The wolf design was created by myself but was based off of Ink!sans' design.
Ink!Sans was created by comyet.  If you want information about that character go here.

This is my own version, he is based off of the original but it was not my intention to make them the same. So don't try to compare or point out something that is 'wrong' please.  View this character as an AU of an AU of sorts.  If you want information on the original version use the link above.

Since I have been having issues about this, here is the proof that I am, as well as anyone else, allowed to use this character. Highlighted the wrong paragraph but you'll still get the point.  Although this character is open for anyone to use I ask that you do not use this particular version through and through as I have made changes and his personality is not exactly like the original.  The wolf design was created by me and although it is inspired by Ink!Sans it is still my design and I do not allow people to use it for themselves.



* Male ~ Skeleton ~ Adult *
* Asexual ~ Aromatic *
(AKA don't ship him with anyone)


*** In roleplays, which is the primary use of this character, Ink is a skeleton.  You can find images of him on google, I have none of them here because I do not own them. The wolf design was created for ease of drawing and so I can actually build a collection of art of him.  The wolf design is completely non canon for this version of Ink and this bio is written the skeleton design in mind.  ***

The wolf design has medium length fur, not thin nor long.  He is a bit smaller than average and is easily noticeable.  He is mostly white with a large patch of black on his back with a few stripes going down the sides of his body.  The markings are symmetrical on either side. He has a tan underbelly and the tan on his face slopes downward so that it does not touch his cheeks.  He has a black splatter shaped marking on his right side on his cheek.  Ink's eyes can change at will or randomly and can be any color and any shape with only a few restrictions.  His tail tip is covered in a blue colored paint which sometimes drips.  There are a few dots of blue paint on his tail which have a random placement.  His toes on his front paws are tan but not the back paws.  Ink has light pink paw pads, a pink nose and the insides of his ears but his tongue is light blue.  Ink always wears a light brown scarf that fades into tan on the ends.  He always wears it so both ends fall on the same side and are usually on his right side but not always. 

  • Art
  • Friends
  • Exploration
  • Music
  • Being alone
  • Silence
  • Nicknames
  • Fights

Ink is generally a very friendly, social and out going person.  He enjoys being around others and building friendships with them.  Ink is very easy going and typically pretty 13600802_ajVbrAEVgvNpQ7B.pngcalm.  He is very patient with people and will not hesitate to offer a helping hand to anyone in need.  He is not a very judgmental person and open to new things, in fact seeing anything new is exciting to him.  He loves exploring different worlds and is extremely curious about pretty much anything.  He is not phased by much as he has gone to hundreds of different AUs.  If he finds anything strange he just assumes its from a universe he hasn't seen yet.

Ink can very easily become confused by things and will want to ask many questions to understand, however he often doesn't because he is worried about bothering people.  Ink also often does not pick up on figures of speech and will take them literally, which of course confuses him greatly.  He also sometimes will not understand when someone is being sarcastic.  Despite this Ink is very good at noticing when someone is upset or feeling uncomfortable.  Ink is extremely empathetic and selfless and will go out of his way to try to help another person.  He doesn't always know what to say or understand what their issues are but he does the best that he can.  Ink can become very attached to people he cares about and always wants to see them happy.  It pains him greatly to see anyone he cares about upset or hurt.  

Ink's memory is not the best.  Sometimes he will forget what he was talking about mid sentence, or he will walk into a room then just stand there trying to remember why he went there.  Ink can get distracted and space out and when he focuses again he will probably forget what he was doing.  If he hasn't talked to someone in a long time chances are he will forget their name.  Ink meets a lot of people and he cannot always remember them all.  If he does forget someone he feels extremely guilty about it.

Anyone could tell by just a quick glance that Ink is an artist, after all he does carry about a massive paintbrush 24/7 as well as a pretty good assortment of art supplies like paint, brushes, pencils and sketchbooks.  If he is not out exploring or talking to people you can bet he is off somewhere drawing.  Sometimes he will even start sketching something while talking to people.  Ink will happily show anyone who is interested what he has drawn and will share any of his art supplies with them.  He will gladly give away things to people.

12827398_axGDmMAnarwwpEM.pngInk's friendships are always entirely platonic.  Talking about a romantic relationship, even if it does not involve him, confuses him and makes him uncomfortable.  Something about it he just cannot wrap his head around at all.  He does not get romantic love or affection in a romantic way.  He is not the person to ask about relationship advice.

Although Ink hopes to befriend anyone he may meet he is not an idiot.  If someone seems suspicious he isn't going to go right up to them.  He won't judge someone based purely off of appearance but if he feels like they may be dangerous he will be hesitant.  Ink does not believe that anyone is truly evil and does not hate people, even if they have done terrible things.  He believes that there is hope for everyone to get better and he will do what he can to help them.  So he gives everyone a chance even if he thinks they may be aggressive towards him, he is just more careful.

It is very easy to gain Ink's trust, this means it is also fairly easy to trick him by simply acting like a good person.  If you do something to hurt him you will not very easily regain his trust, Ink is very capable of holding a grudge.  Although his dislike for a person does not often blatantly show though in his actions.  He can act a bit distant or uncomfortable while around someone he isn't very fond of and is much quicker to get annoyed at them.  Ink has a very high tolerance and can deal with people that others may find annoying or aggravating but that quickly falls apart when it is someone that he has a history with and doesn't like them.

Ink doesn't like to bother others or burden them with his own issues, because of this most people will think that he is totally fine, however this is not the case.  While overall Ink is happy and content with life in general he does still have some fears and insecurities that do affect how he acts quite heavily.  Ink needs people to like him, if he feels like no one cares about him he will feel unwanted and unneeded to the point where he will fall into depression.  He needs to constantly remind himself that he does have some kind of importance which is why he is so social.  The idea of being forgotten is terrifying to him and he cannot stand being alone for long periods of time. Ink is insecure and doubtful.  He constantly is thinking about if he is doing the right thing or if he is doing enough.

Abilities and items and stuff.

Ink lives in a multiverse full of alternate universes, almost all of which are different timelines of UnderTale.  Ink has made it his job to keep them in order.  This means that he has to keep others that can travel to different AUs from messing with things.  AUs also can break apart over time and Ink does it best to catch when this is going to happen and help those that live there.

7622627_6ObqlUNSNoD2dXF.pngInk gets his power from the creativity of creators, which are people who create characters and AUs.  Ink does not have a soul, which is a very important part of every monster.  It is their source of power, motivation and personality.  Without it a person would be a empty husk.  Ink is able to act as though he does have a soul with the vials that he carries across his chest.  These vials come from creators and if enough where to lose motivation or give up on their creations Ink would loose his supply of it.  Without the vials Ink looses any trace of his personality and emotions.  He would be completely empty, nothing but a thoughtless and emotionless body.  Needless to say he relies heavily on the vials.  

Ink's eye colors can change as well as the pupil shape.  It can either change automatically or at will, usually changing when he blinks.  They can be any simple shape and any color however white is not a normal color for him.  A clear sign that something is wrong with him is when his eyes turn a white color.  His eyes can also change depending on mood, for example if he is confused one eye may change to a question mark or if he is upset or angry one may turn red.

Ink's home universe is known as the Doodle Sphere and he is the only resident of it.  The universe is made up of several large floating islands and rocks.  The larger islands are covered in grass, bushes, trees and other plant life.  It is impossible for Ink to fall off of this islands because the moment he walks off of one rocks will move to form a path for him.  This only happens for Ink, meaning that if he has any visitors they can just fall off.  There is not any ground below and they will find themselves falling right back onto the island somehow.  Without his help there is no way to get to the other islands.

Ink is a pacifist and will try to defuse a situation before attacking anyone, even if they are actively attacking him.  Unfortunately this is not always going to stop someone and he will sometimes find himself in a situation where he must defend himself or others.  Ink does not attack with the intention of harming people unless he is desperate.  This means that most of his 'attacks' are either attempts to restrain the person or get them away from him or whatever they are after.

10529052_oZ3G4Ytv1Rz6nNe.pngInk's main weapon is a large paintbrush.  He uses ink from his paintbrush, and is most definitely where he got his name from.  The ink can have different affects of which he can switch between whenever he wants.  Most of the time it has no affect and sometimes Ink will use it in a playful manner.  For example tapping someone on the head with his paintbrush and covering them in ink.

He can use the ink in a variety of ways.  It can stick to people can become heavy, weighing a person down.  It can form into solid objects, for example a small wall.  However these objects are easily destroyed and return to a liquid state when damaged.  It also can of course just cause damage on contact.  It can also be used in non battle situations by being put across the ground or object and turning into a portal.  This is how Ink is able to go to different AUs.  Ink is able to reabsorb ink into his hands, making it a very easy clean up.

Ink is able to turn his entire body into a puddle of ink, which is usually referred to as 'puddling'.  He cannot be damaged in this state, nor can he damage anything himself.  He can move in this form and get through cracks and small holes.  He is weak to other liquids, especially water, as it can separate the puddle.  If a large part of it is somewhere else he cannot reform.  Separating large parts of it from each other will not cause damage but it will be painful, it is basically like ripping apart your body.  Needless to say it would not be a pleasant experience.  Ink doesn't have much use for this ability and therefore does not do it often, he is most more likely to do it as a joke than for an actual practical use.

He can summon a singular gaster blaster which is black in color and appears to be made up of solidified ink.  This can cause a huge amount of damage and therefore is very very rarely used.  The blaster actually does have sentience and can be aggressive and pushy and very protective of Ink.  However it does listen to him and will happily flop over for affection from him.

Extra facts.
  • 7375109_RZaVsJB28ZvZc41.pngIn moments of great excitement Ink will sometimes vomit ink, he does not throw up actual literal vomit thank goodness.  The only cause of this seems to be simply overexcitement and doesn't harm him in any way and is not a sign of illness.
  • Ink has a habit of humming while working on things or walking, a lot of the time he doesn't even realize he is doing it.
  • Although Ink is energetic he does not like running for long periods of time.
  • Ink is usually carrying around a bag of goldfish crackers and beef jerky.
  • Ink does not like when animals nibble on him and will freak out if something bites him, even if it is done so playfully.
  • Ink can get very easily annoyed when people call him by a nickname and sometimes will outright refuse to respond to one.
  • Ink hates being confined to one place for a long period of time and will start pacing around and become stressed if he cannot leave.
  • Ink can sew but is still learning how to do it well.
  • Ink is very possessive of his paintbrush.

14263611_HvQVcVLpaDduBKF.pngRed (offsite, owned by Van Diesel#3295) - Ink is not a fan of Red and the two of them do have a history of bickering with each other.  It is defiantly not at the point where it would be physical, although Red has punched Ink before.  Ink does regret being rude to Red in the past and is trying to make up for it and mend the relationship.  However interactions between them is extremely awkward and unnatural.

Karkat (Played by Van Diesel#3295) - Karkat often confuses Ink with his yelling and rambling, however Ink finds him amusing and doesn't have any reason to dislike him.  Overall he does not mind his company although he wishes he wouldn't be so negative and rude sometimes.

Mac - Ink is afraid of Mac.  He knows that she is doing her best and she does not intend to be aggressive at times, so he still interacts with her and tries to help her where he can.  He does sometimes act a little more jumpy than usual around her because he does not fully trust her yet.

Error - Ink is in a constant war with Error, often having to either stop him or clean up after him.  Error is the main reason that universes become empty, since he has made it is life goal to clear out as many AUs as possible.  Ink has a great dislike for Error and is starting to give up hope that he could ever change, however Ink still tries to reason with him.

Inkstone - Ink has never met or even seen Inkstone before and he has no plans to.  Ink only knows about him by what others have told him and has been warned that Inkstone will most likely have a very negative reaction to meeting him.  Because of this if Ink was ever to see Inkstone he would avoid him.  Ink is extremely curious about Inkstone and wants to know about him but he will not risk it.

Acrylic - They are defiantly not friends.  They have very different views on how things should be run and Acrylic aggravates Ink very easily.  Ink will go out of his way to avoid having to talk to him.

Side notes.

There are three other AU versions of Ink that I have created which are Acrylic, Inkstone and Gradient.  Ink knows about Acrylic and Inkstone but not Gradient.

Notes for drawing.
In the wolf design he always wears his scarf so that both ends fall on one side of him.
Ink's tail is covered in a blue paint and does drip, however it is not required for it to do this.
Ink's eye color and pupil shape can change and can be drawn in any combination, but do not use white!
If white is used in his eye color he must have a blank expression, both eyes need to be white and his pupils should both be a basic circle shape.
Ink can be drawn as a feral or anthro.  As anthro he can be drawn with or without clothing.  Search 'Ink!Sans' for a reference of his clothing.
The splatter on his face and his marking on his back are not random, please pay attention to the shape!

DO NOT draw any NSFW or suggestive art of Ink and do not draw anything that looks like a non platonic relationship with another character.  

Ink is strictly ace/aro please respect that.

Note about the gallery.
Although my collection of art of him is a wolf I always write Ink as a skeleton.  I never roleplay him in a wolf form.