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Basic Info




Adel, Ada, Addie


Young adult






Undefined | Unexplored


Demonic Canidae Hybrid


Carnivore | Scavenger


Dry bark, dry leaves, something akin to autumn | Faintly of caramel



•Pupils are in the shape of an 'X'

•Default antlers in forest represent raised hackles

•Enjoys chasing, highly likely to nip in the process

•Inherited her bones being fireproof from Va’Tiri. Skull is near indestructible.

•Strong pack drive. Family/Pack is, and always will be, first and foremost above all others.

•Eye's dim when she 'blinks' and go completely black when she's sleeping. Doesn't have eyelids

•Has a little magic, though any demonic summoning she had as a pup has been suppressed for now

•Lean and slender, but far from fragile, Adel takes on more of her mother’s lean physical build. Heavily favours Belgian Malinois'

•Doesn't speak a lot, much more interested in body language and feral barks and whines. When she does speak, usually refers to herself as "we and us"

•Suffers fear and insecurity aggression. Likely to be aggressive if either is triggered, but can also flee. Depends on circumstances and individuals involved

•An innate need and drive to do everything others can, even if its impossible. Will drive herself to succeed and be just as capable as her larger sturdier siblings

•Uncomfortable with any presences that put off insecure or scared energy during times that are meant to be 'calm'. Likely to drive them off or attempt to ignore their presence

•More comfortable with more calm assertive energies, especially when in a group environment. May drive off individuals outside her perceived 'pack' if they cause tension with a pack member

•Strong self preserve, but also strong pack preserve. Will defend and care for her pack with everything she has. May defend liked familiars if she feels she has a chance, otherwise you're on your own.

•Will usually not give much attention or acknowledgement to individuals that don't give it to her, especially those that favour a particular sibling over another/herself. Not because of jealousy or sadness, just doesn't understand or 'get' the reason for her to go out of her way. Perhaps more likely because of underlining respect as well (unbeknownst to her). Gives space if she feels its given to her and wanted from the other individual.

•Inside her mouth is bright #834b25, same as her saliva, along with a faint glow. The second top and bottom premolars have a sort of 'pocket' that houses a protein similar to what her father X, and Komodo dragons have. The toxic protein found in her second premolars can cause blood clotting, lowering of blood pressure, muscle paralysis, and the induction of hypothermia, leading to shock and loss of consciousness. Adel cannot control when it is injected, and the only times it CAN be injected is a certain bite pressure. Her body and DNA’s way of not having an ‘accident’ during play or rough housing.