Mountain is a forest vorox with large ears that are turned somewhat so the under side can be seen. He has green eyes that fade from dark to light and has no noticeable pupil.  He is a darker shade of tan with a light tan underbelly and toes.  He has a dark tan stripe starting from his nose down his back to his tail.  He has a few stripes near is back and rear.  Mountain has a hole in his left ear and a cut across his left eye.  The wound did not damage his eye.  He does not know what caused the hole, the cut was from Malik.


Mountain is typically a friendly individual but he doesn't have a problem speaking his mind.  He makes it very clear when he is annoyed or unhappy with someone else.  He is not very flexible and prefers to keep things the same as much as possible.  His priority is almost always safety and he will not take unneeded risks.  Because of this he is often chosen to lead groups of other fighters because he is not one to run blindly into a fight.

Mountain holds himself with pride and confidence and his experience and intelligence makes him a valued member of the pack.  However Mountain has a habit of being stubborn and set in his ways.  Overall he does what he is told and needed of him but he isn't afraid to step out of line when needed.  He does not have the typical mentality that the pack as a whole is the most important, rather he focuses on individuals within the pack.  To him the pack is only has strong as its weakest members.  Mountain spends most of his time around Shadow, Lucky and Symphony and can be very protective of them.  He is almost always the first to defend any one of them.


Mountain did not have a mentor, however he was accepted into a small group of forest vorox that collectively trained and protected him as he grew up.  Mountain was very close to each member of the group but was separated from them when he was unlucky enough to cross paths with Shadowed.  Mountain does not know if his group are still alive or if he was used to butcher them all.  He was unable to escape from Shadowed's hold until Shadowed became bored with him and simply let him go.  

The past year was blurry for him and the bits and pieces he could remember were not exactly pleasant.  He was unable to join any group in the area he lived in because he had a reputation to be extremely aggressive.  Mountain slowly made his way to someplace where he was not known and the events of his past would not follow him.  He got an apprentice called Kona which made life much better for him since he was no longer alone.  Sadly this blessing with short lived.  The two of them where attacked by Malik and Jenini for being in their territory and Kona was knocked off of a cliff and assumed dead.

Plagued by nightmares and his failure to protect Kona, Mountain fell into a depression and often had little to no motivation to continue with his travels or even search for food.  Constantly exhausted and nearing starvation, Mountain expected that he would fall prey to a predator in the near future and he was okay with that.  Instead he found himself in the territory of the Shyon Pack and was instantly welcomed into their ranks.  It took him awhile to become himself again but having a job to do and support from others eventually improved his health physically and mentally.

Important Plot Points

Shadow joins the pack.
Shadow was constantly terrified and speaking of mist following him and that he would harm them.  In fact he attempted several times to leave out of fear of attacking others but was unable to due to his wounds.  Everyone believed that he was just crazy and speaking nonsense, however when Mountain heard of it he knew exactly what Shadow was talking about.  The thought of Shadowed being lured back to the Shyon tunnels frightened him but once he was able to calm himself down he did his best to comfort Shadow.  

Malik joins the pack.
Needless to say, Mountain was not at all pleased with the new members of the pack.  In fact the moment that he spotted Malik he attacked him without a second thought and both of them had to be dragged apart.  To this day many members of the pack go through great lengths to keep the two of them separate.