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Hai! Chi AKA Hazel here! Please take a moment to read this. ¡Es muy importante!



  • Please give proper credit if I give you any art and/or designs! Link back to my toyhouse here or at least one of my art profiles! But preferably here if you can
  • I am a fragile person, please be nice and gentle to me. I've been bullied lots to the point I gained trust issues. So please be good!
  • Do NOT use the R word around me. One of my bullies always calls me that so just don't. Other swear words are fine tho, as long as it's not towards me
  • If you are communicating with me in character and/or roleplaying, please use casual/script style roleplay only. Do NOT use paragraph. I don't like it as it's boring and painful to read. Script style is better! It's far more superior.. UwU
  • Spam faves are totally okay! I love being showered with love, and I really appreciate the love and support so don't be afraid to! ^w^
  • Do not compare my characters, designs, or literature to other characters and media. If you're the type to do that then please stop. It makes creators like me feel uncomfortable and unoriginal. So stop it.
  • Feel free to draw my characters! But please for the love of god, do NOT steal, change their designs, or draw them gory, hateful, or as nazis. I hate that. >.< If you're unsure, like if it's naughty or fetishy, just ask :3 I don't mind most questions, I'm pretty laidback UwU
  • Do not and I mean DO NOT criticise my works!! I am very against criticism and have every right to be. So don't even bother, you're only gonna get yourself blocked if you do so. Criticism is hurtful, not helpful.
  • Do NOT steal, trace, copy, or roleplay with any my creations. This goes for all my art, characters, designs, literature, and other stuff I make. I go through enough bullying and theft already so just don't do it. It ain't cool y'know...
  • And speaking of bullying, that goes for my next rule. Do not bully, harass and attack. If you're only here to do that then get off my page and don't ever talk to me. Like seriously, bullying is just downright lame.


BYI and TW List
  • I tend use the word "queer" as I am part queer myself. I personally don't see it as "offensive", especially since there are some lgbtqia+ flags that are queer and genderqueer. If you have a problem with that then sorry, can't help you there. :/
  • I support cishet pride and lgbt/queer pride and don't consider the straight flags to be "hOmOpHoBiC". I believe in equality and feel that all queers and cishets should be free to be proud and use their flags all they like, without having to be bullied by heterophobes and such. If you are heterophobic, cisphobic, queerphobic, or just here to bully/attack then you can back off because this is an accepting place for queers and cishets and their pride.
  • I am a littlefur. I'm a childlike furry who finds littlespace and age regression comforting. But I don't do it for adult/fetish reasons, I've had an abusive childhood so I find being a kid very comforting to me, especially after a hard day. My little age is around 5-8 so I'm alot more of a kidfur than a babyfur. Please understand that littlespace has nothing to do with pedophillia. No kids are involved anyway so I don't see why people are suddenly involving them. :/
  • My content may contain swearing sometimes and I may swear myself. However I would never use the R word or the N word, I'm against those slurs.. I'm usually very polite and don't swear often, though I may use words such as "god" and "crap" more commonly than other swears
  • I tend to keyboard smash. I'm sorry if you find that spammy, it's just my way of typing and helps me express certain emotions such as fear, nervousness, embarrassment, regret, excitement, hyperness, overwhelming emotions, etc, etc.
  • I use text emoticons and kaomoji alot. Occasionally emojis, but not as much as text faces. If that annoys you then sorry, can't help you there. I need to express myself somehow! Also I use this face here --> T_T as a bored/pissed emote as that's what it originally meant until people changed to meaning to it being sobby. The horizontal lines on the T's are the eyebrows and the vertical lines on the T's are the eyes. That's how I and many other old internet users have always seen it. I found an image example so credits to the artist for that
  • There may be suggestive content every now and then, but please don't worry as they're always filtered. If you choose to filter them out in settings then you should be safe. I'm an adult! what do you expect?
  • Although I create kawaii chibi content, there may be the occasional edgy post that often contains spoopy expressions and sometimes even blood. Some media may even contain character deaths, but I would never draw gore as I hate gore and fear of it. I do not consider just blood to be "gore" however, which is why I don't mark it as that.
  • Some art and fanart may contain bright colours and some animations may be flashy (e.g.: thunder lightning storms, colourful party lights, etc.) if that bothers you then I'm sorry, maybe change your screen settings if you don't like colourful stuff. Sorry that's all I can suggest really
  • ZOMG RANDOMNESS IS AWESOMENESS LOL u may findz me "cringe" LOLOLOLO CRINGE CULTURE IS LOLDEDZ mmm watcha say ROFLCOPTER sparkledogs fureverrr!!!!!! XDDDDDDDD *dabs on em haters* (づヮ<)づ



  • You're a bully/antisocial who picks on others. Bullying is so not cool. like downright lame.
  • You trace or steal art, characters, ideas, etc. I'm scared of thieves so leave me alone.
  • You're a ranter who does callouts and hate art about other people. I don't trust ranters and had bad experiences with them.
  • You've hurt and betrayed me in the past. I want nothing to do with you so go away.
  • You are a cishetphobe or a queerphobe. I support straight pride and queer pride and if you're against that then don't bother talking to me. If pride is for everyone then I believe anyone can be proud, even the straights. This is a safe space for furries, queers, and cishets to be proud all they like
  • You disrespect people's beliefs. Some people are therian and otherkin and that's okay. Some people are christian and believe in ghosts and that's okay. Some people even hate trump and that's okay too! Just be respectful towards other people's beliefs, it doesn't matter what religion or belief you have, as long as you're respectful about others and you don't force religion on people, then you can stay
  • You're a kinkshamer. It's okay if you don't like NSFW but please understand that it's natural for some adults to like that kinda stuff instead of hating on us :<
  • You happen to be a troll. Even if you claim you don't plan on trolling me, Don't even try. I can easily tell if you're a troll.
  • You're an ableist. I have autism, ocd, anxiety, and trust issues. If you're against me for who I am then get off my page.
  • You're an antifur. I am a proud furry and fursuiter so please leave if you're against furries. But please know that not all furries are sexual!
  • You are racist or sexist. I believe in equality and you should too!
  • You're a pedophile, zoophile, incestophile, or a creepy stalker. Get away from me, creep!
  • You hate littles. I'll have you know that littlespace actually has nothing to do with pedophillia. So keep your anti-littlespace crap away from me.
  • You're an NFT or support NFTs. My creations are not for you to take, so don't even try to steal them to make a profit, when they aren't even your's to begin with. NFTs are harmful to the environment so therefore, I'm never supporting it.
  • You encourage or support suicide and harmful challenges. I don't care if you're trying to be tReNdY, I am highly against dangerous and/or harmful challenges such as the blackout challenge and the devious lick. Not cool. Don't try it. If you're one of those people who support and encourage it, get admitted to a mental asylum you psycho!
  • We don't like each other. I pretty much block all my foes and haters so you wont be able to interact with me anyway.
Blacklisted users are banished from taking part in my websites, streams, events, etc. They are also banned from receiving any future works from me such as art, adopts, and oc designs.

Emeraldia-the-Kitty (Also without dashes or replaced with underscores) - Reason: stalking, harassment, lying, doing hate art, copying and stealing my ideas, and just recently (I think?) tracing people's artwork. I've gathered up all the evidence right here for proof and awareness of the stalker.
EmiBeeArt (aka PastelKiwiBun1, FluffyMothGoddess, FluffyArtistBee, FluffyMothArtist, none0000, and NamelessNightmare on some places) - Reason: bullying, harassment, gossiping, false reporting me, spreading lies/fake rumours about me, playing victim, manipulating me and others, bypassing the block systems, stalking, and threatening to steal my characters.
sumguy420 (aka Joseph, Scinto, Ogrelord, ezguy1, Halide) - Reason: trolling, harassment, manipulating me, doxxing, stalking, being a creep, supporting fur farms (which is animal cruelty btw), stalking, and being one of the suspects of the imposter accounts.
Cerpcake and RedNocturne (aka dizzzydaze and FarOutCrazyCat) - Reason: bullying, harassment, gossiping, lying, manipulating me, playing victim, spreading fake rumours, doing hate art, being a suspect behind the imposter accounts, and being a suspect during the hack incident.
Aubreydrawscrap (aka "Aubreyisfunny") - Reason: trolling, harassment, being toxic, being a suspect during the hack incident, and has been known to intimidate others and be a creep in general.
Tinypandas2208 (aka Tinypanda2208) - Reason: harassment, betraying me, possibly gossiping lies about me, and just overall being a backstabbing jerk.
budgiepug (aka thetorielwolf, happythepug, Muffetwolf, josssshdun) - Reason: causing unnecessary drama and harassment, being toxic, being a bad friend, tricking me, scamming, giving unwanted criticism, belittling me, using me for art, using me for their own gain, and just being a dramaqueen in general.
DNAplastic (aka HollyRainDrops, Holly, Mackenzie, Capeshifter, FakeAndrewWendy or whatever.) - Reason: bullying, harassment, betraying me multiple times, manipulating, playing victim, using their so called "friends" as punchbags, being a dramaqueen, constantly causing unnecessary drama, and just overall being a toxic person and bad friend in general.
mellowpoof (aka cheskip, leftovernachos, cookie-flooper, oakley, biggestmudkipfan or whatever.) - Reason: harassment, betrayal, gossiping, manipulating me, playing victim, bullying, being a stalker, bypassing block systems, and wasn't even a good friend despite the fact I was. This blacklist also goes towards the people who took part in their drama and turned against me.
CircusStarCandi (aka Keely, Kori, Pukachu, Michael, Mike, Pukachulu, Simmons, Mikey, KoriKoolio, DeadlyDireWolf, Popartz, Circus_StarCandi) - Reason: bullying, harassment, gossiping, being a stalker, ranting and overreacting over several fallouts, lying, spreading fake rumours and false information, trying to brainwash me into heterophobia, and is cishetphobic in general. Good thing I just so happen to be stubborn enough not to fall for any brainwashing. UwU Stubbornity can be a good thing sometimes!
frillious - Reason: Being anti-littlespace, is possibly a cishetphobe, and comparing age regressors/littles to pedophiles. Not to mention calling littles "pedos" when littlespace actually has nothing to do with pedophillia (unless the person is actually a pedo, which is not okay and makes the innocent littles look bad), they are 2 completely different things. Littlespace is good (comforting and coping mechanism for many littles) and pedophillia is bad (these creeps should go to jail). Plus this user has made some cishetphobic remarks which is not cool at all. Also I generally don't trust people who rant about everyone and do callouts all the time so I kinda don't want them attacking me.
SootJack (..more like SootJerk lol) - Reason: bullying, harassment, causing unnecessary drama, being a cishetphobe, hating on people for bad reasons and no reason, and is pretty much nothing but a cisphobic and heterophobic loser who causes drama all the time.
charles93lr (aka Charles, Rajnus, and reddragon93) - Reason: bullying, harassment, gossiping, rude behavior, doing callouts, being a stalker, lying, accusing people, bypassing the block systems, attacking people for no reason, and bullying everyone over small harmless things
FelixDW and their nsfw fetish account Ahzurillium (aka FelixDawnWolf) - Reason: bullying, manipulation, gaslighting, harassment, gossiping, rude behavior, lying, guilt tripping, being unreliable, being anti-littlespace, doing heterophobic remarks, doing passive aggressive remarks behind my back, not letting people be themselves, abusing their mod powers, trying to ruin people's days, and just overall being a bad friend and bad person in general.
Recreational Necromancer (aka Silver-The-Soup and Soup57968329) - Reason: bullying, harassment, gossiping, lying, manipulation, being a heterophobe, brainwashing people into believing their lies, constantly nitpicking and criticising everything, abusing their mod powers and trying to get people banned over small harmless reasons, and is pretty much a heterophobic jerk.
The imposters (wont mention their names as they post bad stuff) - Reason: bullying, harassment, impersonating me, framing me, art theft, character theft, copying my art style, tracing, doxxing, stalking, trolling, doing kill art, doing hate art, bypassing the block system, sexualising/fetishizing my characters in bad hateful ways, and just overall making my characters and I look bad.

And basically anyone I've blocked on here and on other places.

Heyy if you made it to the end then thank you for reading! :D Now if you agree to all that's said then you may continue on. Go forth! ^-^

Oh and thankies to some amazing peeps who drew my main fursona Hazel the fox! You'll be able to find the credits on my profile :3

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