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Female - 6/1/1975(Gemini) - Chimera(Lioness/King Cobra/Boelen Python) Namibian - Water Lord

About: Life on the Namibian desert is no doubt harsh and absolutely not for the weak willed. Zawadi grew up with her family who owned access to a large underground lake, thus monopolizing the areas water supply for miles and countless miles. Eventually became the matriach of the family after her mother and father passed away; she was the heir to this throne as she was the eldest of her brothers and sisters. Her siblings still live in her large palace in their own wings with their own families, they all have good standings with each other. Family is number one for Zawadi, doing anything so they can live a happy and healthy life with little regard to all those who oppose her. Grew up speaking Afrikaans, but can speak English fluently as well.

Personality: Very ruthless and cold. Not a kind or forgiving bone in her body unless it's for her own personal gain. Smooth, velvetty voice and incredibly intellectual, loves the richer things in life. She probably had a long time partner and loved once, but that was a long time ago and left a gaping wound in her heart that she refuses to mend.

NSFW Details: Pansexual. Has sex just to scratch an itch that comes around from time to time, not the most enthusiastic especially if her partner is less than enormously endowed (and she'll let you know). Definitely a dominant/power bottom, her cobra tail is known to hypnotize her partners. Has no committed partner and has no interest in having one.

Likes: - Herself - Her family - Travelling to luxourious locations - Long baths/meditation/Silence/lounging - Being fed peeled grapes

Dislikes: - Rivals to her empire/family - Loudness - Committed romantic relationships - Capers