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✦ "stars fall at my feet, keep me grounded as I reach higher than I see..." ✦


NAME Estrella del Alba

CALLED Estrella

GENDER fmelae

PRONOUNS she/her

AGE 30s (immortal)

BIRTHDAY December 21st

HEIGHT 5'10'' (177cm)

OCCUPATION Ascended Priestess of Mo'anne


Estrella is a character that I created after Christmas in 2001 as a fun fad with my oekaki buddies, and she quickly became a very personal and constant character. she had a loose idea of a backstory for a long time but it wasn't til December 2022 that I started creating a story for her. I'll try to keep it organized here.



her full name is Estrella del Alba (pronounced "ess-tray-yah"), meaning star of the dawn. she's from an ancient tribe of unicorns who have the magical ability to shapeshift to human form. her mother, Charisma, fell in love with a human man and together they made Estrella, though her father never returned to the Moon Clan, so her mother went looking for him. Estrella goes from high priestess to the Ascended, a direct link between their lunar goddess Mo'anne and the unicorns who worship her. she grows wings when she ascends and her magic grows even more powerful.


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Estrella was originally drawn as part of a fad on the Oekaki BBS I frequented in late 2001- everyone was making unicorn anthro girls so I wanted to make one too! I no longer draw her in her anthro form (though it's not out of the question) but now mostly draw her humanoid design.



Marisol . BFF, high priestess

Estrella's best friend since they were babies, Marisol is also a unicorn/human hybrid.Marisol is the High Priestess that works directly with Estrella as the Ascended and they're like sisters. Marisol's magic is stronger with the power of the sun.


"Bii" . companion

Estrella met Bii through another unicorn, Oryn, who had been a companion to Bii. Estrella felt like she had met him before. Bii's true form and name are a mystery- he is in this form to conserve his immense power. his true form is similar to a kirin.


Charisma . mother

Estrella's mother and priestess before her. they're very close, and both long for a reuinion with Lux, Estrella's father. Charisma has strong magic and taught her daughter everything she knows.




she is very fair-skinned with a full, curvy figure. she has lavender eyes. her navy/indigo hair is thick and can be wavy, always worn down and parted on either side of her horn. her horn is a soft pink color that matches her wings (which can be any size depending on composition of the drawing). she has a long white unicorn tail with a dark tuft at the end which matches her hair color. there's a small pink/purple star under her left eye. she always wears white or pale draping dresses and is barefoot.