Ricky Yoshida



1 year, 7 months ago


Local sculptor, was definitely a linebacker in high school. Got really artsy during his senior year and attended an art college in vancouver. moved back stateside to pursue metalworking and sculptural art. List of eclectic tastes in generic straight boy videogames combined with obscene love of pseudo-edgy satiric pop punk and cult movies. Works at a scrapyard in processing but works a second job as a cashier at a local movie theater. Super gay but he's been on the DL since high school. Who is he? What does he do aside from drinking cheap beer? Wh knows? Fluent in English and some Japanese, second generation citizen with dual citizenship in both America and Canada. 

Literally just an otter. meaty shoulders and chest with chubby thighs and like just a long-ass rectangle with legs. 5'8" 173Ibs. Black hair kept short with faux hawk dyed lime green. Dark gray eyes, freckles, wears eyeliner. If you ask him about it he'll say it isn't eyeliner but it totally is. Never 100% cognizant of his surroundings and would probably eat dirt if left unattended. Spends most of his day in mania. Lives on a lot near the scrapyard, the scrap and abandoned tires are slowly absorbing his yard.