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Gender: Male

Age: Thousands of years

Tribe: Charming/Eerie

Inspirt: None seen by those who've escaped. Though legends say he turns people into dolls.

Attribute: Drain

Rank: A/S never clarified

Backstory: A doll who was once beloved by a girl and was her best friend. Her parents thought that he was inspirited by a demon and threw him out. Turns out they were right,but he later became friends with this demon and learned that he just wanted a home and thought a beloved doll would do the trick. When the yokai came back,he found out that his owner's parents made her forget him and replaced him with another doll, one with Purpleish blue hair and a smile just like he used to have. He grew bitter towards the parents and hid on Mt. Wildwood,taking children who wander into the forest for his friends. If they didn't fufill his needs or was scared by his horror like appearance,he'd turn them into dolls,hoping that he can recreate his old,but happy life.

Favorite Food: Candy, Chocobars

Appearance: Rontao is a doll Yokai that barely cracks at 1'2. He has pale skin which is covered in stitches, brown hair that reaches his shoulders, green eyes, one of which is a button. He wears a white shirt with 2 red pieces of fabric in it. One is a scrap piece to fix a hole in the shirt and the other is a heart which is half covered by his tan jacket. He wears brown pants and boots as well.

Personality: Living with a young girl for many years, he picked up on her habits of being childlike, naive and generally kind hearted. Despite this, he can't control his emotions well and ends up using his destructive power because of this often, and him turning people into dolls was a way of coping with being abandoned. That being said, he's very afraid of the 3 oni brothers and Rageoni because they are much bigger than him. In all, he's a yokai that is happy and wants to make others happy too but needs to cry on someone's shoulder once in a while to deal with his past. Really likes socks for some reason.


Opal: Sees her as a big sister.

Nero: His one close friend

Magna: Crush (belongs to a user on another site)

Summoning Theme: Lost in the Waves


Has a lot of forms, but those are often au versions of him.

Was based off of Anthony from Fire Emblem Fates.

The author cannot find a headcanon voice for him.

He has a little bit of magic similar to Sans from Undertale, but rarely uses it