Sarashi Inui



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Name: Sarashi Inui
Age: Appears to be in his mid 30s, potentially about 2-4 centuries old.
Gender: Male//Demi
Height: 6'5"  
Sexuality: Demisexual

Species: Demon/Mercer hybrid.
Weapon: His main weapon is an Uchigatana said to be forged from his severed arm. He's known to keep concealed weapons as well such as a kusarigama and daggers. Probably the reason why that sleeve on his robes are often tattered. 


If one met him in his more youthful years, they will find that he was the exact opposite of who he is currently. Back then, Sarashi was a cruel and condescending man who had a disdain for other humans for their unfounded prejudice against him and their horrible mislabeling of calling him a Yokai. As years went on, the experiences in his life changed him into a more compassionate person and getting in touch with his human self. The change in character has brought forth a doting man that will care for just about anyone that allowed him. His kind and silent gestures tend to go a little overboard, though. It's not unheard of from those he cares for to start complaining about his constant babying of them. How he makes it difficult for one to do things for themselves while he's present. Sarashi himself doesn't see an issue with his behavior and many people attribute it to him being dense or still out of touch with humanity but it's quite the opposite. His devotion to care for others is a promise he made to his late mother and works diligently to fulfill it in hopes she may forgive him for his cruel actions in his youth. Of course, he doesn't make others privy to the fact as it's a very personal issue.

Because of his recent integration back into human society, he can be a little dense but it's hard to tell if he's truly out of touch or if he's yanking someone's chain. At least that's how others see it. If you ask his brother, it's obvious when he uses his age and upbringing to make excuses about not knowing kids these days. The reality is that he's got a lot to work on before being comfortable in current society. 

Speaking of his brother, while he dotes on him like any older brother or parental figure should, he does have a friendly rivalry with him. He sees the competition between them as a good thing in hopes his brother will become strong yet compassionate. The last thing he wants is for his brother to lead the life he did.


A child born from a Demon father and a Mercer mother, Sarashi had a difficult upbringing due to the prejudices and false accusations of his village's people. He held contempt against humanity from a young age, seeing their accusations unjust, unfounded, and a ploy to taint his dear mother's name. For years he tried to play it off as if it never bothered him, but the people's fear in him made him give up on humans and decided to focus on him and his mother. Sarashi's mother, on the other hand, had more pressing issues.
His mother was a renowned Yokai hunter, heralded throughout Japan for her acts of heroism. Since his birth, however, she's fallen on hard times as word of her copulating with a Demon spread over the years. It started to become a bigger priority to her, to keep her, her reputation, and her son in a good light with the people but it came at the cost of caring for Sarashi. As interaction between the two lessened Sarashi acted out, accusing her of neglect. He simply wanted the two of them to be family and that she shouldn't worry what humans thought of them, but his mother told him he was too young to understand. Hurt by her words, the two became estranged with arguments breaking out frequently. He left his mother on a sour note right after that, calling her weak and conceited.

Soon after leaving his mother's side, he became a hermit. He vowed to never interact with humans nor become their savior after how he was treated. His solitude brought forth many new legends of a mountain guardian spirit or a malicious Yokai that staked out territory in the mountains. Many legends spoke of how he was appeased and many times, he would find food offerings and poor young girls left at the base of his mountain. Seeing the cruelty of humans, to lead these children to their death, he began taking in their sacrifices and raised them as his own. While he had no interest in integrating himself back to that time's society, he made sure to raise them accordingly so they can lead a normal adult life. At some point the village, then a town, stopped sending sacrifices and went back to his solitude.
His mission to never give humans his time became increasingly difficult with the passing years. The town he had settle nearby years ago began being plagued by Yokai. As much as he loathed the thought of helping humans, he did them a service by silently ridding the town of Yokai. There were times where he needed to venture into town for particular items and necessities and during these trips did he begin hearing about his "heroic" acts. About how something or someone purged the town of evil. The nameless praises he heard fed into his yearning for validation and it led to a series of poor life choices.
Firstly, it made him take up his mother's mantle of being a Yokai hunter with the profession making his presence known around town. Everyone sang praises and had many admirers which led him to become reckless in who he allowed to speak to him. It opened up a communication line between him and Eastern Demons. They began seducing him with promises of power and respect from those who wrong him, hoping they could get Sarashi to spill methods on how to capture Yokai for their own purposes. It was working until one Demon had a slip of the tongue, revealing their true intentions of not only taking the Yokai for themselves, but to use him as a vessel for their own twisted purposes. Disgusted by letting himself open up to anyone, he attempted to withdraw from society again, only to be hunted down by Demons. He was far too valuable to be let go and in a last confrontation with them did he barely come out with his life.
It was a battle for life or death and while Sarashi came out the victor, it wasn't without a price. As a last ditch effort to get Sarashi to comply, the Demon tore off his arm. As a Mercer, this wasn't too much of a loss as reattachment was a viable option but he chose to instead forge it into a weapon. A reminder to himself to never let Demons into his life again, even if that is his heritage. 

This scuffle caught the attention of someone who spotted him as he went back up his mountain. A young nameless girl from the town he lived near got curious about her new neighbor. Upon seeing his battered state, she attempted to nurse him back to health despite his attempts in trying to scare her off. Nothing worked and he eventually began ignoring the child, hoping that'll get her to stop bugging him. Even with his disregard for her presence, she kept up her frequent visits, bringing food and medicine.
Unrelated to her constant pestering of him, he decided that it was best to move on. Somewhere that's even more secluded as he was beginning to become uncomfortable with the attention he was receiving, despite the town thinking of him as a local hero. Before heading out, he went into town for supplies and was witness to humanity's cruelty. The girl that tried to tend to him had apparently stolen food from the preserves and was publicly punished. Sarashi didn't do anything then and there, but he made sure to remember the faces of those who hurt her as he later found out that she stole the food for him. That night, he visited the houses of those who hurt her and executed them. Thinking his deed was done, the town was quickly overrun with Yokai and in the chaos he found the nameless girl dead. At the time he wouldn't admit it but her death struck a cord with him, reviving her through some means as he became attached. After her revival, he immediately took her in and gave her a name, Kosode. Her presence convinced him to be more open, compassionate, and accepting of others. It made him remember his mother and was curious as to how she was doing.

He began to divulge Kosode in the heroic acts of his mother and it inspired the child to meet her. She heckled him and pestered him until he finally agreed to take her for a visit to his old village...if it was still standing. On arrival, he asked for his mother but many stared at him. Others gasped and turned away and he feared the worst. It nearly got to the point where he had to shake someone for an answer but an elder of the village pulled him aside to catch him up to speed. He was devastated hearing that his mother had passed in an unfortunate accident concerning a hunt but he was surprised upon hearing that she left behind a child. Seems like she remarried and he wasn't surprised about that one bit.
Sarashi visited his mother's old home and was met by some moody teen who was a lump in the corner of the house with no power. The state of this child. He worked on the house once more, made sure bills were paid and that food was always stocked in cabinets and fridge. Never once did he force his brother to interact with him but he still cared greatly for him and made sure his needs were met. He wasn't expecting anything out of it, but his actions paid off with time as Haori came around and became more open. Still, he could see the kid worried about the future in terms of a job and education. He tried to get Haori to focus on academics but when that didn't work out too well, he invited his kid brother to join him on Yokai hunts. Even that fell short as the kid lost his ambition due to past experiences. Sarashi decided to pull him and focus on training his training while he financially supported both Haori and Kosode. 

Caring for the two became tricky, though. Sarashi couldn't just leave the two unattended, especially now with how his homeland had frequent sightings of dangerous Yokai. He figured he could get a normal job somewhere in town, but he was simply too out of the loop with how current society is. Weighing his options, he was tipped off about Daten and how it had a thriving ghost hunting community with support and networks that can help him with his brother and daughter. Not wasting any time he prepared for their trip to Daten, asking some shrine maidens to care for his home and managed to best a Yokai in a gambling game to keep guard while he was gone.
The family then found themselves in Daten in no time and Sarashi opted to house them in a local Abbey where he knew Haori and Kosode would be safe during his absence. 

As time passed on in Daten, he's become good friends with the young former Templar and has installed a puppy pen as he's a sap for puppies. 


  • He owns a fennec fox named Kirara. Once he figures out social media, it's over for everybody. He'll make an Instagram just to show off his baby.
  • It's difficult for him to go on ghost hunts because of the proximity to holy objects. He's not used to it the presence of holiness like most other Demons and hybrids are and his heritage as a Mercer makes him extremely sensitive. 
  • "Accidentally" patches up his brother's clothes. The kid keeps telling him that it's part of the aesthetic but he refuses to listen.
  • Doesn't understand what his brother's into as he's out of touch with modern society, but he's supportive of what makes Haori happy.