A collection of bases inspired by How To Train Your Dragon, including many no longer available individually.
This bundle includes, in a .ZIP file:
- 3 PSD, full body reference sheet bases for Night Furies and Light Furies
- 3 PSD, full body pagedoll bases for Night Furies and Light Furies, two of which have included customization options
- 5 PNG, full body icon bases for Night Furies, Light Furies, Terrible Terrors, Monstrous Nightmares, and Thunderdrums (as these heavily reference official illustrations, they're included as a free bonus)
- 2 PSD, full body bouncing sprite bases for Deadly Nadders and Night Furies, and accompanying GIF examples
- 2 PSD bases, one full body reference sheet base and one full body pagedoll base, for my open HTTYD species Tropical Furies
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