Dog Tags Himmel



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Basic Info


Dog Tags Himmel


27 Years Old


Male | He/Him




Buster Sword "Dreamweaver" that splits into two "Dreams" and "Honor"


6' | 183 cm




   Dog Tags is bold, fearless, and incredibly likeable. He's the type of person you compare to a dog; Loyal, compassionate, personable, and all-around a really awesome person. He radiates a seriously positive energy that gets others motivated. Most times, he has more energy than just about everybody. He's also quite a flirt, asking women on dates a lot. And that's just what he wants: Dates. He's not looking for sex, he's looking for a girlfriend. He holds other people in high regard, and he's your go-to guy if you need to get something off your chest or blow off some steam. He's very good at keeping secrets, which is sometimes a problem.

   He doesn't talk much about his personal life or his past, and doesn't open up about those kinds of things to just anybody. His scars are scars, he got them for a reason, and he leaves it at that. He also jumps to conclusions fairly quick and makes judgements on people after being given information about them even before he meets them. Where this can lead to pleasant surprises, it doesn't often. Sometimes he plays dumb to catch people off guard or to give someone the benefit of the doubt.

  His rambunctious behavior can get him in trouble, too. He's willing to fistfight for his friends and his honor, and doesn't hesitate to throw someone to the ground. he often goes overboard too quick.

    Dog Tags and his twin brother, Figaro Chain, were born with celebration. Their parents were elated to have a pair of twins on their hands as their first children. The celebration didn't last long, as not a year into their life their parents were killed and they were stolen from their family. The cultists had taken the babies, but lost track of them on a stormy night where a priest took the two crying baby boys in. They were cared for until an older pair of churchgoers volunteered to care for them and raise them as their own. Several years later, around the age of six, the couple was killed by the same clan that had tracked them down. The police arrived just in time, before they could make off with the kids again, and the boys were taken into custody. They didn't leave unscathed, as Dog Tags had suffered a few injuries from trying to pry one of the men off their parents. The two hopped around from home to home, leading a less-than stellar life in the foster system. They outgrew Foster care and found themselves in Daten.

   Despite their terrible beginnings, Dog Tags and Figaro remained close through all their hardships. In hard times, they could always lean on each other. Even if Dog Tags had to do some less-than-savory activities to get them money to get by, somehow they always found a way to keep themselves afloat. DT grew incredibly protective of his brother, protecting him from the world and its terrible attitude. He was the shining beacon in their family, keeping the mood light and the motivation high.

   Not long after settling in Daten the two enrolled themselves in school so they wouldn't have to bums living on the street. Dog Tags struggled a bit in academics, but gave it a good shot regardless. He excelled incredibly in athletics, however, scoring him good points with his teachers. He wasn't king of the school, but he certainly didn't have a lot of enemies with his attitude. About a third into their freshmen year, the two found themselves tracking down a missing student on their own time, and ended up saving him. Figaro took a hit for him and nearly got himself killed. DT would have been mad at Glasses if he hadn't clearly felt remorse for having anyone get involved with his baggage, and let the man dedicate himself to his twin brother. He thought it was heartwarming, actually. Soon after that, Figaro had off-handedly mentioned a kid in their class, Beanie, had been getting bullied, and Dog Tags went and bullied those bullies back. With his fists. He got suspended, but it was worth it. 

   After High School, Dog Tags and his gang ended up moving in with Beanie's father Bomber Jacket. Dog Tags joined Lethocs to bring his family a better life. The posters made it sound significantly more glorified than the US Army, and it was more in line with his interests. He would become a well-respected member of Lethocs, and found interest in a new recruit named Hot Pants. DT and Hots became fast friends due to their similar background on the streets. They both became super soldiers for the group, DT excelling as one of their best.

   Then Hot Pants lost his sister and fell out of contact with Dog Tags. Disheartened by the loss of his friends, DT tried to find the good in continuing on. He felt like the other soldiers needed his guidance, but he also found it impossible to preach about something he no longer trusted or believed in. He packed his bags and quit Lethocs, returning home. 

   To bring himself back up and do good for the world, Dog Tags started teaching the kids in the less fortunate parts of Daten self-defense. He chose for his classes to be non-discriminatory, so even Demons and Angels could join. He felt these classes promoted unity within the city's dark parts, something better than battle could do. He has since reconnected with Hot Pants and befriended Duster through force, love and acceptance.


-Loves dogs, man.

-He has incredible luck despite what's happened to him.
-Flirts like crazy with women, but also kinda sorta flirts with men. It's just not as obvious.
-Has several tattoos: A winged wolf that takes up his back and his left arm, a green wind on his right arm, and the words "The Price of Freedom is Steep" on his right rib. They all cover scars.