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Original Description by TheAwkwardDove:

"You pop open the capsule and gasp! A Cake Pop JFD! It looks up at you and yawns. These JFDs are pretty uncommon right now. You feel it's body in your hands is hard, and it smells like cake. 
A piece of paper sits inside the remains of the capsule and you pick it up. It reads,

-Care Instructions!-
Tail must be trimmed each week to prevent sickness. Take the ball of cake off of the tail whenever it gets too heavy for the JFD.
JFD must be contained in capsule or a bread pan when not in use.
This JFD will eat sprinkels, sugaur, bread (as a treat), and drinks orange juice. 
Have fun with your Junk Food Dragon, and make sure to take care of him/her!

You remember that they don't have genders. You decide..."