[Marvel] Estelle Chey




Name: Estelle Chey

Meaning: Star Victory 

Nickname(s): Steel

Age: 30 (Looks way younger)

Gender: Female

Birthday: 18th June

Species:  Half Human / Half Alien

Accent: English

Height: 5'8

Weight: 176 lbs


Skin Color(s): Sickly Pale

Hair Colour: Very pale brown

Hairstyles:  Wavy over her left shoulder covering her left eye with central parting

Eyes: wide

Eye Color(s): Neon green with Yellow flecks

Unique Feature(s): 

  • She always feels cold to the touch - even when its really warm outside
  • Noticeable scars down her back.  

Clothing: check images


  • Socially awkward tries to act cooler than she is. 
  • Smart wit
  • Calm yet collected in stressful situation 
  • Loyal 
  • Polite yet secretive so not to hurt others
  • Risk Taker
  • Lucky


Favorite Food: Sweets (Any)

Favorite Drink: Whiskey - straight

Favorite Movies: Musicals , Horror-Comedy and Fantasy

Favorite Music: 80s hits (She blames Peter Quill for this habit) 

Favorite Season: Winter

Favorite Place: Space - she likes her privacy and time to think

Favorite Color(s): Dark Blue

Least Favorite Food: Red Meats - they make her very ill

Least Favorite Drink: Milk on its own. 

Least Favorite Movies: Romances (To a certain level) and Action (if it is to cliche) 

Least Favorite music: RnB and hip hop

Least Favorite Season: Summer

Least Favorite Place: Bright place - being stuck without seeing the night sky can put her in a foul mood.

Least Favorite Color(s): Pinks

OC's Personal Life

Occupation/Job: Mercenary / Bar / Member of the Guardians of the Galaxy



  • Father: Unknown Whereabouts - presumed Deceased - Alien
  • Mother: Deceased - Human

Friends: Kraglin, Neva, Groot, Rocket Raccoon , Gamora, Drax and Mantis

Allies: Thor, Tony Stark, Peter Parker and Dr Strange

Best Friend:

Crush: Peter Quill (Starlord)


Enemies: Thanos / anyone who stands in the way of her family (Guardians)



Being half human she felt like an outcast and stood out in a crowd until spotting Peter alongside Yondu and the Ravagers. Being from a distant dot in a solar system didn't seem so bad after seeing that sulking small boy. She was left in a bar owned by Neva at age 12. She is angry and upset but she still remembers the rules her father set out for her rule to survive. 

Guardians of the Galaxy 

Working in a small bar on Knowhere; knowing most of the Ravagers by name she is one of the few warning signs for Peter when Yondu was on his trail. At first she disliked the young man he had became but wouldn't want him killed even if it was for some crazy scam. Helping the newly formed guardians for the sidelines at first. 

Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume Two

It was Rocket's idea that Estelle should be more of a member of the Guardians. Gamora was against the idea at first but didn't mind the idea of another female crew member. Estelle shortly leaves again as the tension was to awkward for her to deal with Gamora and Peter She comes into contact with Nebula briefly stating that if she isn't careful; she'll be added to his kill list and isn't seen till after Ego is destroyed. Hearing Peter's origins didn't surprise her and she is among the Ravagers fleet during Yondu's funeral. Leaving a hologram for Peter; he receives the file after his moment with Groot. Leaving awkwardness between him and Gamora. As he refuses her gesture of hand holding as he is confused with his feelings towards Estelle as he rather deal with Yondu's passing on his own. 

Two Year Gap Between Guardians Two and Infinite War 

During the two year gap; she becomes good friends with Mantis and she guess that her feelings towards Peter are more than friends just by the way she watches him without realizing it. She tells her to talk to him but she refuses as she doesn't want it be even more awkward knowing how he feels towards Gamora. They speak briefly about the feelings she has and he does say he will think about it but after the loss he went through and how his mind is without the revelation of his father it just complicates things for him. She is willing to wait.

Pre Infinite War - before Thor's arrival

Gamora still tells them all about the stones and Thanos and tells Peter that she knows the truth about one of the stones and asks him to kill her. Denying his feelings for romance as she doesn't feel that way towards him. Thor still crashes into the ship; this time Estelle is on board. She finds him handsome like most women would but Thor hints towards to follow his heart not go for trouble as he knows all to well what that's like. 

Peter asks Estelle to talk to her about the thing assuming she might forget what's he's on about. He admits that he has feelings for her more than a friend and doesn't know how to act on them which is weird for him since he usually does. She makes the first move kissing him in response. 

During the battle with Thanos - Peter asks where Gamora is still but as he classes her as part of his family alongside the rest of the Guardians.  Learning the truth of her death via Mantis does make Peter angry and he still causes Mantis to break the bound with Thanos. 

Estelle is at Peter's side as he disappears running towards her; tears streaming down his cheek looking directly at her as she falls to her knees. She disappears shortly afterwards staring back at Nebula and Tony. 

End Game

Estelle is seen by Star Lord's side during the battle briefly charging off as she tends to let her anger get the best of her during combat. She sees Gamora and Peter's interaction and starts laughing. Nebula stating that Idiot never learns and that he should realize that person he needs in the universe is already by his side. 

Estelle is on board the ship with Guardians when the Thor is there. She is standing by Peter's side and does chuckle at the teasing between Thor and others. 


  • Collecting vintage whiskeys - earth brands are rare and she tends to be extremely angry if they get touched /drank.
  • Playing the same songs on repeat - annoys most of the Crew but Peter doesn't seem to mind- he's happy to have someone who enjoys his music. 


  • Losing loved ones without admitting hidden feelings
  • Death / loss of life - as she has felt loss before it almost destroyed her. 



  • Marksmanship - accuracy from any distance 
  • Unarmed combat
  • Slight of hand


  • Quick
  • Sneaking 


  • Team work - rarely has to work in a team so can struggle alongside the guardians so she matches them rather well 

Equipment: Guns / blades 

Hero type: Anti Hero