Rhela'a Nelahah




name  rhela'a
age  early/mid 20s
species  keeper/miqo'te
gender  male
occupation  smn/ast/alch
location  lavender beds
theme  song
xtr  not 100% canon compliant*
B a s i c s

S t o r y

*what is ffxiv lore ayy lmao

Rhela'a comes from a small community within his Moon Seeker's tribe that appreciate knowledge in all its forms. Because of this, Rhe was always an inquisitive, curious child, always asking questions and looking for answers. It is a natural curiousity throughout their tribe. Rhe's people have a designated scetor of Explorers that leave the community specifically to seek out knowledge, returning with with treasures and tales to share. Rhe's brother (not related by blood), one of the head Explorers of the group, went out with his most trusted hunters. However, on this particular mission, they returned without him. There was never any clear indication about what happened–what truly transpired. He went rogue, he betrayed them. He was left behind. They were seperated. All lies. But facts and knowledge never led him astray. He would become an Explorer too and seek the truth–he would find his brother.

T r i v i a












  • reading
  • libraries
  • romance
  • evenings
  • cooking


  • loudness
  • messes
  • one night stands
  • mornings
  • housekeeping


Staring out on his journey, Rhe seems quite reserved but that is most likely because he doesn't want to be bothered with most people. Should one approach him he can be quite socialable, should he choses. And if he choses, one may find that he has a sharp tongue at times; witty and dry humor does not escape any conversation that the less reserved Rhe starts. Even deeper, if you manage a bond with him, you will find that Rhe, on the surface, likes to flirt. But that is simply because he has given up at romance despite being a romantic at heart. He can't seem to find anyone worth pursing that isn't interested in just a fun time and so he flirts for the reactions and fun of it. (Until a certain sun tribe miqo'te... ) Rhe is generally a confident person, it is rare you will see him waver or doubt in himself, be it his looks or his skills. He has a knack for cooking, particularly meals for breakfast but loathes getting up to make it as he stays up late in the night researching or studying, and generally has a disdain for mornings. ("No, J'ativo. Keepers do not feel stronger during night.)

L i n k s

J'ativo Tia
Rhe's life annoyance. LMAO A sunny cat that, by fate, met Rhe at Limsa and since then has become unseperable. From that day forward, Ativo made it his mission to befriend his new moon keeper friend, Rhe. However, during the journeys, their bond grew and would soon bloom into something more. Truly, the two were joined at the hip, becoming lovers and eventually getting married but not before ovecoming many hardships and trials of their own.
Rhe's brother, though not by blood. His would be lover is a miqo'te from J'ativo's sun tribe named J'seve.
M i s c


Song title

Song title

Song title

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  • he.
  • is.
  • a.
  • big.
  • gay.
  • for ativo.
  • tbe LMAO

Design Notes

  • please include his dumb 3 ahoges !!!
  • it's fine to draw his eye hidden or not
  • his markings on his face are not optional!