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The things you do for aesthetics, right~

♛ Errant Summoner Erandia  

《 A summoner from Earth and a former college student. Carefree and relaxed, she is always eager to build up her Heroes and guide them to victory. 》

【Real Name】 Stella
【Alias】 Erandia
【Katakana】 ステーラ/エランヂア
【Gender】 Female
【Age】 ??? (doesn't remember/kept track but she was 22 before her summoning)
【DoB】 October 23
【Race】 Human
【Origin】 Earth
【Height】 5'8"
【Class】 Summoner
【Affinity】 FEH Bow and FEH Wind Tome (Discovered by Lewyn later on)
【Alignment】 Chaotic Good
【Theme】 Tougenkyou Alien (桃源郷エイリアン) by serial TV drama
【Alternate Theme】 Twilight of the Gods
【Likes】 Her Heroes, Making Friends, Her Breidablik
【Dislikes】 Abyssal Maps, Cucumbers, SURTR EMBLEMS (you dicks)

"This is gonna be one of those 'But Thou Must' moments, ain't it? Ahh well, lead the way, Anna!"
―Erandia's First Appearance

Ever perpetually tired and done with life, it was a miracle that out of all the potential people on her Earth that Erandia was picked to be summoned to Zenith. Though originally treating everything with mild interest and casual passing, she soon grows to love each and every unit of hers, even going as far to protect them without hesitation. Erandia also has a penchant to display maternal instincts towards younger-looking units--in particular, calling them her 'sons and daughters'. At times, she can come off insensitive, preferring not to deal with bothersome things but underneath it all, she will be the first to proactively do something. She continuously breaks the fourth wall, often making gag references and constant dumb jokes that no one understands. It maybe because while she actively denies it, she misses her home and her bringing in pop culture is often her way of dealing with it. Despite her lazy outlook and constant tired face, Erandia is a strict and sometimes even harsh task-mistress and will take no nonsense, especially if it concerns everyone's safety.


"Unfortunately for everyone else, there is no other person in the entire universe who hates me more than I hate myself. Let them come, I'll take responsibility for whatever the hell I did. Can't say what shit I'll respond with, however, so tread lightly."
―On the topic of people going after Erandia due to animosity

Erandia is, in general, one erratic, all-over the place-weirdo that not many people understand. She's very carefree about the way she goes onto somethings and wouldn't bother to explain things at times. Most of the time, she would casually play things up to ten but the significance of her actions wouldn't be understood by any outsider, unless you've known her quite a bit. More so, she is sly and could be infuriating at times, especially when she goes all out to make a simple point clear (or play a practical joke).

Behind all that happy-go-lucky facade, however, is one cynical and lonely girl with a penchant to hide her real feelings behind a cold wall. She claims to be "the biggest hypocrite in the history of hypocrites" as she has stated multiple times that she rarely follows her own good advice. Erandia also uses a lot of self-depreciating jokes as a form of coping, realizing that she's a jack of all trades, but never outstanding in a single one. In addition, several talks with her reveals that her self-loathing instinct is extremely deeprooted, as seen by the way she claims how much she despises her own being. With such strong anger and bitter resentment, she also confesses that sometimes, her anger is also directed outside--towards the world itself. Accordingly, she stated that she'd rather cling on to that anger and hatred rather than face the loneliness and apathy threatening to overwhelm her. Back on Earth, she says that she is very apathetic to her surroundings, sometimes not even giving the correct emotional empathy when tragedy strikes someone she knows. This resulted in people calling her out and labelling her as snobbish, cold, and very uncaring.

As time goes on, however, she slowly comes out of her me-against-the-world shell, often expressing more of her true self especially to those she deems as her precious people. More often now, she tries to be the peace-keeper (of course, only when it is during serious fights and conflicts as other non-threatening jokes would often make her the instigator instead), offering solid advice and well-thought-out reasoning. She's also now a lot more open towards various things she used to have a particular bias on.

While generally not out of malice, Erandia would at times retort in a 'below the belt' kind of deal, often hurting someone's feelings by accident. Most of the time this happens when her pet peeves are continuously pushed and dragged on, making her irritable and very crass. In addition to that, Erandia will also act out of defense, either for herself or for her friends, when she or they are threatened. If it's not against an enemy that could be battled, Erandia will start using manipulative tactics such as reverse psychology, passive-aggresiveness, sly taunts, and sometimes even blackmail. At one point, Alfonse and Frederick questioned her using such methods and she says that it's normal to do so back in her world. With the exception of her parents and a certain aunt, Erandia is apparently surrounded with family that would employ the same thing she does. It's numbed her to the point of being able to shake it off and deliver one much nastier than given to her. When prodded further, she smiles coldly and responds, "Sorry man, sometimes kasi, may pagkatarantado ako, lalo na't pag nauna sila." which roughly translates to "Sorry man, sometimes it's 'cause I can be a little bit of an asshole, especially if they did it first."

One of the key things to note is that as Erandia gets more and more angry, her tone becomes more clinical and polite, but the edge of bluntness and cold apathy is very heavily present. She will not use informal language, she will calmly explain her side, and at most, will mockingly patronize the other party for such petty retorts. Once she states her piece, she will very much drop the ball at this point, apathetic to whatever argument still left. Erandia reasons that arguments like that will just go on ad infinitum, and is a waste of time and effort.

In the case of romance, Erandia is 10000000% a hopeless romantic towards herself but she really loves seeing others relationship slowly bloom. She's not quite a prude but when teased she will try to deny and usually her mouth overcomes her thought and ends up saying embarrassing things. If you flirt with her, she'll actually look around cluelessly, not really understanding how someone could like her in that way. If you confess your love for her, she'll be utterly surprised and ask you why you would want to be with someone like her, as she sees herself as a menace. Insinuate her with any of her Heroes and she will blanch out, vehemently denying it (though it is within reason to think that Erandia has crushes on some of her Heroes)

At one point, Erandia summons a future version of herself as a Legendary Hero. She notes that, compared to her more bombastic and troll-ish outlook, L!Erandia seemed more calmer and free-er, perhaps even content and no longer as spiteful as the current Erandia. L!Erandia is also less prone to bluntly telling people what's in her head and carries an air of confidence and experience the present one lacks.

Character Stats

"I hope my Charm Point does its job!"

"You can tell me a sob story and I'll eat it up, I swear."
"I do what I have to, even if it means getting my hands dirty."
"I-I-I'm not s-s-scared a-ahahahahaha--EEP WHATWASTHAT!?"
"Ahahaha, what's that? Can you eat it?"

"It's fun to play dumb, because then everybody underestimates you."

In-Game Stats

Title Group

Errant Summoner
Heroes Infantry Infantry
Level HP Atk Spd Def Res
Skills Weapon

FEH skill offense Breidablik
FEH skill special Summon

FEH Bow Breidablik


  • Erandia was never meant to be a self-insert, but thanks to some inspiration from a mystery person, I've decided to live out my life and turn my Summoner into a self-insert.
  • Erandia's natural hair color is a dull maroon, apparently. Being summoned to a place rich with magic saturated her hair color into what it is now.
  • Her Breidablik acts as a regular phone--it can play music, some games, take pictures, 'call' her friends.
  • Her favorite units to tease are Alfonse and Gordin.
  • At one point, Erandia declares that she is 'An Amazing Artist' while showing her units one terrible gag drawing. None of them seem to believe her when she finally draws a serious piece and claim it was drawn by her.
  • As a sly and rather cunning tactician/summoner, Erandia has a natural affinity for long-ranged users (bows, tomes, daggers, staves).
  • She is bilingual (technically she knows Japanese as well, just not as fluent) and speaks both English and Filipino. She has the tendency to swear in both.
  • Due to her experience in actual military-style training, she forms some sort of understanding with her High General (often asking him to help out with training). This means that while she is carefree and often found 'slacking off', when push comes to shove, Erandia will be a very harsh trainer.
  • Erandia is almost always in a carefree mood. Her default face is a troll-ish smile that almost always seemed up to no good. Though she is known to swear casually while in this mood, she rarely ever means it. Quite ironically, when she is truly pissed off, she refrains from swearing at all.
  • When she is angered, she will drop her carefree facade and she will use every means possible to win. She is not above using dirty tricks and nasty surprises to gain the upper-hand. One example is her plugging in her earphones to concentrate and remaining absolutely quiet in a match, simply not taking any chances with her opponent and telling her plans via telepathy instead.
  • Erandia CANNOT FIGHT with any weapons. Her aim with a bow is only good if she does hidden sniping. This however changes upon finding out her affinity with wind magic (courtesy of Lewyn). She STILL cannot fight with any close combat weapons, however (even in the future) but she wouldn't be as helpless as she was before her discovery of magic.

Pre-Askr Life

"Before I got summoned, huh? Well, I had to venture out with my friends in order to reclaim my homeland from the foreign invaders. They killed my father and I was the last of my line--is what I honestly would have wanted to say that I did, but the faces you made were very interesting, Al!"
―Erandia's response when asked what she did before being summoned

Before Askr, Erandia's life was average among all average lives. There was no world to be saved, no people to protect, and no monsters to slay. She lived her life as ordinary as it could be, with minimal distant friends and supportive family. At best, she was a regular college student, trying to finish her Asian Studies Major, nothing too exciting except perhaps the ocassional papercut from her giant stack of reading materials.

One night while contemplating about various things in life, she hears a whisper of sorts calling out to her. Thinking it could be her phone or laptop, she checked them for running ads or something dumb. She noticed the sound grew louder as she brings the phone closer to her face. The lights go out (being alone at that time nearly wet her pants) but her phone remains bright like usual. Suddenly, it restarts but goes into the Heroes app as a game starts by itself. Against her better judgement, Erandia completely ignored the strange events, opting to be in denial about the possibility of the supernatural. Rather than the title screen, however, she is placed directly onto a map. After barely defeating the enemy, her phone's screen fades to a black screen with a text: "Creepy Pasta? NGNL? Anyway, you pass!" Having enough of the creepy text virus that probably got into her phone, Erandia sleeps it off, thinking that it was probably all in her head.

She wakes up somehow through someone's voice calling for her (later on revealed to be Gunnthra). After asking the voice to go away and let her sleep, an even louder voice woke her up. Finally deciding to confront whoever it was that wanted her to not sleep, she opens her eyes only to find her ceiling missing and replaced with a vast blue sky. Anna introduces herself, as per what happens in Heroes. The funny part is, rather than a gun-shaped artifact, when Erandia was given the 'Breidablik', it was her phone in a cool Askr-themed casing. After the big surprise, Erandia decides to help out the Askr siblings, thus, her status as the summoner/tactician of that particular Zenith is now established.

Daily Life in Askr

"It's war. We will inevitably end up killing some of our non-Hero-based soldiers... and those of our enemies."
―Erandia telling the Council what she honestly thinks

The first few nights, Erandia had trouble sleeping (as she does whenever she sleeps away from home) She was also generally clumsy and very nervous, as she is now responsible for the Heroes she comes to summon. A few more months and with the help of her now high general, she can somewhat strategize competently, not to the extent of her future self, but enough so that not all of her Heroes are killed immediately in battle. Her original relationship with Alfonse was also very strained, as the Prince used to judge her lack of judgement and skills when she first arrived.

As the days go by, however, Erandia slowly managed to understand how her Zenith works and began circumventing or establishing her own foothold. Soon enough, her skills become polished, worthy to be called a tactician in frequent cases. At that point, she has slowly managed to win and earn the respect (and sometimes, admiration and affection) of her Heroes, Prince Alfonse included. As she spends her days bonding and training her Heroes, she soon finds her life in casual routine and in content bliss, as it is the first time in her life that she has an actual direction and an actual meaning to her life.

In most cases, Erandia doesn't see the war for itself, as when her Heroes die, they are revived. She is, however, not deluding herself that it is all sunshine and rainbows as she herself had had experiences of what it feels like to face defeat and 'die' in battle (and like her heroes, to be revived at the water fountain) Most of the time, when a war council is held, Erandia suggests the most efficient and practical method to go along with (often after discussing things with her tactician heroes), often earning the disdain of the council members. As her Heroes truly know their summoner, they would go along with her, as she has won their loyalty long ago.

Possession Arc

"S-Sorry Al... looks like I wont be m-making it back to the party a-after all..."
―Erandia before she is possessed

At some point, Erandia and her friend Sparrow ends up being possessed by the Muspellian mage, Loki. With the help of Princess Veronica, Loki ends up closing the souls of the two, causing the darkness entering and leaving their souls (from the fallen heroes they have summoned) to remain and linger and (in their case) to overpower their senses. More TBA when fanfic trilogy is completed.

Finding Eigil Arc


"'Family don't end in blood', Eigil. You maybe Summoner Arild, High Summoner Erandia's apprentice to the world, but to me, you'll always be my little Eigil, awkward Stella's strong and cute son."
―Erandia giving her apprentice and adopted son some encouragement

Post-War has Erandia helping out Laevatein with restoration and war reparations. There, she runs into a recently orphaned boy named Eigil while trying to clean up some of the rebelling soldiers. As he was about to be killed, Erandia stopped the soldier, saving Eigil and earning his respect and awe. He tells the horrifying story of how he and a small group of his friends managed to stay alive for a while and fight some renegade soldiers during the chaos of the war as each of his friends fell one by one, leaving him all alone. With extreme survivor's guilt complex, he urges Erandia to take him in as an apprentice summoner. At first, Erandia is understandably reluctant and she is only learning now how to use magic to defend herself. She says she might not be able to teach him much nor protect him with her minimal skills. He convinces her, however, by saying that she should take responsibility since she's the one who found him and thus, the start of their master-student apprenticeship.

At one point, Eigil wanted to copy/follow Erandia's footsteps by saying that he would like a summoner name to reflect hers. Thus, Summoner Arild was reborn anew.

Future-Past Arc


"Greetings, friend~ I'm--Huh? Well now... I guess it IS right about this time... Anyway, I'm High Summoner Erandia of Askr, Legendary Hero of Zenith and essentially your decade or so future self." "
―Legendary Erandia's first appearance upon being summoned by her past self

Near the end of Hel's arc, Erandia starts to doubt herself and capabilities. In frustration, she YOLO-summons without thinking of a focus banner and rather the expected three or four star, she summons a five star which cheers her up. Upon seeing much clearer, however, she realizes that the hero she summons is non other than a future version of herself.

Most of the arc is L!Erandia trying to train and fix up some internal issues of her past self, as she knows full well what her younger self is dealing with.

❤ Summoner Relationships ❤

《 While Erandia is notably a big grumpy anti-social idiot at times, she enjoys spending time with those who had the patience to put up with her daily erratic behavior and nonsensical drama. Often times, she will fight to protect them, despite her own reputation taking a sky rocket down the dumps. 》


Sparrowruri's OC】

[ Friends/Mentor ] Erandia's tutor and mentor, dubs her as "Sage". Often times, Erandia relies on Sparrow the most out of everyone due to Sparrow literally tutoring Erandia with various FE knowledge during her first few days in Zenith.


AliceAvistella's OC】

[ Friends ] One of Erandia's confidants, especially after opening up to her about Erandia's awkwardness and general social anxiety. One of the few people who doesn't mind Erandia's weirdness and general teasing.


GoldGoldcadet's OC】

[ Friends ] She and Erandia are partners in crime when it comes to dumb jokes and fawning over their Heroes. Sometimes, they are also prank rivals trying to out-do and out-prank each other.


YukiSilentSilverRose's OC】

[ Friends ] Erandia's most trusted friend and number one moral support, they trade in secrets and jokes when they visit each other's castle. Erandia tries to give love advice but ultimately almost always fails because she has no solid experience with it.

★ Heroes Relationships ★

《 These are the units she has developed extreme fondness over. While she equally loves spending time with most of her summoned Heroes, those who connect to her personally and have withstood the test of her deviance are specially commended. 》

Summer!Frederick 【High General】

Her one and only S-Support Hero, Erandia is almost always seen accompanied by Frederick. Also called her 'Right-Hand'.

Alfonse 【General/Team Head】

Erandia highly relies on him towards various things that she doesn't understand about Zenith. The number one Tsukkomi to her Boke.

Gordin 【General/Team Head】

The first hero she promoted, first hero to also gain the 'son' moniker. Leads a team on his own called "Team SONs".

Fjorm 【General】

Her first legendary unit, Fjorm is one of the few units Erandia opens up her insecurities to.

B!Lyn 【General】

Her first merged hero, and one of the original units who helped out Erandia when she was starting out.

Camus 【General】

Knight in waiting, he is known as her 'Left-Hand' as opposed to Frederick being her 'Right-Hand'.

Summer!Xander 【General】

The very first five star she pulled, he usually helps her take breaks. He carried her team before the arrival of the other five stars.

L!Ike 【Team Head/General】

The eldest of the Ikes and the first hero she trusted to give a team to lead, not counting her Generals. Married to L!Azura in Erandia's Zenith

L!Azura 【Main Force】

Originally was Erandia's PA!Azura, she passed on her title and left momentarily to strengthen herself and later be resummoned by Erandia. Married to L!Ike in Erandia's Zenith.

Ike 【Main Force】

The youngest of the Ikes, Erandia treats this Ike as a younger brother. Married to Azura in Erandia's Zenith

Azura 【Main Force】

Technically the youngest of the four Azuras (discounting her kid version), Erandia enjoys singing songs with her, especially during 'karaoke night'. Married to Ike in Erandia's Zenith.

B!Ike 【Main Force】

Middle of the Ikes, he is generally curious about the situation in the castle. Erandia tries to keep him and his other selves from fighting. Married to PA!Azura in Erandia's Zenith.

PA!Azura 【Main Force】

The most mysterious of the Azuras, Erandia treats her as she would to a sister. Married to B!Ike in Erandia's Zenith.

GD!Ike 【Main Force】

Second youngest of the Ikes, he flusters easily but is more open towards Erandia's teasing. Married to NY!Azura in Erandia's Zenith.

NY!Azura 【Main Force】

The most festive of the Azuras, Erandia enjoys teaching her new songs from her old world. Married to GD!Ike in Erandia's Zenith.

Y!Azura 【Main Force】

Younger form of Azura, she has been adopted by L!Ike and L!Azura as their own child. Erandia loves taking her out to sightsee.

LA!Eliwood 【Main Force】

Her second ever promoted unit, the hero Erandia usually asks for sweets. Married to Genny in Erandia's Zenith.

Genny 【Main Force】

Her first five star healer, Genny is Erandia's first combat healer. Is in charge of helping Erandia sleep sometimes. Married to Eliwood in Erandia's Zenith.

M!Morgan 【Main Force】

Part of the infamous Team SONs. Keeps Grima in line and Erandia's usual favorite cuddling toy.

M!Grima 【Main Force】

Notorious trouble-maker and is tamed(???) by Erandia. Wants to rule over the worlds with his 'mother' rather than destroy them.

F!Grima 【Team Head】

Twin of the trouble-maker, she is locked in an immense rivalry with her male-self. Wants to rule the worlds with her 'mother', preferrably without M!Grima.

Siegbert 【Main Force】

Part of Team SONs, he tries to keep peace between all members if Morgan cannot handle them or if Gordin is away. Erandia calls him a 'good son'

PA!Shigure 【Main Force】

Is in charge of helping to train up new units. Twin to the other Shigure, Erandia treats him like a grandson.

Shigure 【Team Head】

Leads the up and coming Team Fliers. Like his twin, Erandia also treats him like a grandson. Less gloomy of the twins.

Takumi 【Team Head】

Leads the soon-to-be-formed Team ARCHERs. Prickly on the outside but truly cares for Erandia. She calls him 'Disowned Grandson' after failing to pull him countless of times.

Jamke 【Main Force】

Part of Team Archers, he is the quiet and appreciative of nature. Like Erandia, do NOT target Gordin or you will face his slaying bow.

Innes 【Main Force】

Newest member of Team ARCHERs. Likes to rile up Alfonse due to his closeness with Erandia. Occasionally plays chess and other strategy games with Erandia.

Summer!Innes 【Main Force】

Part of the slowly forming Team Fliers. He is very proud of his flawless form and often lets Erandia practice flying with his wyvern.

Joshua 【Main Force】

One of Erandia's go-to helper when it is Tempest Trials season. Urges her to spend her orbs wisely.

Hríd 【Main Force】

Nifl Prince who professes his loyalty to Erandia. He enjoys having chats and discussion with her.

NY!Hríd 【Main Force】

Nifl Prince who enjoys the new years celebration. Bonds with Erandia for their love of the cold weather.

B!Lucina 【Main Force】

Erandia treats her as a daughter in all but blood and helps her out with training a lot. Also helps keep the Grimas in check.

B!Hector 【Main Force】

The first and only Hector to answer Erandia's summons. Erandia treats him like and older brother and would usually ask for hugs.

Helbindi 【Main Force】

Erandia calls him "Big brother" and greatly respects him. He doesn't understand her willingness to approach him but appreciates it nonetheless (though he doesn't show it)

Lewyn 【Main Force】

Erandia's first teacher in the realms of wind magic. He was the one to discover her potential in the arcane arts.

Tibarn 【Team Head】

Head of the new Beast Emblem, Tibarn is someone Erandia greatly admires. He likes explaining the Laguz customs to her.

Reyson 【Main Force】

Distrustful of the summoner at first, it took one of Erandia's accidental death and revival for him to open up to her.

B!Veronica 【Main Force】

A bit clingy towards Erandia, Veronica basks in the summoner's attention. Erandia likes to spoil her enough and treat her kindly.

HF!Xander 【Main Force】

A surprising visit from a dancer Xander, Erandia is esctatic and asks him to teach her some moves. They're both dorks.

Eir 【Main Force】

Her general apathy to the world struck a chord in Erandia so she makes sure Eir is never alone but gives her space when she needs to. They bond over various philosophical conjectures.

GD!Greil 【Main Force】

Erandia usually asks him for advice and tips, especially with handling a ragtag group of heroes. Treats him as a pseudo-grandfather.


《 As each individual Zenith is different from one another, there are certain functions and special way of things only available to that world. The Zenith that Erandia landed to is no different, with its own rules and technicalities. Along with that, each respective summoner has their own way of adapting, and while Erandia may have bypassed or completely ignored some processes, it simply means that she has her own way of dealing with things thrown towards her way. 》

  World Building:

  • As standard in FEH, units do not die permanently. Once they are defeated in any form of battle, they simply vanish in a ray of light and reappear in the castle, drenched on the fountain.
  • Upon summoning, the Heroes are binded to Erandia, with her Phone-Breidablik acting as a formal contract of sorts (as it records all the Heroes she summons and trains)
  • Alfonse, Sharena, and Anna had to manually make a contract with Erandia (in other terms, she had to go into the App and accept them as ‘friends’ first before being integrated as her Hero units) for them to not be accidentally summoned by other summoners from different Zeniths. It would also allow them to formally function as heroes, gaining their abilities and boons (and this is why Askr’s military force still act as normal troops–they die permanently if killed in the battle field and they’re comparatively weaker as we see how nameless Emblian soldiers act)
  • Askr's military force was, according to Frederick, "In a poor state." With his help, Erandia whipped them to shape after hearing more feedback from her High General.
  • Arenas act as a main gateway for other Summoners to meet up and battle each other in a physical sense. It is said to be the bridge between the different Zeniths spread out.
  • Likewise, Voting Gauntlets, Tempest Trials, and Grand Conquests are held within the same place as the Arenas.
  • In VG’s and GC’s, usually the summoner sends out their Head of the Castle first and meet up with those in the same teams. Once the event proper starts, they’ll be arriving with their chosen supported hero (VG) or the Askran that they have been assigned to (GC) along with their main team.
  • Other special events like GHB’s or LHB’s/BHB’s act like in Pokemon: The summoner roams around their area/world and they’ll encounter the Hero in question and must beat them to get them to either join or surrender and appease you with orbs.
  • Finding out results and tiers are often inscribed in a magic tablet that allows each summoner to see and check their placements and rewards (often in their own language as well!)latest?cb=20170604181824
  • Rewards are often given to the summoners via their own FEH. Messages and other announcements are through FEH and the notice board as well. Erandia, however, can bypass the second part (as she receives mail and announcement directly through her Breidablik), allowing her FEH to be a bit more lazier since it doesn’t have to do more flying around.
  • The stone across the fountain (dubbed as Friends List) is pretty much a doorbell to Erandia's Zenith. As she can keep track of her friends and links in her Breidablik, the Friend's List is more often as a pretty glowing stone that emits a small hum if a summoner or their head of the castle visits Erandia.
  • Training Towers often simulate areas of other worlds that the summoner has visited. This includes potential heroes that may have been lurking the area they had gone into. In Erandia’s case, the tower gives her previews and glimpses of what they would face through her phone.
  • Heroes that could be summoned cannot permanently kill the summoner. However, the heroes which were not summoned and are naturally from her own Zenith (like the Surtr and Loki they face) can definitely kill the summoner, as they are not summoned from a different Zenith (which means, Surtrs and Lokis she summons outside of her Zenith cannot kill her as well)
  • The orbs on Erandia's coat is simply a carrier for the "orbs" she collects during her heroes and her daily patrols. The orbs obtained are not physical (like the carrier) but rather, they are condensed energies from completing a task (a reward from the world, you can say) When her orb carrier lights up, it means that she has gathered enough to try and summon a hero.
  • Like all Summoners, Erandia has the ability to call-forth a hero from their home world and summon them. Within the castle, there is a very large courtyard extending onto the plains and a small hill. On top of that hill is where a temple and the summoning ruins are located. Her Breidablik will resonate with the huge tablet and show her the potential "banners" and "focus units" she can try and call out to. After choosing, she will now be asked to pick a color from her screen. Unless her orb carrier is not enough to complete the summoning, she's guaranteed to call out to a hero and summon them. What their star and quality though, it's up to luck.
  • Like how Anna managed to summon Erandia in a different location, she can do the same, provided she has amass the correct amount of orb-energies. The trade-off is that most units who answered her calls are 3 stars and below.
  • When a hero is summoned, they are briefly given a summary of what to expect and why they are needed (Erandia calls this the 'Voice of the World'). Usually, heroes who are pulled have been chosen due to a small wish they have had in the moment (whether they're bored, they hate the world, self-loathing, atonement, etc.)
  • The world which the heroes are summoned from usually stays in stasis until the hero in question returns. Erandia notes that none of the units seem to ever age, despite being with her for a few months (things like hair growing, nails growing longer, beards and facial hair remain the same length). It is likely that Zenith's time pass relatively quicker than whatever world the heroes come from (likely with a 1 year in Askr = 1 second in [insert world] conversion)
  • With the addition of Aether Keeps, Erandia has fun designing the small Keep via the few trinkets they scrounge up. She has long given up on the purpose of winning these types of matches (unless she goes for the offensive, though gods forbid she will cry and get really mad if she encounters an entire Keep full of +10 Surtrs) and just uses the Keep for some sort of reward-vacation villa for some of her heroes. With the replay ability, however, she'd sometimes round up some of the team heads and point out where they need to improve on.

  Summoner-Hero Unit:

  • Promotions are done in a special way depending on the stars. 1-4 star promotions are simply done on the main area of the castle and are given recognition by Erandia.
  • 5 Star promotions, however are very special. Mostly, Erandia hand picks whoever gets to attend and is given a set date. Afterwards, she will ask a team head from her various elites to help out with training the unit to be promoted. As she has experienced before, promoting the unit without tiring them out to the brink of exhaustion will leave them in pain from the over-abundance in energy. Afterwards, they will attend the ceremony, usually with some sappy special speech and give the promoted unit a star plate. It’s usually to remind other units not to pester that particular promoted unit, as they have more important responsibilities to do. Erandia will set the band color: Blue for the regular main force, Green for the rotational and benched, and Red for the retired and those who stay at the castle to defend it.
  • The star plates are usually seen in various customized places. Those confirmed are: Gordin’s at his right arm, LA!Eliwood’s at his left arm, and Alfonse’s at his right arm. Also confirmed that Ike suggested to someone (possibly units wearing something on their forehead) to place it as a forehead protector while Erandia calls him out on that dumb plan.
  • Erandia has a specific category of hierarchy within her Units, most notably she calls her S-Support her "High General" while the much older summoned Heroes who stood by her during her first few battles ended up in a permanent team simply called her "Generals". In addition to that, there are some units who leads their own team (sometimes, without Erandia leading them. They're generally called 'Auto-Battlers'). Those who had earned that privilege get the highest priority and authority, just below her High General, Generals, and Erandia herself.
  • As a rather thankful gesture to the very first few units who stood by and helper her, Legendary Ike is the last to receive the title of General as Erandia chose not to give out the title anymore.
  • Responsibilities in the castle are delegated equally: Erandia and her High General are usually in charge of going over most things (like going over the rewards obtained from FEH, training the main Askr force, going out to scope for the latest GHB/BHB/LHB’s). Her main generals are in charge of getting the orbs from other various tasks (checking the tower for tasks, relegating minor and trivial tasks to lower ranked units), heads of the teams will train on their own (basically, Auto-Battling), and finally, the head of the castle at that time is in charge of delivering messages and personal team_ike_by_erandiaaa_dcqjpxt-fullview.pgreetings to her friend summoners.
  • Units naturally have affinities with one another (despite being from other worlds) and there have been some cases of them falling in love. Erandia acts as their witness and gives them her blessing (basically, marrying them off), regardless of what gender they are. However, not ALL S-Supports are deemed as romantically inclined (though Erandia will still tease them).
  • The way merges and skill inheritance work is simply similar to how one would send a hero home. Basically, if a unit/hero wishes to no longer be a part of the war efforts and would like to return to their world, Erandia would ask them to teach their other versions a skill or three they know of. Erandia would never seriously force a hero to stay or leave against their will.
  • Combat Manuals are generally the same as Skill Inheritance/merges. Erandia simply asks the departing Hero, to those who truly wish to leave immediately, to pass on what knowledge they may have on a tome.


  • Most of the time, Erandia breaks the fourth wall such as when Alfonse expresses his amazement at her knowledge of an enemy’s potential skills, she turns around and shows Alfonse the Wiki opened.
  • Her internet works but emails, and other messenger/message apps do not work. Her net also updates once a month (so if it refreshes on may 23rd, she wont get any news or anything else until it refreshes again at june 23rd)
  • She actively asks Heroes who can cook to recreate some of her favorite dishes.
  • Since soda is no longer an option, she asks a unit to help get her some milk everyday. Milk is her sanctuary and heavens forbid you from keeping her from drinking it.tumblr_inline_pa4a38Mrol1twoapj_500.png
  • She customized the summoner outfit because it was too tight and hard to move into. More so, she commissioned other summoners who can sew and whatnot just because she hates moving in stuffy outfits.
  • She has, however, an actual formal outfit. It’s a lot less desaturated and very vibrant.
  • Sometimes, when her summoner friends miss something from their world (like music) Erandia would go on call/mental telepathy with them and grant some song requests via Youtube.
  • Her Breidablik is an Android phone. Apparently, Breidablik takes form of the summoner's ideal weapon of choice. While most common folks see a gun, with Erandia preferring subterfuge and living in the age of information, a phone seemed most likely the best form.
  • It also allows her telepathy with any friend summoner and with her units. The phone in question also shows the Heroes app, allowing Erandia some form of omniscience during battles. This means that in Arena/normal map battles, she doesn't necessarily need to shout orders as she can directly simply tell it to her units at command (in fact, she can simply show them a picture of what she meant, as it is one of her Breidablik's abilities). She just thinks it's cooler to shout them.
  • Surprisingly enough, none of her Heroes could see or make out the Heroes app.
  • Stamina potions and Light's Blessings could be used to let the unit continue to battle but the mental fatigue and stiffness of muscles are often the number one complain of some heroes, so Erandia decides to use them sparringly.
  • Although she loves her units very much, listening to the Azuras and Shigures sing the same song over and over and over begins to get on her nerves. And so, with her top notch humour and understanding of pop culture, teaches them all a variety of amazing meme songs. Now everytime she walks through the training tower, she hears a lovely cascade of Rick Astley and Mii theme music, and it pleases her to no end - especially when the Grimas begin getting peeved. - @pinpale