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he/him . ADULT . lesser god


Simsii terrifies anyone who isn't a Eudicot. He alone holds sole dominion over the entire United Eudicot Provinces, and has done so for longer than anyone can remember. He is reserved, calm, and collected at all times - often standing with his arms crossed over his chest or behind his back, blankly staring at whoever is speaking to him. In a sentence, he is a mystery wrapped up in an enigmatic cult surrounding his very existence.

He's fairly cautious underneath the stoic exterior. Simsii doesn't start fights he knows he can't win, won't place a bet he's not 100% sure on winning, and never underestimates whoever stands in his way. His calculating, cold nature has made him a formidable opponent politically, militaristically, and interpersonally - something Simsii regards with a small, fond smile.

The first time his name went down in history was when, near the start of the Known Era, Simsii wordlessly united the entire Eudicot nation into one. No other faction united as quickly or as effortlessly as the Eudicots; no wars were fought, no mind control seemed to be at play - and no revolution ever arrived. Simsii merely showed up at the individual provinces' keeps, requested their submission, and every single city willingly lowered its flag.

To this day, every single Eudicot eagerly and willingly bows to Simsii in an almost cultlike fashion; they practically worship him, send him thousands of letters and gifts a day, and a good chunk of Eudicots would faint if Simsii so much as brushed against them. 

Of course, Simsii keeps his methods for keeping control under harsh lock and key. The last thing he'd need would be either someone trying to overthrow him with his own tools. 

Truth is: when Simsii was younger, he had held jurisdiction over a chunk of the massive Loving Lake. The first Eudicot-Monocot wars were in the midst of waging, and to destress, Simsii often found himself diving into the lake, losing himself in the waters briefly, where nothing seemed to matter but the eels around him and the weeds buried in the brine.

It was during one of these dives that he found an entrance to a deep, warm cavern. Sulfur oozed from it, a sure sign of volcanic activity. With nothing else to lose and frustration at the rest of the world mounting, Simsii dove deep into its depths, the water growing hotter around him. Tunnels twisted and turned until he was sure he'd never find his way back abovewater ever again.

And there, in the bowels of the land, where the water was so hot it nearly scalded, where the air was so choked with sulfur that it could hardly be breathed, Simsii met it.

'It' being a massive, winding eel, of a size too immense to describe, its gaping mouth expelling the lava and gasses that belonged to a volcano of the earth. Simsii, awed by its presence, could only watch as the eel lowered its head to peer at the Beaut with a single large, wide eye. 

It was the reason that the wildlife on the Eudicot continent was so friendly and loving towards the people. It oozed some sort of comforting, adoring aroma that instantly calmed others to its presence and endeared them into assisting, helping, and loving it. Even Simsii could barely resist the urge to tend to the eel, even as it poured hot poison from its maw. 

And, silently, the eel bestowed upon Simsii the same gift that it had: the pleasing, alluring redolence that none could hide themselves from. The sudden magic was enough to briefly knock Simsii unconscious, and he blacked out in the warmth of the lava. 

He woke up ashore a few hours later, setting off to explore his new power. When the other leaders bent their knee to him, he knew it was no lie.

It's restricted to the eel's sphere of influence - the Eudicot continent, in other words, although Simsii still has a minor mind control ability when outside of the continent. He can't turn it off or bottle it into perfume of any sort, although he's tried both. 

Due to the influence of his powers, Simsii has used them mostly as a crutch - he enjoys attention and affection, and revels in the amount that is gifted to him daily. His insecurities are easily covered up by the amount of love given to him, although the whiplash of this is that Simsii has developed horrible agoraphobia. He's nearly unable to leave the UEP each year for the Feast, out of terror at being away from his highly-controlled safe zone for so long.

He has not been able to find the cave again, nor has teams of divers sent throughout the lake for "research".





About me

Phonetics sim-see

Age Adult

Height 6'00"

Race Beaut

Spectrum Lesser God

Affinity Wealth


Best FriendUrartu?

ThemeMoney Can't Dance

"that shitfaced bastard eudicot motherfucker" 
- spelta triticum, year 28,591

  • Malus friends
  • Pies (any flavor)
  • Bad dancing
  • Clapping to songs
  • Collectables
  • Karaoke nights
  • The Judges (jerks)
  • Fireworks
  • Iron ponies
  • Surgical masks

if you're going to @ me at least don't make it about something i did ten thousand years ago sfc

Pyrldan 4th 202,150

hey i ate a really good pizza today

Pyrldan 3rd, 202,150

did you know there are 8 constellations visible from laketown? me neither, i don't care, stop telling me
it's not romantic at all







Personal Info


Era The Start

Universe Angiia










Professional Skills

  • Teamwork
  • Listening
  • Conflict management
  • Critical thinking

Personal Skills

  • Rational
  • Perceptive
  • Analytical
  • Accuracy


Work Experience

current workplace: united eudicot provinces

  • Took power in year 383, united the previously-warring provinces into a single nation under his power
  • Staged & fought approximately six wars against the Monocots; won the majority of these.
  • An attempt was made to assassinate him in 12,000; Simsii survives, but halts actively attempting warfare
  • Invited Monocot ambassadors to Laketown as a sign of "good faith", but willingly kept them in his nation after passive mind control magic convinced them to stay
  • Currently attends Feasts as the Eudicot designated leader, but doesn't present to the Judges himself - a team of Eudicots do



  • No formal education whatsoever.


Anatomy Ref

Romantic:   || Gore:     || NSFW:   


Simsii, as a Beaut, can change his appearance at will as if his body were made of clay. He doesn't normally deviate from his typical appearance, however, as most other forms make him dysphoric to a degree. He has thicker eyebrows and appears like a normal earth pony, save for a dragonlike tail.

He enjoys wearing formal wear, such as dress shirts with matching ties and a hat with the Eudicot emblem on it. He never takes off this hat - the image in his gallery is just a reference for what his hair looks like without it. His glasses are large rectangles - please don't forget him!

Normally Simsii appears grumpy or stoic. However, he can be drawn romantically with any Eudicot, as he enjoys the attention and leading them on affectionately. In recent years, he can be drawn with Urartu in a friendly or conversational manner. He doesn't tend to leave his own nation, however.


• Favorite color is pink
• Favorite season is Spring
• Favorite memory is the eel incident
• Favorite foods are long-lasting chew toys (like candy necklaces)
• Strongest sense is touch
• Strongest taste is savory
• Right-handed
• Is ticklish in the back of knees
• Wears flowers in his hair that are sent by admirers
• Reads every letter sent to him, even the explicit ones (will reply to especially creative ones)
• Really does adore the rest of the Eudicots, even if he struggles to express that
• Embarrassed by his singing voice and refuses to sing at all (he's a tenor)
• Often keeps large, dangerous animals around his court room to intimidate foreign ambassadors
• Very rarely ever leaves the Eudicot continent; becomes uncomfortable if away from it for too long
• Is rather insecure and unconfident without the eel's gift as a security blanket - struggles to think that anyone finds him likeable or interesting without its constant influence
• Likes collecting tiny figurines, has shelves full of them at his castle
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