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This character profile has been marked with a content warning:

Warnings & Information

  • This character is my fursona, and is used to represent myself, and contains both drug and sexual references/content within it's profile & tabs. All of this content is marked properly and filtered, however please contact me if for some reason it is not, and it will be filtered and censored immediately.
  • There are multiple tabs within the profile, please view each one for different artworks, personality information, and property information! Commissions and Gifts are both filled with artwork if that's what you're wanting to see!
  • If you are a member of the Wolfhome Forums (or any Chatlands LLC site), please let me know if you can't see the images without a watermark! I authorize everyone who is a member, and sometimes miss some users or am not aware.


  • Do not use, trace, reference, or take any dinstinct features from this character and use it for yourself. This will be considered theft and I will take the appropriate action against you and your accounts.
  • If you're looking to be added to the ping list, just ask, however I do not plan on ever selling or trading this character, if the astronomically rare chance I do comes around, I will ping you.
  • This character is not up for public roleplay, so please do not ask to be mates / friends / etc. with it unless I know you! Friends and those of WHF/CL may request platonic relationships with this character.

Ping List

1. Veia

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