Rook (RK)



3 years, 9 months ago


Rook(RK)- NB - 7/16/1990(Cancer) - German Shepherd/Smooth Collie Cuban/Portuguese - Freelancer (Most updated ref! ) About: Works almost way too hard freelancing and actively switching careers to something more in the medical field! Travels across the country throughout the year to visit family and friends, and loves to discover new cafes and fun restaurants. Draws for work and fun and keeps a rack of snakes they love like their children. Plays video games sometimes, mostly handhelds! Has big dreams and goals they are currently working very hard on, which is their main priority in life and rarely has time for leisure. Personality: Generally mild, but rowdy in comfortable company. Emotional and really passionate, has a tendancy to stretch herself too thing trying to please everyone. Hard works and believes strongly in siestas. Loves to be around her friends and family, can't survive without communicating with her peers. Always there to listen and give advice, but fails to listen to her own. Loves to love! Decorates her home with a million string lights and LED strips, a good ambiance and furnishing/decorating within the home is very important. NSFW Details: Pansexual. Is down for pretty much anything that isn't hurting anyone. An equal switch, but sometimes finds more joy in topping/being dominate. Loves to use their mouth/perform oral/making out, and rubbing genitals on their partners. Likes: - Cuddling - Seaweed Salads + masago - Beachy aesthetic - Being with friends/family - Cute little animals/pets/her own pets - Plushies Dislikes: - Manipulation - The sound of kids crying - Bellybuttons - Mushrooms Quote