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Cute little ouppy who hates the sun but goes outside to buy cute things and soak up negativity. Has tons of bootleg hello kitty stuff, and likes breaking things and turning them into jewelry. Uses a flip phone, is usually covered in glitter, and picks up colorful pieces of garbage she finds on the ground. What she is is uncertain, she seems like a normal wolf except for the muzzle that's part of her face and the fact that she feeds on negativity instead of eating (usually).

heart.gif Likes
heart.gif Red
heart.gif Plushies
heart.gif long sleeves
heart.gif quiet
creepy.gif Dislikes
star.gif People
star.gif New-looking clothes
star.gif the sun
star.gif hot food
Quirks ♡ prefers not to eat around people unless it's small things she can fit in her mouth without opening her muzzle (really likes japanese candy)
♡ selective mutism, talks at night but rarely during the day. communicates nonverbally thru dog noises, squeaks and simple hand gestures
♡ Bonks the bars of its muzzle on things when bored
♡ smells like bubblegum hand sanitizer all the time
Full name: Maullie Mangle
Nicknames: M&M
Species: looks like a wolf, but is probably somehting else
Gender: emo
Age: adult
Orientation: ???

Making jewelry out of garbage
Listening to creepypastas
reading hate forums to feed on the users

♡ Favorites ♡

burger pink emocore saw possum halloween fall midnight

nobody's sure what she is, her friends assumed she was a demon until they ran into her in an old church. Usually found in abandoned buildings, or just out in the woods. her friends don't know how she keeps her phone charged because they never see her in working buildings unless they invite her over.
Designer: Gutterglitter
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Value: $15
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Design notes
Ref link Pinterest board Wardrobe
The muzzle is a part of her face. the straps feel like cheap faux leather, and the bars are black-painted metal. It's only attached along the straps and bottom bars, her mouth can move normally behind it even when the muzzle is closed
Her nose is on top of the muzzle
Wings are slightly sparkly
All flesh and bodily fluids are black, her blood and saliva are slightly sparkly. Her tears are extremely reflective, so the whites of her eyes appear to glow in flash photos.