Raffaello Bellini



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Raffaello Bellini
  • Name meaning “God has healed”
  • Age 19
  • Gender male (he/him)
  • Birthday 24 October 1606
  • Nationality Venetian
  • MBTI ESTP - “The Promoter”
  • Alignment Lawful Good - “The Saint”
  • Occupation Messenger
  • religious beliefs roman catholic
  • Handedness right-handed
  • Orientation bisexual
  • Themes Le Ali del Principio & Il Bianco Fiore
“Don't kill the messenger!”

Mamma's little Passeroto. Papà’s little Angioletto. A lively, sociable and compassionate young messenger.

After the loss of his father due to a famine caused by the Thirty Years' War, Raffaello became a messenger in the service to a Venetian lord. He is thus quite wealthy, and can help the rest of his family thanks to it. Nowadays, Raffi is not really that affected by the loss of his father anymore. He believes that he is in a better place, and prefers to focus on the present. Yet, saying that he didn't care for his father at all would be a blatant lie.
Raffaello was still a child when he lost when he lost his father. He was old enough to know what death is, but not really old enough to have much experience with it. Their relationship was pretty good, and Raffi was devastated when he lost him. Raffi had always been a gentle boy he had any problem with his parents. His father was a bit strict but that's it, and anyways, Raffi always thought it was for his own good. Raffaello’s mother met some financial difficulties after the loss of her husband. That's why Raffi started to work to provide money and goods to the rest of his family.

Obviously, Raffaello’s skills and qualities are appropriate for his job as a messenger. He is articulate, knowledgeable in topography, horsemanship, and of course knows how to read and write. However, he has thalassophobia, but tries to overcome it because of his job and main place of living. This is a lot of pressure to him, but being seen as unprofessional would be even worse, so he bears with it.
Raffi has also been known to put his own little spin on the messages. Whilst he tends to avoid doing so in fear that his lord misinterprets the message, you can usually tell due to the exaggeration of certain details. Plus he usually ends up confessing, which gets him truly embarrassed to do so.

Raffaello does his best to stay serious, especially at his job. Still, his childish side resurfaces more often that likes. He loves to play around with children, as well as telling them stories from his travels. Indeed, he has a small talent for storytelling, as well as singing. His childish personality also make him quite resentful: he has trouble forgiving those who have offended him, in spite of his sincere desire to do so.
Raffi also tends to blush easily, but he is noy shy, just overwhelmed by unexpected social situations. He is currently single, but not particularly looking. He prefers to take life as it comes, and will accept anyone he will have to be married to.

Raffaello is also quite fond of molluscs; nobody honestly knows why, not even himself. He just finds them cute, especially snails. He cannot help but stop when snails cross his way. He likes staring at them for several minutes and taking them to safer places when they happen to be in crowded streets. Raffaello's lord sometimes notices weird trails of slime on the letters he gives him...


  • Molluscs, birds & horses
  • Politics
  • Travelling & discovering new places
  • Meat
  • Children

  • Most other animals
  • The sea
  • Rainy days
  • Being asked too much questions
  • Protestants

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