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Don't put your life in someone's hands, they're bound to steal it away.

Name Kuro
Age 17
Height 5'6
Build Petite
Species Monster
Gender Nonbinary
Orient. Asexual
Quirk Healing Wavelength
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Kuro has an androgynous appearance with a thin petite body, short black hair, vintage orange eyes, long lashes, and a tall stature. A single bolt can be seen on Kuro's head straight above the ear. They also possess a sloppy stitched up face, containing two different green tones. They tend to wear long black victorian attire, with many straps surrounding the waist and wrist.

  • Kuro has stitches all over their body, mainly surrounding the face and hands. They patch themselves up, reason being why the stitching is quite messy.
  • They only wear black victorian outfits, seemingly hiding their body as best they can.
  • When nervous, Kuro adjusts the bolt in their head. Causing the bolt to loosen and slant.
  • Kuro can be seen wearing a veil on rare occasions, though it's very unlikely.
  • Being undead, Kuro has a dull green skin tone. Though their blood is still a light green.

Kuro died at a young age, thus becoming an undead soon after. Becoming undead is natural and welcomed in Kuro's hometown, thus life continued on regularly. Once Kuro reanimated, they soon became aware of their new ability, Healing Wavelength. Having the ability to heal mental illnesses, disorders and other forms of mental trauma, to their healthy state and reverse the effects of mental tampering, such as mind control or memory loss

Kuro's quirk became known to the world soon after, many people have come all over to gain a chance to be treated. Kuro can only use their quirk in small amounts, if overused the mental troubles they're trying to heal will becoming Kuro's problem personally.

Though this didn't stop their abuser, soon after Kuro fell into the hands of someone terrible. Being prisoner, they were forced to ONLY treat the abuser, and in large fast amounts. Overtime this took a toll on Kuro, causing MANY mental and physical issues, one of them being Kuro's quirk. After all the abuse, they could no longer perform their ability no matter how hard they tried. Thus, Kuro was deemed useless, being thrown away like trash. Being deemed useless and ineffective didn't help Kuro's mental state at all, they could no longer function as a person and was put in a Mental Health Rehabilitation Center.


  • Though being undead is very common, Kuro decomposes more than others, reason being why they constantly stitch themselves up.
  • Kuro has amazingly low self-esteem, often feeling it's their fault bad things happened or they're not worth anything.
  • They can't make many friends, so they tend to play with bugs and draw themselves in happy scenarios.
  • Kuro has terrible stockholm syndrome, and is still trying to overcome it.
  • Kuro has very bad luck, often times they feel like a jinx.

  • Bugs, animals, and nature. Specifically moths!
  • Drawing, even if they aren't the best, they still love to draw what makes them happy.
  • Making friends, they can't hold a long enough relationship with anyone but they hope one day they do.
  • Children's books, they love to see the pictures and will stare at it for hours.
  • Creating fashion ideas in their head, they always wanted to make pretty dresses.

  • Loud noises, they can't stand loud music or places. Often causing panic attacks.
  • Pretty people, they don't hate them! They just get very flustered and nervous around anyone pretty.
  • Surprises, they always want to be in the know of things otherwise they'll panic about the unknown.
  • Not being able to heal anyone anymore, they feel so useless about it, the topic of quirks makes Kuro feel bad.
  • Themselves, they try so hard to make everyone happy but they can't seem to do anything right.

Mortimer Friend

Mortimer is Kuro's biggest supporter, often making Kuro feel as they really can change and become a better person.

Cecil Friend

Kuro heavily relates to Cecil, often going to him when they feel awful about themselves. They find it so amazing that Cecil is just like them, but trying so hard to grow as a person.

Dent Friend

Dent brought Kuro into his rescue team after receiving news from Mortimer and Cecil. Dent gave Kuro a proper home, and somewhere Kuro can really be themselves and start on a path of self-love.