. The bodyguards escort Celestia back into the building, away from Ginga.

Ginga is a Morphos Alien, having traveled back in time in an attempt to kill Celestia. While she puts on the persona of an innocent young girl to trick others, it's really a disguise in order to enact revenge on Celestia.

Lady Stardust is Celestia's work partner and fellow Starrior. Together, along with Diego, they form the unofficial Starrior team, "Team Solar Spark."

Diego is Celestia's work partner and fellow Starrior. Together, along with Lady Stardust, they form the unofficial Starrior team, "Team Solar Spark."