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Hiya guys!! I'll try to make this as to the point as possible!! And don't worry,, I won't be like "don't steal my characters or copy them k thx bye",, ofc I don't want you to steal or copy them but this is an actual warning page as some of my stories and characters contain potentionally triggering or upsetting topics. All my stories are geared towards a 13+ audience and are PG-13. However my content is SFW and non-sexual.

- Common trigger warnings for Catching Time include: Common trigger warnings include: Death, violence/gore, isolation and manipulation, HOWEVER specific characters may have darker bios and different trigger warnings will be applied for them. This is not a very happy story at times.

- Common trigger warnings for The Only Choice include: War, death, violence, gore, child neglect, gore, parasites, manipulation, gaslighting, and just overall this story isn't very happy. Some characters may have seperate trigger warnings for particularly bad backstories or being potentially triggering.

.- Useless Gods has no general trigger warnings as of current except for mentions of death and violence/gore. This story is generally very lighthearted and comedic compared to the rest of my stories. HOWEVER some characters in this story have darker bios and will have seperate trigger warnings.

- I do NOT agree with or condone any problematic content or behavior shown or depicted in my stories or character bios. Character =/= creator! My stories are just fiction and do not represent my views on any topics discussed unless otherwise specified. Characters of mine who do bad things consistently aren't good people and I recognize this.

- This is a warning not a DNI, my content includes lots of LGBT(Q)+ characters and ships, including nonbinary and asexual characters. If these bother you I recommend not entering my profile as it's chock-full of said characters. However I do not fetishize LGBT(Q)+ people! I treat all identities as respectfully as I possibly can. Do let me know if how I'm portraying something is insensitive, I'll do my best to fix it! I want this to be a safe space.

- Some of the characters who are bad people are LGBT(Q)+. However they are NOT demonized for being not cishet, and there are plently of good LGBT(Q)+ characters present! I'm putting this here because I'm worried people will think I'm demonizing this group of people when i'm truly not meaning to treat them with anything but love and respect ;; said bad characters are portrayed as villains because of their actions, not their identity.

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General Warnings

  • Daegan's profile contains themes of isolation and manipulation. They aren't heavily present in areas besides the bio and even then they aren't severe; but they are there.
  • I don't know what else to put here--
Other Info

  • I don't agree with everything she does or anything that happens in her story so please don't assume I do!

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