Doctor Yltle



1 month, 22 days ago


Learning Medicine, like any other things for goos, is done by apprenticeship. Sometimes by re-leaning what a parent knew, sometimes a different direction, sometimes out of necessity.

Yltle was Adjutant Doctor to her Adept, Mohaluul, a good while before the mission - though at this point the title is kept mostly to stick with tradition; Yltle works largely unsupervised, on alternate shifts. She also has not had the opportunity to even consider an apprentice due to location.

Generally it's up to an apprentice to apply for consideration. It may be by referral, or knowledge of a local opening, but frequently its by reviewing published papers to study under an expert in a field they're interested in. So it behooves a doctor, not matter where they are in a career, to keep studying and publishing.

Yltle came to Mohaluul with an autoimmune disease that, among other things, left her with non-radiative bleaching (visibly getting paler) progressing much further in her life than the usual goo adolescence. While she still is on the pale side for a Weltran, her condition has been chemically stabilized (Even if part of regular treatment is going through full body dialysis on a regular basis).

Beyond serving the crew, Yltle is searching for a chemical cocktail that will restore her to a natural Weltran complexion - She's. Um. Overshot a few times. At least dialysis was already on the schedule.