Ansaiele Alleviesse



6 years, 8 months ago

Basic Info




soft and warm like mashed potatos


Soul Chimaera


Mid 20s


August 26




Cis female (she/her)



Character Class(es)



Naps, wasting time online, fashion, cooking, woodworking, generally doing anything unrelated to her job


Not a lot of things, really...

Favorite color =)



Appearance and Personality

At first glance, one thing is clear – Ansaiele is very pink. Her hair, her clothes, even her eyes are varying shades of the color! She tends to wear light clothing, usually a t-shirt with a light sweater overtop and an above-knee skirt. She wears a small key around her neck, and sometimes – but not always – sports a pair of curved horns on her head, and a pair of small, bat-like wings and a long, pointed tail protruding from her lower back. Her ability to hide those features is unique among her fellow chimaeras.

While she tends to act lazily and avoid working whenever possible, she has an energetic and passionate side that she tries to show as much as she can. Despite that, she has a limited amount of energy and tends to experience frequent depressive episodes, where she withdraws from the world and spends her time playing around with the contraband technology provided to members of Noctalle's forces (read: a laptop and wi-fi), perhaps to distract herself from something…

Ansaiele is very casual about everything, generally being the least serious person in the room. She’s very trusting and friendly to everyone she meets, and has a tendency to develop crushes on people very quickly, but doesn’t often fall deeply in love. Her laid back attitude towards intimacy often makes it so she doesn’t need that kind of thing in her life, but she definitely doesn’t see close intimate relationships as unappealing.

Powers & Abilities

Ansaiele possesses a decent grasp over shadow magic, and an incredible talent for illusions! She can change the appearance of her own body, create dazzling lightshows, evoke physical barriers of shadow, and even render herself and those around her invisible if she wants! Pretty neat, right?

Unfortunately for her, she’s also in possession of a power as a result of her existence as a soul chimaera.

Ansaiele has the ability to enter the dreams of the sleeping and the subconscious realms that lie beneath them. In these worlds, she is a lucid dreamer, able to act as a god within the minds of others. It can be fatal to the host if this power is used irresponsibly, and her boss wouldn’t have anything less!!!!!

She also possesses the reality-warping power to turn the area around her into a dreamscape, absorbing the energy of those caught within and allowing her to act as if she were lucid dreaming within an extremely limited localized space. She… prefers not to use this of her own volition.


Before becoming a soul chimaera, Ansaiele was a member of a traveling troupe made up of a diverse crew of performers form all across the land. Lowborn Nocturnans and exiled nobles, humans from the faraway southern isles, the very villagers who … All were welcome to join, so long as they wished to spread cheer across the land. There were even several members from the deer-like Ungalaude clans and the insectoid Adiculi hives who chose to follow them, often into hostile territory.

This nameless band of bards, actors, and illusionists would travel the countryside, hoping to alleviate the stresses of life in the villages surrounding the walled city of Nocturna and the Ungalaude capital of Augustus, usually involving being arbitrarily branded as heretics and traitors to Noctalle and being wiped off of the map. While their primary goal was to entertain and raise morale, they often used their talents to provide a distraction for innocent villagers to escape from Noctalle’s forces – often at the cost of their own lives.

Being born into the troupe, it was all Ansaiele ever knew. She trained from birth to become one of the most skilled illusionists in the land, putting her formidable innate talent and honed skills to use for the greater good in her own way. In times of peace, she would create dazzling shows of lights and tricks to entertain people of all ages. Her power went far further than cheap tricks, of course – she was often at the forefront of their impromptu rescue operations, dazzling the enemy with glitz and glamour and spiriting the innocents away under a veil of shadow.

Unfortunately, her life as both a performer and occasional hero came to an end prematurely.

One of the raids went awry for the troupe, in that for once, they were the target of Noctalle’s wrath, rather than the unsung heroes saving what little lives they could. In fact, it was by far the most calculated attack in Nocturna’s history. They struck while the troupe moved between towns, something they had never done before. Unlike her usual angle, Noctalle chose not to make an example out of them for the villages to fear, but to simply wipe them out quietly as a response to their open acts of defiance. Ansaiele, for reasons unknown, was kept alive as the sole survivor and taken away to be the subject of one of the God-Queen’s experiments.

On that day, another soul chimaera was reborn.

She was never seen again outside the walls of the city, forced to use her newly acquired power over dreams to torture the heretics and traitors within the walls, but if she was assured that were ever to defy her new master, the consequences would be dire – countless lives would be lost as a result of her actions.