Kronch Kyurem



1 year, 11 months ago


Name: Kronch the Kyurem
Species: Kyurem
Age: centuries, they say 646 years but they don't know for sure
Birthday: July 27
Gender: Bigender (They/him/her)
Height: 9'6
Sexuality: Generally likes men

Kronch is big and full of love. They're kind of a loner and will keep to themselves often, in their cave that theyve dubbed the Kronch Kove (it's not actually a cove.) They have an appetite that's large even for a Kyurem, and they also enjoy dancing though usually they're rather lazy. Because of their size, most things are small to them, but they have an immense appreciation for really small things, such as Joltik. Their favorite color is pink and they love heart shapes. They can be dense at times, but they have a good sense of humor and are hard to upset as long as you respect their boundaries. They really hate humans and don't want to be captured.

Kronch lives in Upstate Unova, is from Kyutica, and has never heard anyone use the phrase "steamed hams." 

Their best friends are Elbow the Palkia and Hectare the Giratina.

They have a blog! Here.

Pokemon info
Ability:  Pressure
Moveset:  Graciate, Dragonbreath, Impression, Ancient Power
Trainer: none