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A natural troublemaker who cannot help but act on her curious impulses, even if it causes trouble for those around her. She is kind at heart and wants to help and be among people. Thaleia is bubbly and bright, but also naturally airheaded, selfish, and attention-seeking. At night, however, her personality becomes a little more melancholy and at those times she prefers to be alone or among other Lunaith (though she very rarely comes in contact with others of her kind). She loves the moon, of course, but also loves the ocean and is very sad that she cannot really swim (getting her wings wet feels very uncomfortable).


Thaleia is a Lunaith. She lives on a micro island alone, but often goes to the coastal villages to stir up trouble and explore. She spends her nights on the island soaking in the moonlight while listening to the tides. During the day, she goes to explore the village and often tries to "help" the sailors and fishermen. Usually she just gets in their way, but because she looks cute they end up forgiving her. Thaleia has taken to wearing a sailor collar so that she looks more like the people of the village and they often refer to her as the village mascot.