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Male - 4/5/1992(Aries) - King Cheetah American (Hawaii) - Student/Barista

About: His full name is actually Hibiscius, but the nickname "Bee" stuck so well that his peers started to forget he even had a real name! (Those who know his birthname jokingly call him Hi"Bee"scius) Bee was born and grew up in Hawaii, and was exposed to respecting nature and the ocean as his number one priority in life. Despite growing up in the islands, he never learned how to really surf, and isn't the best at it. Prefers to wade in the shallows and snorkel to admire the tropical sealife the islands has to offer.

Personality: Always happy and ready for adventure and cute things to hug! Embodiment of joy, and filled with tons of optimism. Never seems to run out of energy and always smiling! Even when something is bothering him, it's very rare to see him frown, let alone don a neutral expression. Bee is always down to hug and snug, and will stay up really late talking about silly things with his friends! REQUIRES ocean acces/cannot live anywhere that doesn't have coastal access.

NSFW Details: Pansexual. I don't think I will make this character NSFW related, but who knows!

Likes: - Anime - Stuffed animals/Cute things - Snorkeling - Poke bowls - Tropical foliage/the ocean

Dislikes: - Sadness - Polluted oceans - Sea Urchins - Being landlocked