1 year, 11 months ago



Jenini has brown fur with dark brown stripes.  He has three small stripes on his muzzle, two on the back of both ears, two on the back of his neck and three on his back near the rear.  He has long ears that are turned somewhat so that the inside of his ears can be seen.  His nose and inside of his ears are both tan.  His tail tip his also tan rather than the typical grey.  He has green eyes with a white pupil.


Jenini is very unsure of himself and where he stands within the pack.  He is constantly putting on an act, never being his true self.  Even if he felt free enough to be himself he wouldn't know what to do.  Jenini has lived a very sheltered and restrictive life that has led him to fear ever stepping out of line or acting out.  Being around vorox other than Malik confuses and frightens him.  He doesn't understand how they act, they all act differently and have different opinions.  Seeing his pack mates interact has slowly started to make him question his world view.  He is still very submissive and avoids talking to others out of fear of punishments.


WIP. Jenini is the apprentice of Malik and was taught that his word is law.  He wasn't allowed to ask questions or have any kind of opinion.  Any personality traits he developed was instantly stifled unless it aligned with Malik.  Jenini spent his childhood mindlessly following Malik's commands because he knew of nothing else.  If he wasn't told to do anything he would not do anything to pass the time.  He was completely unaware of the concept of free time and would become stressed when there was no work to be done.