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【 Name 】 Celeste Lila Star【 Called 】 Celeste or Sailor Taaffeite Starling
【 Age 】 16【 D.o.B. 】 June 12
【 Gender 】 Female【 Orientation 】 Straight
【 Height / Weight 】 5' 7" / 141 lbs【 Eyes / Hair 】 Purple / Black
【 Skin / Ethnicity 】 Tanned / Caucasian【 Build 】 Lean to Athletic (she's a runner)
【 Origin 】 Earth / Crystal Caverns【 Species/Race 】 Human
【 Role 】 Hero / Crystal Anima-Mate【 Alignment 】 Chaotic Good

About Celeste

Celeste is a happy girl - usually optimistic - but has a rough side to her. She doesn't take rejection well, cries at the drop of a hat, and can be quick to anger over some topics. School is a constant source of stress for her as her best friend is Scott, a gay athlete that gets picked on a lot. She inserts herself into all his battles whether he likes it or not. She does the same for her shy friend, Sarah. Celeste is always the "protector" and tends to take the side of "little guy" or underdog - she isn't looking for trouble but it seems trouble has a way of finding her... She's been in her fair share of scrapes and, while she doesn't always come out on top, she doesn't usually end up looking the worst either!

In school, Celeste is in track with Scott and Sarah. She runs short and long distance well as well as the long jump and pole jumping. Her mother is the school nurse, and her father is the music and choir teacher at school (he milks the heck out of his last name - very dramatic man!). Outside of school, she hangs out at local eateries and the movie theater with her friends. Living in apartments downtown has its benefits - very close to everything fun! She doesn't have a job though she does earn an allowance by taking care of the apartment and their dog, Kia, a Siberian Husky that has way too much energy for their little apartment!

【 Likes 】
  • Hanging with Friends
  • Singing
  • Shopping
【 Dislikes 】
  • Bullies, harassers, and trolls
  • People who can't make up their mind
  • Rejection or Being told no
【 Hobbies 】
  • Tai-Chi and Yoga
  • Marathons / Nature Runs
  • Dog Grooming and Walking

About Sailor Taaffeite Starling

Taaffeite Starling has a warrior's soul. She would rather fight than stand back and support. She can kick, punch, and do just about any type of battle move moderately well. Her offensive power works in both close range and at a distance which makes her versatile. She does have a powerful and useful defensive ability though, and while she hates to be the supporter, in a pinch, she can be counted on to help support her fellow senshi.

Taafeite Starling has been known to go rogue sometimes - she doesn't always take orders well, especially if they have her in the background. While she does her best work as part of a team and knows it, sometimes being yelled at just pisses her off so she does the opposite of what she is told to do. She knows it isn't right and causes problems; she always apologizes for doing if after the fact, but in the heat of the moment she just doesn't think sometimes... She is much like her sphere of influence: she goes where the winds take her - often on a whim. She is also rather rough around the edges (as seen in her personal life). One thing she tries to overcome, often to her downfall, is her weakness to electric powers. In the heat of battle, Taaffeite Starling does not use her head sometimes and will take on an enemy she has no hope of defeating and may need rescuing as electricity powers render her temporarily immobile and have an amnesia-like effect on her...

【 Strengths 】
  • Speed
  • Offensive and Defensive
【 Weaknesses 】
  • Doesn't follow orders well
  • Weak against Electricity Magic
【 Influences 】
  • Sonic Vibrations
  • Wind Magic

Transforming into Sailor Taaffeite Starling
"Flight of Heaven's Starling, Make-Up!"
A flock of starling descend from the sky and form a mesmerizing pattern around Celeste. The patterns are different with every transformation, and the starling reverberate in and out as light coalesces from within, breaking through the many starlings as they continue to fly. As the starlings start to dissipate, cutting a path back into the sky, Taaffeite Starling appears as her fuku goes from white light to solid colors, legs crossed with toes pointed downward, arms crossed above her head, her gemstones shining and twinkling (broach included), and a pair black wings appear and then flash white as they explode into pure light. Taaffeite Starling lands softly and strikes her final pose.

Fuku: Shining Tier
Colors: Black (primary) and Purple (secondary)
Animal: Starling (a common bird with glossy black feathers)
Stone/Gem: Taaffeite (a rare purple gem on Earth)

Main Power: 
-- Shrieks of a Dying Star --
Taaffeite Starling cups her mouth with one or both hands (two hands produces a stronger and more accurate attack but leaves her more drained). Once done, she lets out a howling shriek that produces enough sonic energy to rattle her enemies, knock them backwards, disarm them, injure them, etc (not all things happen every time - that is just a brief list of what her attack can do). She does not have to use a phrase as she can just summon this power at will and use it multiple times (though her more powerful version just once in a battle as it drains her too much).
  • Magic Type: Sonic Vibrations
  • Attack Type: Offensive
  • AoE: Cone from her cupped hand(s) stretching out no more than 500 feet (High) or 300 feet (low)
  • High Powered Uses: Two-Handed High Power is once per transformation (will pass out if used a 2nd time!)
  • Low Powered Uses: Single-Handed Low Power is as needed

Secondary Power: "Under the Wings of Heaven, Descend and Protect your Flock..."
Taaffeite Starling raises her arms as the sun shines down and small black down feathers swirl around her and any nearby allies as she whispers her attack phrase. The feathers grow into adult feathers quickly as they interlock in a geometric hexagon pattern, creating a barrier protecting Taaffeite Starling and her allies. This barrier allows friendly attacks and abilities to leave but keeps enemy attacks from getting through for several hits. Once the barrier is broken, Taafeite Starling must recharge before she can use it again (can use once per transformation).
  • Magic Type: Wind Barrier
  • Attack Type: Defensive
  • AoE: Dome with a possible 500 foot radius and as high as needed to include all allies
  • Uses: Once per transformation. Only protects from magical abilities and attacks - does not keep out enemies! The 500 (and 400 - the two most used by Taafeite Starling) foot radius dome can take up to three hits without dispersing (a 300 and 200 foot radius can take four hits and anything less than the 200 foot radius can take up to five hits). When taking hits, the wind shield deflects the energy from the attack instead of absorbing it. Each hit it deflects leaves the shield weaker until, after the final hit, it no longer has enough of its own energy to sustain the dome shape and simply blows away... The dome has a staggered hit rate because the smaller domes need less energy to deflect and maintain their shape.



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