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"Just wait, I’m sure I can teach you something new."


【Name】 Loleus Katsarus
【Age】 387 (Physically 27)
【Gender】 Male (cis)
【Pronouns】 He/him
【Species】 Immortal Human
【Birthday】 June 1st

【Country of Origin】 Atlantis
【Occupation】 Magic History Teacher
【Orientation】 Pan
【Tarot】 Temperance/Queen of wands
【Magic Specialty】 Water Spells/Obscure Magics
【Playlist】 <3

Loleus is a magic history teacher who is very passionate about his work. He is well known around the university as 'the magic history nerd' and for his efforts to get more people interested in the subject. History in general tends to not be a favorite of students but he tries to make it as entertaining as possible. One of his favorite subjects to go into is specific magic spells and discoveries which aren't extremely well-know or super impressive, but which could help daily life quite a bit or are just in general amusing. He also always makes sure to emphasize to his students that they too can be amazing spell-casters and create new spells as long as they just use their imaginations.



Loleus is cheerful, optimistic, and friendly. He very passionate about history, learning, and just in general, if there’s something that catches his interest, even if it’s something small, he’ll wholeheartedly devote himself to it (He’s honestly as bit of a workaholic really). This enthusiasm for life comes across in any interaction with him, Loleus is likely to skip and smalltalk and just jump straight into whatever interesting new thing he’s learned. Because of this people often find him fun but overwhelming, and Loleus tries to reign himself in the best he can. Loleus is also very good at listening to people, though most wouldn’t guess it with how much he talks. Part of what makes him such a loved teacher is his ability and desire to listen to his student’s own passions regardless of if they coincide with his or not, and his enthusiasm to helping them follow those passions.

Loleus really treasures life and believes everyone should have a chance to do what makes them happy, and he’ll help that happen in any way he can. He almost lost his own chance at life after all, so he won’t give this second one up easily. He doesn’t however take his own happiness for granted. He lives his days expecting the next one to be good, but always ready for things to turn sour. He finds a comfort in this preparation and it allows him to relax and be the cheerful man that he is.

  • The sea
  • Magic history
  • Passionate students
  • Obscure Spells
  • Bullies
  • Snow/Ice
  • Natural Disasters
  • Apricots
  • Gestures a lot when talking
  • Writes down names when he meets people to remember them



【Height】 5’8”/172cm
【Skin Tone】 Golden Brown
【Hair Color】 Blue
【Demeanor】 Upbeat/Enthusiastic

【Build】 Swimmer
【Eye Color】 Dark Teal
【Hair Length】 Slightly past shoulders
【Accessories】 Necklaces

Clothes Style

His clothes have a lot of greek patterns and themes due to his original atlantis inspiration. He wears a lot of v-necks and in general low-cut shirts are his thing, and he doesn’t like sleeves which go past his elbows, Loleus rolls them up if his shirt does have long sleeves. He wears shorts and sandals most of the time, and it’s rare to see him without at least one necklace and possibly a bracelet or two. He just really likes accessories. His clothes are semi-fantasy themed.

Artist Notes

  • While any necklaces are fine, Loleus usually wears his spirally one.
  • There are lots of greek themes in his clothes/patterns.
  • Feel free to draw him in a new outfit/edit his current ones.
  • He doesn’t have many freckles but they are important :O



Loleus was originally from a medium sized fishing island, which kept itself aside from the rest of the world. He fit in well with the community and didn’t have much trouble growing up, he had friends his age and knew most all of the fishermen, as he was often hanging around the coast, wanting to eventually become a fisherman himself. His family consisted of his two moms, his dad, and his younger sister. His childhood consisted mostly of a combination of pranking and helping out those around him. When he was no longer the only child he felt the need to take care of his little sis and act more like an adult, despite being only thirteen and through these efforts he became more responsible while he grew, and his playful side was pushed aside, though it never really left him.

After his childhood ended life was still going as expected, Loleus became a fisherman and he was happy. He met Photios when he was 21. Photios worked as a scribe and it was he who first got Loleus into reading, though at the time Loleus still wasn’t a huge fan of books, they were just something he occasionally picked up on a quiet afternoon when not much was going on. Photios however was much more interesting to Loleus, and he sought out all the opportunities he could find for the two of them to spend time together. Pholios has been kicked out of the archival building where he worked and told to get some sun, since he had been spending all of his days at work. Loleus showed Photios all the secret areas of the island he had discovered with his curious wandering as a kid, caves, hidden beaches, and cliff sides with gorgeous views of the sunset among others. In turn Pholios showed Loleus the collection of books, and the knowledge within them, of the archival building, which, after negotiating that Loleus would make sure he didn’t spend all of his time indoor happily too him back. He showed Loleus just how much could be found in books and just how interesting they could be.

A few years later the two were married, and could not be happier. Despite their interests being so vastly different at first they bonded and through their immersion in the interests of the other they both grew as people. They had a stable, happy relationship that everyone said would last til the end of both their lives. Loleus’s family was also doing well, his parents were healthy and his sister was working on her own dream as well. While Loleus was happy following the tradition of their island she was looking further. She had traveled to other continents outside their little island and found superior technology that they has previously ignored. She wanted to go out there and learn about it and bring it back and Loleus was very proud of her.

Yet such perfect happiness could not last (because ni loves angst) and soon after the fishing yield, which was so bountiful before, began to shrink. Every season it got smaller and smaller and soon it wasn’t enough to support the island anymore. Everyone and their grandma had a different mind as to what should be done, but there were two most prevalent opinions. One group, led by Loleus’s sister, was stating that they needed to end their semi-isolationism and ask the other countries for help. The other, lead by the religious leaders said that the gods demanded someone to be sent to ancient underwater temple told of in lore. Their belief was that since it had been long abandoned the sea gods were angry. These two groups both saw the other as completely illogical and refused to even consider the other’s suggestions. They argued and fought but eventually something had to be done, and the majority chose the second group, those who were for sending a sacrifice (though they refused to call it that) to the long abandoned underwater temple. The only question after that was who was to be the sacrifice.

The leaders of the faction said they would look for a sign to point to whom the gods wanted, and the signs they found pointed all to Loleus’s sister. Loleus never found out if this was a coincidence, or if (as he suspected) they had fabricated the signs to get rid of their long-term enemy, but regardless of the reason he knew he could let his sister’s life end just like that. She could, and she would, change the world. And Loleus was just a fisherman, there was nothing really special about him, he wasn’t really destined for anything. Because of this he offered himself to be the sacrifice instead. And the leaders accepted.

Pholios was furious with him and tried all he could to convince Loleus not to go to his certain death, but Loleus was stubborn, he refused to listen. He also held a strong belief in the gods, if he made it to the temple he would not die. Or at least that’s what he said, but he was ready for the worst outcome. The disagreement turned into a serious argument and it lasted until the last moment, the day Loleus was to go to the temple.

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