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The sleepless young detective
March 20th
Interpol detective
Hau'oli city
people wont stop calling him a dilf :(
Yuuto, Jess (Deceased)
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Diego is a hardworking, insomnia-stricken detective for Interpol, and his dedication was what helped crack a case that was thought to be all but impossible.

He was born and raised in Alola, where he lived with both his wife and child up until they moved on assignment to Johto, as the Giovanni case was on fire again. But tragedy struck during the move, and Diego was caught in a sea of despair that he couldn't see an escape from.

Luckily, with the help of others (and from someone in particular), he was able to pull himself up again -  and in one chaotic night, he managed to put the Giovanni case to rest. His environment is calmer now, and he's since been taking the time to de-stress after everything that's happened. 

He still worries himself about all kinds of things, particularly Basil growing up, but he's been able to feel reassured that everything will turn out okay in the end.
Despite his comically ridiculous sleep schedule, he's doing alright, and hopes for the best in a future where Team Rocket isn't causing trouble every other week.


Diego is 5'5" (165cm) and has an average-muscular build. He has dark brown eyes and hair in a sideswept style, as well as stubble on his chin. He wears semi-rimless glasses, and usually wears jeans and dark grey sneakers. While he's most commonly depicted in a light blue polo, he usually wears a variety of 'dad shirts'.

The cool dad mug was made by basil in like 7th grade and he cried about it so he usually has it on his desk a lot.


While he can seem a bit snarky or deadpan at times, it's usually just his awful sleep schedule to blame. Diego is reliable and understanding, and he makes it a personal goal to never go back on his promises, no matter what.
As a result, he tends to worry about those close to him quite a bit, and has a habit of trying to solve everyone else's problems for them.

He's a bit socially awkward, especially when caught off-guard, as much as he wouldn't like to admit it. He pretends to have his life together when he really... doesn't. But that's alright, because he's never really had it together in the first place.

He's really a huge sweetheart at his core, and loves his friends and family a lot, and would do just about anything to keep them safe.


Early life (0-18)

Born in Hau'oli city, Diego was quickly handed off to his mother's parents, as she wanted no part in her child's life. While they were old, they still took excellent care of Diego, and his childhood went mostly without complication. He did well in school, but was always relatively anxious in general, especially around other people. Though, his future changed course when he witnessed something extraordinary one day.

While out on the grassy beach hills behind his grandparent's house at just 8 years old, Diego saw a piercing hole of light in the sky. Through it, a mysterious, long-legged figure exited, and the hole quickly vanished. Diego wanted to check it out, but was too afraid to do so, and instead ran home to tell his grandparents. They pretended to believe him, but Diego didn't buy it and instead went to search for answers on his own volition. This led to him gaining a love for mystery novels and crime-solving TV shows.

This interest spiraled wildly, and while he never figured out the truth behind the hole in the sky, Diego decided from that young age that he'd want to do some kind of detective work when he grew up. This led to him strengthening his already hardworking demeanor, and eventually going to college at age 16.
Diego barely had a social life to begin with, but in college it all but fizzled out. He was too preoccupied trying to make the top of his class and care for his aging grandparents, so much so that he forgot to regularly socialize with anyone outside the family. 

His grandparents, being his caretakers, were obviously worried about this. They persuaded him to join one of his college's debate clubs, but even there, he sat to the side reading and keeping scores. He kept this up for the next 2 years, his sleep schedule slowly eroding as he achieved and maintained his position of the top of his class. Finally, Diego's summer break came, and he started moving into his own apartment. But otherwise, Diego took it easy... until one day at a debate meeting.

The party, Jess, and family life (18-32)

It was the last day of debate, and the least expected happened - a group from the team confronted Diego and asked if he'd like to go to a large graduation party with them. Diego initially refused, but his grandparents later convinced him to go, stating it'd be 'good for him'.

Diego arrived at the party with the debate group, but they quickly split from him to do their own thing, leaving an overly-anxious Diego by the drink table. So, there he stood, awkwardly waiting until someone came by to talk to him.

She was taller than him, and seemed rather upbeat. The woman introduced herself as Jess, and revealed that she noticed Diego wasn't looking so great. The two talked some more, and while Diego was very obviously anxious to be at the party and not the best at talking, Jess didn't seem to mind. With some time, Diego eased up a little bit, and for the first time in a while, Diego found himself having a genuinely nice conversation with a stranger.

The rest of the night was a bit of a blur, but Diego could remember enjoying his time with Jess and spending the night with her. In the morning, Diego couldn't find Jess anywhere, and his anxieties kicked up.
He was worried about one thing in particular, and it wouldn't leave his mind - but he also wanted to try and let it go, thinking he might seem like a creep if he tried to find Jess. His anxiety got the better of him, and using his skills he'd learned in finding things out, Diego was able to find Jess's workplace. 

Luckily, Jess seemed happy and relieved to see him. Their reunion was positive, up until Jess confessed that she was pregnant - which was the exact thing Diego had been worrying about. He tried to keep his cool as best he could, but internally, Diego was freaking out. Jess reassured him that they'd figure something out, while Diego promised he'd do anything he could to help. In the end, they exchanged numbers, and promised to keep in touch.

Over the following weeks, Diego would visit Jess at her studio and the two would text almost constantly. He didn't really realize until his grandmother jokingly called Jess his girlfriend. After that, Diego got the guts to officially ask Jess out, and while the two had a fairly casual first date, they both enjoyed themselves and concluded that they'd like to be in a romantic relationship.
Jess also concluded she'd like to see the pregnancy through, and while Diego was nervous, he accepted her decision and continued to support her however he could.

Jess eventually moved in with Diego, and on September 12th, Basil was born. While anxious for the future, Diego and Jess swore to do their best to raise Basil.
It was difficult at first, because school resumed for Diego and Jess worked full-time. In addition, the two's living space was small and they didn't have a lot of money. But they did their best nonetheless, and would often bring Basil to work with them.

Things took a turn when Diego was recruited to Interpol as a detective early - practically a dream come true. Apparently, more and more strange hole-in-sky phenomena had been occurring in Alola, so Interpol was massively expanding its Alolan taskforce.
This meant more money for the new family, so they moved into a larger house, and Jess and Diego had a small wedding.

While Diego was always keeping busy, he'd make sure to pay plenty of attention to Basil as they grew. They could admittedly be a bit of a handful at times, but Diego was always enthusiastic to tell them stories or infodump to them about his work whenever they wanted.

Diego was happy with his family, and happy with his life.

The disaster (32)

All the way across the sea in Johto, tensions were rising. The infamous Team Rocket leader Giovanni was causing a massive resurgence of the team, and in return, Interpol had begun a massive crackdown. Because of this, Diego was requested to move to Johto to assist with the investigation. While Jess and Basil were a bit reluctant to move, they agreed to go, as they thought it would only be temporary.
The family chose to travel by boat, and they figured Basil wouldn't fare well on an airplane. So, they chose a cruise liner itinerary for Johto and said goodbye to friends and family.

The trip was going well, up until the last night before the ship was to dock at Olivine. Basil woke Diego and Jess up, complaining of a noise that neither of them could hear. Diego reassured them that it was probably just noises from the ship. Basil went back to their room, but around 10 minutes later, Diego heard the front door to the family's suite open and close.

Jess immediately ran after Basil, telling Diego she'd be right back. So Diego waited. And waited. And eventually, he could hear it begin to rain outside, and that rain turned into a torrential downpour. Suddenly, the emergency alarm system in the ship went off, and Diego sprung to his feet. He had no way to contact Jess, as she had left her phone on the bedside table, so he quickly grabbed what he needed and headed out on the emergency exit route.

The ship started to rock aggressively, and making his way to the lifeboats was difficult in between that and the rain. Diego was elevated to a state of panic he'd never felt before, and all he could think about was whether Jess and Basil were safe or not. The hurricane continued for about 5 more minutes, but that time felt like an eternity. Then, as quickly as it had started, the rain and stormy seas vanished. Emergency flares were sent out, and the lifeboats made course for the shores of Cianwood.

Once on the beach, Diego was among the crowd of people desperately calling out for his family. But when he got nothing, even after hours, his anxiety led him to fall into a numb, shellshocked state. The next few days were a blur; he was accounted for and given a temporary hotel room, where he sat fearing for the worst, knowing what was coming, until...

Diego was met with a man, presumably a pathologist or mortician of sorts. Diego already knew what he was going to say, and he completely broke down. He felt bad for the man, who obviously looked pained as well, and the two were at a standstill. Before the man left, he wrote down some phone numbers on a piece of paper and slipped it to Diego. 

The aftermath (32-33)

Diego spent the next few days in a semi-conscious state of despair and disbelief, barely taking care of himself, if at all. He did eventually look over the numbers the man gave him, to see that they were mostly crisis lines, along with the man's own phone number.
Diego tried to call the crisis lines, but quickly grew impatient with them, as they were busy. So, as a last resort, he texted the man's number, explaining the situation. The man agreed to meet Diego at the hotel, and from there, he introduced himself at Yuuto. 

Yuuto convinced Diego to come with him to a karaoke place, so they could get some food but also have privacy to talk. Once there, Diego practically broke down sobbing, his words fragmented in between crying. But Yuuto still listened, and by the time Diego had cried himself out for the night, he thanked Yuuto for listening. Upon returning to the hotel, Yuuto made Diego promise he'd at least try to take care of himself. Diego agreed, and the two would communicate through text for the following two weeks.

Diego's boss was starting to get on his case about getting back to work, despite his overall mental state. Diego vented about this to Yuuto, who asked where he worked. Upon telling Yuuto he worked for Interpol, Diego perked up hearing that Yuuto lived within walking distance from the headquarters in Goldenrod. Yuuto offered to meet with Diego after work to try and lighten the load, and Diego enthusiastically agreed.

For the next 8 months, Diego would work long shifts, trying to crack the case of Giovanni's location. But at the end of those shifts, he'd meet with Yuuto, and the two would spend the night out on the town together. Their relationship only grew stronger during this period, and Diego had begun to develop romantic feelings for Yuuto. By the end of the 8 months of solid work in Goldenrod, Diego drunkenly confessed these feelings - and while he profusely apologized in the morning, he was surprised to learn that Yuuto would be willing to give the relationship a shot.

The case eventually hit a cold point, and Diego was being allowed to work from home by his boss. He offered to let Yuuto come back home to Cianwood with him, and Yuuto agreed.
Diego felt comfortable around Yuuto, like he could truly be himself. He also found Yuuto to be an extraordinarily interesting person, and found he could listen to him for hours on end. While Diego held anxiety that he was rushing things, he was still happy to have someone like Yuuto by his side.

Basil's revival, the Giovanni case, and Haru (33-34)

It was a normal day when it happened. Diego and Yuuto were reading together on the couch, when suddenly, a loud thump could be heard from behind them. Turning quickly to look, Diego saw someone who he thought he'd never see again.

Inexplicably, Basil had appeared on the kitchen floor. A rush of emotions gave over Diego, and he could barely think clearly - he just ran towards when and shook them to try and wake them up, hoping they were alive. And alive they were, as they slowly woke up. Diego was desperately calling Basil's name, and as Basil slowly started to try and speak, Diego hugged them as tight as he could. He didn't know how this was possible, but all he cared about was that it happened, and that Basil was back. After he got all his emotions out, Diego answered some of Basil's questions.

Basil wanted to know where they were, what had happened, and most importantly, who Yuuto was and where Jess was. Diego was about to try and explain Yuuto, but before he could, Yuuto introduced himself as a live-in doctor who was caring for Basil during their 'coma'. Diego was confused by Yuuto's lies, but decided to back him up on it. When it came to breaking the news of Jess's death though... Basil took it beyond poorly, and Diego had to escort them to their room while they were crying.

Diego had a talk with Yuuto later on, and eventually thanked him for lying, as he had no idea how he would've broken the true nature of their relationship to Basil, especially after their reaction to their mother's death. Unbeknownst to Diego, this caused Yuuto to start reconsidering things. The next few weeks were rough, especially after Basil quickly found out about Diego and Yuuto's relationship and responded coldly. Diego found himself getting into arguments more often, and at points felt like he was begging Yuuto to stay - all while having to balance Basil in their depressed state. It was a hard time for the whole family, but light was on the horizon.

Late at night, Diego received an urgent call from his boss. Giovanni's death had been confirmed, and he was needed at Interpol HQ as soon as possible. In a scurry, Yuuto left by his side, as Basil seemed to have become preoccupied with loud electronic music.

Once Diego arrived at the HQ, he was escorted by his boss to a holding cell, and handed a pokeball. Inside the cell was a girl no older than 15, who looked incredibly solemn. Diego released the pokeball, and out came an espeon. After seeing the espeon, the girl immediately perked up, and the espeon ran to the girl. She held the pokemon tight, and after some silence and a brief sharp headache of Diego's end, he entered the cell to interview the girl - though he was told to not get his hopes up, as she hadn't talked to anyone before him.

But to Diego's surprise, Haru talked, though her voice was soft and vulnerable. Diego tried his best to ground himself with her, and the two had a good long conversation about things. But when the topic of Giovanni, the girl froze up, and Diego immediately postponed the interview, not wanting to make her uncomfortable.

Interviews with the girl, who Diego learned was named Haru, continued for about a month before the Giovanni case was officially closed for good - and it was all thanks to Diego and Haru. Diego was worried about Haru, but she told him she'd be alright, and showed her thanks to him by requesting Diego receive Giovanni's bounty.
During that month, Diego was also able to repair his relationship with Yuuto - the two finding a place to discuss the scenario like adults and conclude they still mutually wanted to give things a shot, because they loved each other.

They returned to Cianwood together, and with Giovanni gone, the future was entirely up to them.

Funnily enough, some months later, Diego ran into Haru again - Basil had met her on the ferry to Cianwood. She was just about as surprised to see Diego as he was to see her, and the two had a pleasant reunion - with Diego offering to let Haru stay at his house as she took on the gym challenge.

Present day

Even though the late workdays of the Giovanni case have probably irreversibly damaged Diego's sleep schedule, he still continues living his life as best he can. 

He still lives in Cianwood with his family. Basil was able to bounce back astoundingly through their passion in electronic music, and while Diego doesn't really understand how someone could listen to it for more than 5 seconds, he remains incredibly supportive of his daughter nonetheless. He's also rather happy to see that Basil was able to make some new friends, one of which being Haru. In fact, it seems Basil and Haru are a bit more than friends now, and even though occasionally calling Haru his daughter-in-law by accident is a bit embarrassing, he's more than willing to welcome Haru as a part of the family as well.

As for his relationship with Yuuto, it's also bounced back rather well. All the free time Diego now has was able to do wonders for the both of them, and the two had a small private wedding. The two truly enjoy each other's company, and could talk for hours about whatever's on each other's mind, while being able to listen sincerely. 

Even though Basil keeps bringing home an increasingly stranger cast of characters, Diego is happy with his family and is incredibly proud of them in every way.
He can only hope Jess would feel the same way.


  • While his work ethic might appear spotty at first glance, he's incredibly dedicated to what he does. He outperformed the others in his class purely out of the desire to get the end job he wanted, and reflected this sense of dedication in the Giovanni case.
    • He can usually pull two straight all-nighters if he needs to, but his record is 5; after that, he slept for like, 30 hours straight. Is he alright? no
  • It was for Diego's skill in making connections and conclusions that he was hired as a detective for Interpol in the first place he's been able to show that, time and time again, if you give him some evidence, he'll be able to do something with it.
    • While he mostly works in-office trying to put together a bigger picture, he's no stranger to the field by any means.
    • He will LITERALLY pull an ace attorney investigations do not underestimate this man 


-It's incredibly easy to tease him about things.
-He tries his best to be supportive of Basil's music but he can't listen to it for more than 10 seconds because it's too LOUD.
-He snores, loudly. His boss has gotten on his case about it in the past.
-Speaking of his boss, his energy level drops by 500 every time he's within 50 meters of her.
-He's still skittish about sea travel and often refuses to even step on a boat.
-#2 #3 member of the Haru appreciation club.


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