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Penumbra, Null moon, False unicorn, The.
Ambiguous gender. Fluid. They/them primarily.
Both reproductive organs. Young adult. Height,
Cervine/Old-world unicorn/avian influences.
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Soft - Fearful - Timid - Kind
Emotional - Soft-spoken - Gentle - Quiet
Confused - Loving - Proud - Kind
Amiable - Weary - Empathetic
Protective - Warm - Mellow

  • Originally born in Issioria to a couple of uncaring parents. Left to fend for themself as a newborn deep in foggy Issiorian forests, almost immediately found by Cevahir soonafter. Cared for and treated by the Ibis for some days before Cevahir delivered them to the Forest, assumed to be a safe place for a fawn. 
  •  Quiet and passive by nature. Welcoming of most/all company, and generally doesn't like being alone for too long, sometimes fears it even. Takes comfort in the company of most anyone. Generally doesn't place their judgement in appearance. Automatically accepts all fawns/young/etc for company.
  •  Despite being generally open and very warm to others, may seem guarded about their past or deeper feelings about things. Doesn't like retelling their past, and doesn't want others to worry about them. If feeling down, may, but definitely not always, be inclined to hide what's wrong or how they're really feeling. BUT- usually ineffective with that. Not the best at it and likely to cave.
  •  Emotional. Feels positive and negative things strongly, but hard to anger. Doesn't feel angry too easily or often, usually just shows it the same way they do sadness. so moping around and crying
  •  Hates being cold, fond of warmth. Likely to gravitate towards those who are warm— both literally and figuratively. May cling and snuggle to others during snow and rain.
  • Fears aggression and violence. Doesn't even like fighting in self defence and usually avoids it. Doesn't tolerate violence against fawns. Definitely won't hesitate to stand up for themself and loved ones. Prefers to settle things with words over violence. More than willing to sass, but only to those they feel deserve it, won't just do it out of the blue or over tiny things...
Notes ꘏ 
  • Minor respiratory issues from an attack when they were just a fawn.
  • Long, thin scars spiral up their left hind leg from the same attack. 
  • Teeth are sharp and pointy, hidden fangs.
  • A "unicorn" despite the clear lack of a single forehead horn.
  • Can sometimes 'see' magic. Their vision of any is always abstract, odd and sometimes warped. 
  • Has an affinity for gold and shiny objects. Hoards
  • Hoards anything warm and soft- blankets, scarves, etc.
Musings ꘏ 
Deep purples and reds, old-world unicorns, feathers, birds (namely crows/magpies/starlings), gold accents, space, stars, sparkles, black holes, eclipses, shadows, light, abstractions, warmth, daybreak, early morning light, crepuscular rays, komorebi, Kintsugi