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【 Name 】 Floretta Lyyn【 Called 】 Floretta
【 Age 】 33【 D.o.B. / Zodiac 】 8th of Kolat / Liekki, the Elegant
【 Gender / Orientation 】 Female / Straight【 Gas 】 2 Colors: Teal and Pale Yellow - Uncommon
【 Skin / Markings 】 Lt. Purple - Rare / Flowers - Common【 Eyes / Hair / Clusters 】 Legend (crystal) / Uncommon / Common
【 Crystal / Limbs 】 Common / Rare【 Height / Weight 】 5' 6" / 236 pounds
【 Origin / Clan 】 Isles / Kiiai【 Species/Race 】 Pakaasu

About Floretta

Floretta is calm and holds her tongue well. She loves the Kiiai clan and does her best to represent them well as well as the traditions of the Pakaasu. She can be a snitch - sometimes she can be plain evil and has gotten rid of others in her way or that she dislikes. She always seems put together and almost regal. Floretta does her best to show her best side at all times - her trickery can know no bounds.

Home Life and Family
Floretta was born into a moderately wealthy family. She was named after the bountiful flowers that bloom near her family's home (which she still lives at). Her mother is still alive - she doesn't know her father as her mother cut that relationship short early on. While her mother and she do not see eye-to-eye, she does love her mother dearly and strives to not muddy "her good name."

Home Isle: Pizzleti
House: 6-bedroom mansion
Transport: Walks everywhere or by carriage

Work and Fun
Floretta earns her keep assisting the council. Mostly she's a 'runner' for the when they need something (drink, food, map/paperwork, calculator, phone, whatever). She is currently motivated to romance any of the Kiiai Clan males as she wants to be on the council instead of assisting the council... She hasn't really thought much into the future but knows she wants a husband for sure that has some stature in the clan if she can't catch a Kiiai man. She is actively "on the hunt" for a husband at all times and it basically consumes her life outside of work. When not busy, Floretta is almost always asleep!

【 Likes 】
  • Flowers
  • Nature
  • Shopping / Fashion
【 Dislikes 】
  • Getting Dirty
  • Being told she's not "all that"
  • Being ignored for any reason
【 Hobbies 】
  • Floral arranging
  • Dancing
  • Sleeping



[ mother dearest to a fault ]

She's not always on my side, but I know she will be there in a pinch!


[ exotic and handsome ]

We met under strange circumstances, but I can't help but feel we are meant for each other...


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