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Name: Echo

Gender: Female

Age: Roughly 21

Species: Kremling 

Affiliations: Kremlings (Formerly), Kongs (currently)

Collectible color: Orange

Musical Instrument: Banjo (Banjo Bash)

Main Weapon: Walnut Bazooka

Level Rescued In: Frantic Factory

Clothing: Black Leather Jacket, Blue Glasses,old and cracked sunglasses in her pocket

Bio: Originally a member of the Kremlings, Echo had left due to two things: K.Rool killing innocent creatures (the kongs)/imprisoning his own brother and the fact Golden Bananas are apparently not edible. She stole her jacket from a fellow kremling on the way out. Somehow, Mad Jack captured her and locked her in a box similar to a doll's but with "Traitor in the Box." She's later rescued by the Kongs, and feeling like she has to repay the debt, joins them to save their island. 

Main Personality Traits


+-Makes a lot of puns




Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Chaotic Good