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Ginga Daxarkaan

Name: Ginga Daxarkaan

Age: 185 (Appears 11 Years Old)

Species: Morphos (Alien)

Birthday: December 11

Sexuality: Unknown

Pronouns: She/Her

Alignment: Evil

Theme: "Starstorm"

You know, for a kid, you really are stupid.

A vengeful and angry Morphos, Ginga is a shapeshifting alien that takes on the form of an 11-year-old girl. While she may appear innocent and sweet, she actually uses this disguise to mask her true, darker intentions.

  • Unknown
  • Celestia Starship
  • Ginga is the secondary antagonist of Chimera Heart.
  • Ginga's speech bubble color is #F0AAFF.

Design Notes:

  • Ginga has fluffy blonde hair that goes down to the middle of her back.
  • Because Ginga appears like an 11-year-old girl, that means she dresses and acts like one, too. Please keep this in mind if you are using any outfits that aren't in Chimera Heart when drawing her.



At a first glance, Ginga appears and acts like your standard 11-year-old girl. She's innocent, naive, and very cute. However, after unknowing strangers get too close to her, her true side shows, revealing a vengeful, angry, and powerful Morphos alien. While she is currently "enlisted" in Yami's Army, her real goal is to take down the world-famous pop star, Celestia Starship, and retrieve the Angel Stone as revenge for her father's death.

Powers and Abilities:

Ginga is a Morphos Alien, which means she possesses all Morphian powers. These include:

- Cosmokinesis: Ginga has the ability to create and manipulate stars and galaxies, which form space-based attacks and defenses.

- Shapeshifting: Morphos Aliens are known for their shapeshifting abilities, able to completely alter their physical appearances. Ginga uses her shapeshifting abilities to appear like an eleven-year-old girl.

Backstory (Spoilers):

While this character's entire backstory is currently unknown, it is known that she is from the future, and she is a child of one of Yami's right-hand men. After her father's death, Ginga has since tracked down Celestia, swearing vegenance.

History in Chimera Heart (Spoilers):

Arc 2

Celestia discovers Ginga one night, having been out looking for any "suspicious threats." Ginga appears innocent at first, Celestia talking with her as if she was just a young fan. However, when Celestia asks about Ginga's parents, Ginga reveals that they're dead, and shoots a beam of cosmokinetic magic at her. Dodging it, Celestia pulls out her stun gun and remembers that Ginga was the daughter of one of Yami's right-hand men. Ginga angrily shouts that Celestia killed her father, who wished to rule the universe alongside Yami once he retrieved the coveted Angel Stone. She then realizes why Celestia was here: "To defeat the evil here in the past so it doesn't affect your future." However, before things can escalate further, Celestia's bodyguards show up, confused about the situation, but Celestia lies to them and says that she just stumbled across a fan. The bodyguards escort Celestia back inside, leaving Ginga alone in the alleyway. Yami emerges from the shadows, impressed with Ginga's powers. Ginga smiles evilly and extends a hand to Yami, saying that they had much to discuss.

In Chapter 14, Ginga is among the group who ambushes Ita, Kashi, Naya, and Tyon in the woods. She kicks Naya and Tyon out of the treehouse, taunting the group for being on "their terf." When the chimeras flee, Ginga kicks Kashi out of the sky, sending him plummeting into the forest. Ita swings a punch at her in revenge, but Ginga catches her hand. However, Ita's snake, Noodle, bites Ginga's ankle, taking her down. In the Chapter 15 interstitial, Ginga is shown to have survived the snake bite, as Masuku is tending to the wound.

Celestia Starship is a Starrior and Ginga's sworn enemy. Ginga has tracked down Celestia for vegeance.

Yami is Ginga's leader, ruling her under Yami's Army. Yami is impressed by Ginga's intense powers, despite her frail appearance.