Kana Averi

the gilded gladiolus

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  • Name: Kana Averi
  • Species: Florabug (Bumblebee / Gladiolus)
  • Ethnicity: N/A
  • Birthday: May 19
  • Age: 23
  • Gender: Cis female
  • Pronouns: She / her
  • Orientation: Polyamorous pansexual
  • Profession(s):
    • Visitor Center receptionist
    • Animal shelter volunteer
    • Boudoir model


  • Skin: Medium brown w/ warm undertones
  • Hair: Rose brown
  • Eyes: Golden yellow (w/ brown, heart-shaped pupils)
  • Fluff: Fluffy; on neck, wrists, and ankles; pastel cream yellow
  • Wings: Bumblebee-esque; from deep rose pink at the tips to golden yellow near her back
  • Height: 4' 10" | 147 cm (5' 10" | 178 cm w/ head flowers + antenna)
  • Build: Chubby and curvy
  • Other Characteristics...
    • Two pink Gladiolus grandiflora blooms opposite sides of her head, with a pair of antenna emerging from each
    • Beauty mark under left side of lower lip
    • Mini Gladiolus grandiflora blooms growing in fluff
    • Honeycomb patterns in shoulders, down sides of legs
    • Right leg is a honeycomb encased in glass


  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Enneagram: Two (with a three wing); sexual variant
  • Jung / MBTI: ESFJ
  • SLOAN: SCOAN (primarily Noncurious)
  • Temperament: Sanguine / Phlegmatic
  • Zodiac: Taurus (w/ Gemini cusp)
  • Positive Traits: Compassionate, decisive, loyal, sweet, vivacious
  • Neutral Traits: Chatty, meticulous, stylish, temperamental, trusting
  • Negative Traits: Clingy, fickle, impressionable, impulsive, vain


Kana's a hard worker that throws herself into any project she's given. She's a ball of sunshine to anyone that meets her, and is an absolute delight to be around. She's a social butterfly who can make friends with anyone and everyone, and somehow always has the latest gossip floating around. However, her overly sociable nature gets annoying: she crowds into other people's personal space without realizing it, and her ditziness is especially grating to folks who aren't used to it. She's also extremely fickle to people who aren't in her immediate circle on a bad day, turning hot and cold on a dime.




  • Minor Charm — Kana has the ability to activate a low-level charm effect around her, which makes people more amenable towards her. She only uses it to make her photos seem more alluring.
  • Minor Chlorokinesis — Kana can speak to plants. She can attempt to command them, but they usually ignore her.
  • Super Strength — A power inherited from her mom, Kana can lift several hundred pounds without breaking a sweat. She likes to surprise people by lifting them over her head.


  • Hair pin — A gold hairpin decorated with pink pearls. It's tarnished and slightly bent. Increases magic.
  • Journal — A leather bound book, with tight, small script on almost every page. The pages are starting to yellow and fray. Greatly increases wisdom.
  • Smartphone — A top-of-the-line smartphone with a bedazzled rose gold case. Increases intelligence and charisma.


Kana's story starts with her mom. With the help of an illegally-made portal, Harin Averi fled her war-torn homeland, the flowerbud that would become Kana in tow. Unfortunately, the journey damaged the flowerbud, and Harin realized if she didn't make it bloom now, it never would, and her last chance to have a child would slip through her fingers. She poured whatever magic she had into the bud, the bud slowly opened its petals, and Kana was properly born. 

Kana has had to stand on her own two feet at an early age, after her rapidly-aging mother passed away. Fortunately Kana was surrounded by a supportive community, and one of her mom's closest friends adopted her soon after. She learned how to keep her nose to the grindstone, and her work ethic has carried her through high school, community college, and all her jobs.


  • Aqua AzurineClose friend. Kana's gossip buddy. They meet up for frequent shit-talking sessions.
  • Zeus CloudbankClose friend. She took one look at him, went "Imma be his friend," and then just... did it.



  • Book(s): Romance, slice-of-life, cookbooks
  • Drink(s): Strawberry lemonade
  • Food(s): Lemon pound cake
  • Fashion Style: Preppy, k-fashion; flowy clothes and off-the-shoulder blouses
  • Movies / TV: Cooking shows
  • Music: J-pop, K-pop
  • Hobbies: Gardening, makeovers
  • Interests: Culinary arts, fashion design
  • Other Likes: Plushies, animals
  • Dislikes: Ugly clothes, pushy people


  • Animal: Bombus fervidus
  • Colors: Rose pink, cream yellow
  • Elements: Earth, Air, Light
  • Flower / Plant: Gladiolus grandiflorus
  • Mineral: Rose Quartz
  • Playing Card: Two of Diamonds
  • Scents: Confectionery sugar, petrichor
  • Sin | Virtue: Pride | Diligence

Other Tidbits

  • Her chlorokinesis isn't fully developed, and she hasn't quite realized that because plants are living beings, you can't straight-up control them like you can with raw elements like earth and water. So whenever she tries to force a plant to do something, it actively resists her.