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Basic Info


Vazsh Hetzyurin Fetrival




Male (he/him)

Hair Color


Skin Color

Pale yellow




Underweight, slim boned, looks taller because of it


Vaz is constantly erratic and hyperactive. His body is covered in a shocking number of scars, inflicted by himself and others. Currently drifting on a crime spree with his brand new best friend.

[[STORY v]]

Vaz has lived a difficult life, even by the skewed standards of his people. Ostracized for the rare shape of his horns, called "Musetka", or “Bastard's horn”, children born with this shape are seen as harbingers of extremely bad luck. Musetka children are often smothered or thrown to the wilderness to prevent the curse from damning their entire village to plague or starvation. 

Despite the stigma and push back from their social circle, his mother decided to keep him, refusing to kill their own child. Things were well until Vaz's father took sick with the plague and died just weeks later. Vaz was immediately blamed. His mother, mentally shattered from losing the love of their life, could never love Vaz. He wasn't accepted into most social circles, and took to drug use early in life to cope with isolation. 

It didn't take long for the off-world slavers that prey on Ceutov to swoop down on him, and the trauma of being removed from the planet caused unavoidable brain damage. Vaz was severely abused during the years he spent enslaved, and many of the scars on his torso are sloppy, but surgical in nature. He refuses to talk about or acknowledge what he’s been doing for the past several years. Largely, this is because he’s repressed almost all his memories. He chooses not to remember, and the drugs help greatly with that.

After being resold to a slaver ship by his captor, Vaz ripped open a guard's neck with his teeth and inadvertently caused a small scale prison break. He stowed away on a ship and against all odds ended up safely at a busy spaceport. Alone again.

Always strung out on a variety of medical-grade performance enhancers and stimulants, Vaz moves and thinks fast. The compounded effects of drug abuse and severe neurological damage have left him with permanent tremors. He's lonely, but his attempts at socialization come out awkward and bizarre at best. He tends to just make people feel kind of uncomfortable.

He a lot of time laying around whatever hotel room he’s renting, shooting up and watching horror movies. He makes money through the occasional stick up, drifts around the galaxy at large, and for the most part keeps his head down. Until he meets Cato, and things go a bit off the rails.

"Yas musetka ond descben viz abriss polsvana."