• S C O U R G E

  • Age 20
  • Gender Male
  • Species Grizzly Bear
  • Orientation Bisexual
  • Occupation Assassin

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 135 lbs

Birthday and Zodiac sign: October 26th. Scorpio

Personality: Ferocious, primitive, homicidal, sarcastic, completely insane, violent, unamused, serious, short tempered, curious, protective, edgy, sassy, dramatic.

Hobbies: Hunting, collecting teeth and claws, collecting rocks, making tooth and claw necklaces, climbing trees, laying in the sun for no good reason.

Fears / Phobias: Acrophobia (Fear of heights), Pyrophobia (Fear of fire), and for some reason he is terrified of jellybeans.

Likes: Trees, Dark places, Cooler temperatures, Violence, blood and gore, Teeth and claws, Sharp objects, Rocks, Fish, Flowers, Berries, Rain, slugs, the night sky.

Dislikes: Hot temperatures, Loud noises, Bear traps, Being called "Short", Wearing clothes, Humans, children and Teenagers, Ants, Cats, wolves, Social gatherings, snow, sour things, pizza, cities and tall buildings, anything that spins, all holidays except for Halloween, cars.

Voice Claim: John Cooper. (Skillet lead singer's voice.) Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3                                   His voice is also very similar to Brian Burkheiser's, who is the lead singer for the I Prevail band. Example

Birthplace: Arbaro Springs. (A small town near the woods)

Current Location: Ponderosa Forest. (A large, dense forest)

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"I'm gonna make you're death so painful that your ghost will still be screamin'!"


 Scourge is known as the "Demon of the Forest" for the actions that he performs there. He kills things from innocent, little creatures, to huge, ferocious beasts. Scourge collects the teeth and claws from his victims and puts them on strings around his neck and wrists. He also takes kill requests from others, which typically makes him an assassin. The kill request come in the form of a small paper slip that has a form to fill out about the desired person to have killed. The forms of these contracts require the person to fill out the name, age, gender, hair/fur color, eye color, distinguishing features, species, weight, height, where they were last seen, where they reside at, and the reward earned when they are killed. These contracts are found at a post near the edge of a tree for anyone to take and fill out. Once filled out, they are rolled up into little scrolls and placed into a box for Shenovarin to take and deliver to Scourge. If Scourge is killing someone due to a request, a price has to be paid. When the deed is done, he must get the amount of teeth and claws that the request states from the person who requested the kill. The rewards are also delivered by Shenovarin to Scourge by the end of each week. If the person who called the hit doesn't pay up, they too will be murdered by Scourge. Depending on what the kill is, the number of teeth and claws that he requires can be raised. The most that he demanded from someone was 50 teeth or claws. If a contract doesn't seem to have a fair reward on it, Scourge will just ignore it. 

Scourge lives in a large cave in the forest. It is located atop a hill. It used to be home to a different grizzly bear, but Scourge fought that bear and won. So now the cave is his.

Scourge's personality is...erm...well, different. He is usually serious and always looks upset over something, but can also be a complete moron when he's bored. Besides that, he's a freaking psychopath, to say the least.

Scourge has many marks and cuts on his body from all of the fights he had been in with the victims he killed. He refers to them as his, "Battle Scars." His silver eye is actually a glass eye. It's a replacement for his original eye that was gouged out by a wolf. A lot of his scars came from a fight he had with a bunch of wolves. He got his ear ripped off from a wolf during that battle too.

After a few years of being in the forest, he had reunited with his old childhood friend Tao. Even though Scourge has changed a lot since he ran out into the woods, his bond with Tao is still very strong. Tao now lives with Scourge in the cave. As time went on, the friendship between these two just kept growing until it ended up transforming into a sort of romance. These two are now an official odd couple, who have been dating for some time now.

The Past

When Scourge was a kid, his name was actually Samuel (Sam). Sam was born with two peculiar things. He was born a runt, which meant he would either not survive that long or he would live the rest of his life being a lot smaller than an average bear. The other thing, was he was born with something called, “Veterisan Syndrome”. (Yes, it’s made up.) This syndrome is a genetic defect that can occur in almost any animal, but it is more common in certain species than others. It causes an animal that is supposed to be civil have uncontrollable primal urges and instincts. The mentality of whoever has it is more wired for them to be wild animals, so they tend to act like it. In some of the worst cases, it can drive it’s victim completely mad as time goes on, as they crave freedom and an escape out to the wild. Most parents who had a kid with this syndrome would either let the kid out into the wild, or they would have them put down because they would have no way to control it otherwise. Samuel had a very bad case of Veterisan Syndrome, and it still affects him to this day. He was a very out-of-control child who would growl, claw, and bite at anything and everything due to his growing need for an escape to the wild.

Samuel did run out into the woods numerous times during his childhood. Almost every time that he went out there, he would run into the spirit guardian of the forest, Shenovarin, who took the form of a butterfly. Whenever Sam’s parents would find him and bring him back home, he would usually protest against it by saying that a butterfly told him that he would be the one to save the forest.

His parents Desmond and Zaphara did everything that they could to try and give Sam the happiest life that they could, but his condition was only getting worse. Sam was causing so much stress in the family that his mother Zaphara overdosed on anti-anxiety pills. She ended up passing away and Desmond was utterly heat-broken at what had happened. Desmond blamed Sam for her death and never really treated him as his son anymore. He began to raise Sam for what he really was, a wild animal, using brute force and violence to get him under control at times. Desmond never intended to abuse Samuel, but he basically did.

One day, Sam went outside to try and calm down after one of his moments. He sat on the front porch and looked out at the forest. That was when a friendly tasmanian devil walked by and noticed him. The tasmanian devil greeted Sam, and introduced himself as Tao. Tao and Sam actually ended up hitting it off quite well, and they became inseparable friends. Tao would stop by Sam’s house almost once a day to check on him after he found out about his syndrome, and he tried to help him get through it. Desmond was actually quite grateful for Tao and his help, so he gave Tao permission to come over and see Sam whenever he would like to. Tao even bought a brand-new electric guitar for Sam at one point to give him something else to take his mind off of things, and it seemed to really help for the most part. Sam would practice on it for a few years until he actually became really good at it.

As time went on, Samuel seemed to be getting a little bit better, but he still had many outbursts. One day he literally tried killing Desmond in his sleep with a knife, and that was when Desmond had finally lost his cool. He ended up using a glass shard from one of his broken beer bottles to engrave words into Samuel’s back. The words were “Worthless”, “No good”, and “mistake”. Desmond genuinely hated his monster of a son at this point. Desmond knew what he did was quite wrong, but he was practically losing his mind at this point too. Desmond had given up on trying to keep Sam home with him whenever he tried to run into the forest, and one day it happened.

At the age of fifteen, Sam had ran away into the Ponderosa Forest for good. No one was there to stop him, and his father thought that maybe it was for the best this time. Tao found out about this and he was very devastated. He thought that this would be the last time that he’d ever get to see his best bud again, but he didn’t really want to give up there. He promised that he would search for Sam often in an attempt to find him and not necessarily bring him back, but to just make sure that he was still alive and well.

Sam had been wandering around in the forest for a few days now. He was still searching for food, shelter, and water, and was not having any luck with it. Instead, poor Sam ended up getting attacked by a whole pack of grey wolves. The pack consisted of about ten, angry wolves. Nonetheless, Sam was determined to fight the wolves. He grabbed whatever he could to try and hit the wolves with, rocks, sticks, even the dirt. He knew that none of that was really warding off the wolves, so he tried using his claws against them. After some time of inexperienced fighting, he ended up breaking a few things in his hands and his feet which caused his claws to jut out to their full length. It was an extremely painful experience for him, but now he had claws as long as daggers to work with. Once he collected himself, he used his new claws to his advantage and killed a few of the wolves. Soon enough, some of the wolves ran off and the battle had come to an end. Sam had many wounds on his body from this, and he ended up losing his right ear and his left eye.

After the huge battle with the wolves, Sam felt something from it. He felt a sort of euphoria from killing the wolves, and actually felt more free and alive than he ever has. He never wanted to forget this experience, so he ended up removing some teeth and claws from the dead wolves to keep for himself. Shenovarin the forest spirit was watching when Sam fought the wolves, and she saw potential in him. She knew that maybe he would be the one to help her defend the forest since she would not be able to do something like that alone. Nova knew she’d have to help Sam survive out in the forest though if she were to ever assign him to help her out, so she lead him to the biggest source of water in the forest. The Ponderosa Lake, which was located right in the middle of the forest. There was a lot of wildlife around the lake which meant there was plenty of food there, and not too far from the lake was a large cave that could potentially make up for shelter. Nova promised Sam that he could have all of this to himself if he agreed to help her rid the forest of people who harmed it. She told him that he would basically have to become an assassin and kill those who meant harm to the forest. (See the about section of this for details on the assassin job he has.) Without any hesitation, Sam accepted it.

As an assassin, Sam had to go under a different name. After some time, Shenovarin and Sam decided that his assassin name should be Scourge. Sam liked the name so much, that he has everyone call him Scourge, and he doesn’t like being called Sam under any circumstances. Once Scourge became more notoriously known around the forest, he earned the title of Demon of the Forest. A lot of people see him as a myth that isn’t actually real, like big foot or something because it is kind of rare to see him. And if someone does see him, they probably aren’t going to make it back out alive to tell everyone that he is real. Despite people thinking that he is just a myth, the public also gives him kill requests for people.

Eventually, Scourge had killed a tiger dude who happened to have a glass eye. Scourge took that and replaced his missing eye with it, even though the colors didn’t really match. Not too long after that was when Scourge fought the bear in the cave and claimed it as his own. Now he lives there with Tao and continues his job as an assassin. And of course, he still has to deal with the syndrome to this day, which is actually not as tough for him now as it was back then because now, he is right where he wants to be.

  He rarely smiles or laughs.

  Scourge has a major blood lust. Even the sight or smell of blood excites him.

  The forest that he lives in is known as the Ponderosa Forest, though everyone has gotten used to just calling it Scourge's Woods.

  Scourge has a synrome known as Veterisan Syndrome. (Read the past section of his story to learn more about it.)

  He never attended school and only made one good friend when he was little.

  Scourge is only his assassin name that was given to him when he decided to become an assassin. His actual name is Samuel (Sam). He prefers to be called Scourge though.

  He has a pet rock named Steve that he talks to as if it were a real person.

  His silver eye is actually a glass eye that he can remove whenever he wants to. Sounds like a fun way to gross people out.

  Scourge has nightmares A LOT!

  Scourge is a sadomasochist. This means he LOVES hurting people and causing people pain, but at the same time, he loves the feeling of being hurt or in pain. It gives him a sort of euphoria. (He's pretty sick in the head.)

  Occasionally he has moments where things appear in an almost in a dreamlike state to him, causing him to hallucinate things that aren't there. This can be dangerous to those around him because it may cause him to see someone as a completely different individual, thus making him want to attack them. Or he will just try to attack something that isn't even there.

  He has a very "slang lingo" way of talking. He shortens a lot of words down, and describes everything in Layman's terms. Also uses slang terms for a bunch of things too.

  He is by far the most mentally-unstable character of mine.

  Scourge is actually a runt, which makes him shorter than average grizzly bears. He really should be at least 7 feet tall by now.

  Scourge hates Anzu with a fiery passion for some reason.

  He has a few mental illnesses. PTSD, anxiety, schizophrenia, insomnia, and depression.

  Scourge has MAJOR trust issues. He doesn't even fully trust Tao.

 He really loves slugs for some reason, and will pick themup if he sees any.

 He enjoys looking up at the night sky.



[ Boyfriend ] Tao was Scourge's first and only friend during childhood. These two were very close. Tao would help distract Scourge from his syndrome as much as possible. These two were pretty inseparable until the day that Scourge ran away from home, and into the forest for good. Tao was torn apart by this, and he felt that there was no chance of him ever seeing his best bud again. But he didn't want to give up so soon. For the next five years, Tao would go camping in the forest at least once a month in hopes that maybe he would find Scourge out there. He eventually camped in the right area at the right time, and ended up getting attacked by Scourge who looked and acted very different now. Tao didn't care though, he felt deep down that this was still his best friend. Scourge almost didn't recognize Tao at first, but when he did, he was super excited to see him again. The two paired up as buddies once again, and Scourge even let Tao live in his cave with him. Months went by and the friendship between these two began to grow even stronger, until one day it ended up becoming something entirely different. It became romance. These two have been dating ever since, and their bond is now unbreakable.



[ Father ] Scourge's father, Desmond, was actually not a bad guy to him in the beginning. He did everything that he could to try and keep Sam safe and happy. After Scourge's mother died, Desmond did have to get physical with him to keep him under control. Today, Scourge doesn't really remember much of the good things that Desmond did for him, he only remembers the little bit of abuse. Scourge hates Desmond now and has a goal of killing him some day.



[ Mother (deceased) ] Scourge doesn't remember too much about his mother. Occasionally he does wonder what she would think of him today, or he mourns over her sometimes. After she died from the overdose when he was younger, he developed a severe depression.


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