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Name: Shade

Gender: Female

Age: At least 15 (16 in book 2)

Class: Summoner

Game: Heroes (the summoner)

Relations: None

Appearance: Shade is very similar to Ariel with having Brown hair and eyes along with blue glasses, but she attempts to be different than her. Shade has a light blue streak in her hair and is 5'0. Shade wears a White and Light Blue summoner's jacket, since her original was destroyed when fighting Veronica on Hard mode, a light blue shirt, brown pants and brown boots.

Personality: Shade is like Ariel's various incarnations, except for one thing. Shade gets really whiny when she gets 3*'s. Often writes shipping fics out of her army's bonds

Voice: Mina Ashido (Ironically shares a VA with Mathilda, a queen Shade wants to train)

Trained Units

Lon'qu, Raquesis/Lachesis, Young Tiki, Reinhardt, Seliph, Lukas, Boey, Lucius, Berkut, Matthew, Soren, Azura, Olwen, Henry (Halloween and Normal), Leon, Takumi, Summer Leo, Lyn, Julia, Arvis, Sigurd, Bartre, Ike (L and B), Titania, Eliwood, Hector (Valentine and Normal), Serra (she's a wip), Genny, Abel, Cain, Oscar, Fjorm, Celica, Gordin, Gaius, Nowi (Halloween and regular), Zelgius, Seth, Lyon, Nino, Clive, Oscar, Shigure (Performing), Chrom Claus, Summer Frederick, Ephraim, Innes, Eldigan, Athena, Lene, The Black Knight, Summer Elise, Arden, Chorm, Lilina, SM!Eirika, Bridal Charlotte, F!Morgan, F!Kana, Linus, S!Sharena, Bridal Snack, S!Linde, S!Camilla, Ishtar,Ogma, Marisa, Joshua. Elincia, Canas, S!Leo, Shiro, Effie, L00t, Groom Marth, Spring Cam, Leroy So yes, she has a lot of time on her hands.  

Bio: A girl from our world summoned to fight for Askr. She lives there full time in order to protect her heroes and to make sure a certain flame lord doesn't give Arvis a run for his money. 

Has a crush on Reinhardt, but knows that he's out of her league, due to age difference and the fact he is S ranked with Lukas but still writes shipping fics between them because she has no control.

Is ready to drop Bartre on someone if she needs to. 

Has no self control around food. 

If she were able to due to the ward and lack of training, Shade would beat the fuck out of Sutr bc you just don't turn people into smores in front of their siblings 

Taco Bell is her spirit animal and doesn't get explosive diarrhea from it. Everyone thinks she is mutated because of this

Homestuck Trash and proud 

Shade has no control over food because she herself is a terrible cook in the area of pots and pans, so that makes her admire anyone that CAN cook for her, and is also why she likes takeout and fast food; she doesn't need to cook! A common theme in her ship fics is the 2 characters in question having a homecooked meal on their dates with each other.Contributor for the hc 

Shade often gets teased by her units for her height, since they're all sO FRICKIN' TALL. Especially Frederick, but his way of joking about it is a little more subtle (since he's not usually the type to do that).- Contributor of Hc