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Female - 12/26/1992(Capricorn) - Smooth Dragoness American (Seattle,Washington) - Blogger/Ghost Hunter/Medium/Stripper About: Runs a sponsored ghost hunting blog with her very dear and close fossa friend, Cass, and works as a stripper during rougher financial patches. She's very into the occult and has the ability to communicate with spirits, but has her off days when communication is limited or impossible depending on her mood. Can channel spirits and manifest ghostly blueish flames along her spine/eyes/breath at will when agitated. Personality: Apathetic, dry, listless with a phenomonal sense of sarcasm and never skips a beat with her quips. Very mild telekenetic and can move smaller things like pens,coins, toys etc (but it takes tons of energy to do). Loves to lowkey play jokes on people that involve the paranormal, be it bullying Cass through his spirit box by her ability to communicate to moving things around/close doors etc. NSFW Details: Pansexual. Very selective with her partners and doesn't have too much sex, so when she's found a partner, they must be very special indeed. Be it because she sees a kink she'd like to explore in that person, or she just knows they're packing enough to sate her tastes. Definitely skilled and enjoys sex when she does get around to it. Moderately talkative, mostly a top/dominate or switch, but always mild/not very aggressive. Loves to have her tail squeezed/rubbed and her long silver hair played with. Likes: - Ghosts - Practical Jokes - Chic-fil-A - Abandoned buildings/Cryptid shit - Strappy clothing Dislikes: - Dense people - Fake paranormal/extraterrastrial news - No access to the internet - The limit of Chic-fil-A sauces you can legally get per visit Quote